Beat Pregnancy Mood Swings in These 5 Ways


Are you a mom to be with pregnancy mood swings?

How to beat the pregnancy blues?

This post gives answers to all your doubts.

Becoming a mother is a life changing experience and comes with it fears, anxiety and mood swings. You may be overjoyed to discover you are pregnant but later as and when the symptoms starts playing their role you might think, what have I got myself into?

pregnancy mood swings

Expert says it is common for women to have mood swings in first and third trimester of pregnancy. Your body undergoes a lot of changes in pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones play its devilish part. It is normal to cry over someone’s death in that terrible soap opera or weep profusely because your ice cream cone got soggy.

The intensity of mood swing varies from women to women just like a quote states

Learn how to deal with extreme emotions, anxiety and fear during pregnancy.

#1. Understand and acknowledge your fears

Firstly try to understand and acknowledge your fears.

You may fear being visually unattractive with the pregnancy belly or feel financial pressure raising a kid or just be impatient. Read about my experience of skin pigmentation during pregnancy.

9 months is a long time after all. Understanding and talking about your fears to your spouse will help you address your issues.

Make sure you have someone to whom you can talk your heart out. It can be your spouse, your best friend or even your mother but just talking it out loud and clear makes you feel better.

Antenatal classes can help you a lot in warding off your fears and anxieties.

#2. Seek help

It is normal for you to feel tired when you are pregnant especially in early months and weeks before baby birth.

If you are working mom to be take a leave to celebrate the big news or take a leave to just lie down and watch television all day.

If you are doing all the domestic work never say no to a relative, neighbor or friend who wants to help you out with work or hire helpers.

Request your husband to pitch in as well after all they are the lucky ones, getting the baby and no pregnancy symptoms for them 😛

You can also read on how dads can help moms in baby care in these 5 awesome ways.

#3. Relax-take a chill pill!

Take out time to relax.

Do breathing exercises twice a day. Join a parental yoga class.

Yoga postures are gentle ways of keeping your body active and energetic. They minimize symptoms like morning sickness, nausea and mood swing.

Indulge in a nice aromatic bath. Put on that fragrance sticks, light a candle and soak into the tub or have a shower, it is an instant mood up lifter.

Please note hot tub bath for a longer time are not advisable for pregnant ladies.

#4. Eat healthy

Eat healthy and nutritious food, you are what you eat after all. Eat at every 2 hours interval, it helps with digestion and keeps you full. I have earlier written on a diet chart for pregnant women.

Constipation during pregnancy is also common. Read to know the treatment and remedies to tackle constipation during pregnancy.

Avoid the sugary cans, caffeine and substitute it with nimbu pani or lemon sherbet. You can refer to the 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy.

It is common to have food aversions. Do not take that much on mind and try the same thing a week later, you might end up liking it. You can read about the 10 weird pregnancy cravings too.

#5. The support group

Support group are bunch of people you can share your feelings with, laugh at silly jokes and call up at midnight if you are not getting sleep. Yes I am talking about your girlfriends.

Call up your girlies for a game of poker, you will be surprised how you forgot your troubling pregnancy symptoms so easily.

Remember it is important to keep yourself  happy, occupied and take rest once in a while.

Lastly, it’s a beautiful phase. Enjoy every bit of it.

Do not over think situations and get in to why me? Weepy phase.

If you feel your behavior affected by your mood swing has hurt anybody do not be afraid to accept it and apologize for the same. After all we are pregnant women who can afford to make the same mistakes again and again!

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Keep smiling because happy, healthy mothers make happy, healthy babies!

Hope you liked this article on pregnancy mood swings. Share with me whether you had/have pregnancy blues? How did you overcome that? Did yoga or any forms of exercise helped you?


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  1. Fun to read ! Good artical, I really like the idea of support group and thanks for acknowledging that it’s ok to take help from others during this critical phase of life.

  2. A very useful article.Mood swings in pregnancy can be horrible.I loved the idea of support group and a long shower does make a difference.Thank you!

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