6 Month Old Feeding Schedule (FREE Printable Food Charts)


Looking for a 6 month old feeding schedule?

What food to give to a six month old? How can I make a food chart for six month old baby?

When to give food? How much to give? Is this food ok at this age?

Will that food cause allergy?

When your baby is ready for solids, you as parents would be super excited for touching a new milestone and at the same time you are left with so many doubts and worries.

To help you find answer to these questions, here is an insight of the various foods that could be introduced for a 6 month old baby. Also there is a printable food chart for a complete month to make things easy.

6 month old feeding schedule

Things you should know before introducing solids to your 6 month old baby:

  • As per pediatricians, six months is the recommended age for introducing any food other than breast milk or formula milk in a baby’s diet. So wait for your baby to be 6 months.
  • Signs like sitting with support, showing readiness to accept food or chew food, showing interest in food etc show that it’s time to introduce solids in your baby’s menu.
  • Always follow the golden rule or 3 to 7 day rule while introducing new foods to your baby.
  • Know the symptoms of food allergy and also the precautions to avoid food allergy
  • Introduce new food items as breakfast. Avoid giving new food items during dinnertime. This is to help you watch your baby for food allergy and also to know whether he/she has any discomfort after having the new food.
  • Introducing solids can cause constipation in some babies. Read the article 5 ways to tackle constipation in babies to know more
  • Know the quantity of water a 6 month old baby needs
    Babies who are under 6 months of age don’t require water as breast milk or formula milk will meet their entire water requirement. But for babies of age 6 months and above and who have started on solids can have 2 to 4 ounces of water per day. This includes water in any form including soup, plain water or gruel water. To know more read the article Is Your Baby’s Daily Water Intake Enough?
  • Also some 6-month-old babies may not be ready for 3 meals a day. If your little one is not showing interest in having solids for any of the three meals, replace it with breast milk or formula milk.
  • You can start by offering 1 or 2 tablespoon of each food. If he/she is showing more interest you can give her more. Never force-feed.
  • Start giving food in purees/liquid consistency and slowly thicken the consistency of the food taking cues from your little one.

Foods that can be included in a six month old baby’s diet:

What should 6 months old be eating is the most confusing question that every parent faces. To help you get an answer to this question, I have provided the various food items that can be introduced to your 6-month-old baby. You can start with any of these foods while starting solids in your baby’s diet.

Grains/Cereals/Pulses: Oats, Barley, Rice, Semolina (Rava/Sooji), Split yellow gram (moong dal), whole green gram. Wheat can be introduced during the last week of 6th month.

Fruits: Apples, Peach, Banana, Avocado, Plums, Chikoo, Pear and Dates

Vegetables: Carrots, French Beans, Sweet potato, Beetroot, Sweet Pumpkin

Non-Vegetarian foods: None

Dairy: None. Avoid giving cow’s milk as the main drink till your little one is 1 year old. Stick to breast milk or formula till then. To know why click here.

Avoid sugar and salt from a 6 month old baby’s diet.

Ideal 6 Month Old Feeding Schedule:

Here is an ideal food chart for 6 months old.

Download the week by week food chart for your 6-month-old with foods and time slots.

Keep in mind that breast milk or formula should be the major part of a six-month-old baby’s diet. So breastfeed or bottle-feed first and then give him solid food.

As we have to follow the three to seven day rule, we can introduce not more than 6-8 new foods in a month.

The given food chart is to give you an idea of how to start solids for your baby. Please customize it as per your requirements/ comfort. For example if you want to introduce dal ka pani first, then go for that first.

Formula would be heavier than breast milk hence formula feed babies might not receive the foods on the exact time as defined in this chart.

The timings given are just for reference. Adjust the timing according to your baby’s schedule for both breastfed and formula fed babies.

Week wise 6 month old feeding schedule:

Here is the week wise food schedule for a six month old baby.

Week 1

6 month old feeding schedule

In the chart given for reference, I have started with Apple puree. You can start with raw banana powder porridge, avocado puree etc. depending on your preference.

How much should 6-month-old eat is another question that confuses a mom. Start with 1 or 2 tablespoon of baby food once in a day, preferably morning.

After one or two days try giving solids 2 times a day and then gradually increase to 3 times a day.

If your baby is not interested to have meals 3 times a day, don’t force feed.

Every baby is different and he/she will let you know when he is ready.

Please continue with the night feeds, either breast milk or formula, as per your baby’s usual schedule.

Week 2

6 month old feeding schedule

By week 2 your baby may be ready for 3 times meals a day. If not you can give him breakfast and dinner.

Offer breast milk at night according to your night feeding schedule.

Week 3

6 month old feeding schedule

By the end of week 3, your baby will be introduced to at least 6 new baby foods. Give these foods for lunch, dinner or breakfast according to your baby’s preference.

If your kiddo shows only interest in one or two type of food, don’t worry. It is normal. It takes multiple attempts from mom’s side to make kids accept a new food.

Week 4

6 month old feeding schedule

By week 4 your baby will be eating at least 8 new food items.

You can also start mixing food items and come up with different tastes to please your munchkin.

For example here I have introduced Sweet potato and lentil mash in week 4.

Some options for you are carrot-dal mash, Carrot – Rava Porridge, etc.

But whenever you make mixed vegetable porridges or mixed fruit purees, make sure that the food items used are individually introduced to your baby earlier and your baby has no food allergy towards these.

Hope this food charts gives you an idea on how to introduce food to a 6-month-old baby.

Download the week-by-week food chart for your 6-month-old with foods and time slots.

Which was the first food that you gave your baby?

When did he start accepting 3 meals a day?

Do share with me in comments please.

Editor’s Note June 2016: This post was originally published in April 2013 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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  1. Very Helpful. My baby had severe constipation may because lack of good knowledge about introducing solid foods. I think we gave her way too many spoon that required. I am feeling so guilty about it now. We saw this chart when she is about to complete 2 week but now we are confused as how to set different types of food to give her. so far we are giving pears.apple puree, pumpkin ,carrot puree, daal water.

    This chart will help us a lot. could you please suggest how we can incorporate new routine as we are already late. please reply soon.


  2. Mam,
    Sorry if this found silly
    But please help understand when everyone say 6 month old baby, is it baby completed 6 months are entering 6month
    My son completed 5 months yesdterday n from today his 6th month starts. Have not given him anything except BM, can I start him on purees as per your time chart or shudder I wait for a month..
    He is kinda chews his month every time when I have ny food, can this be the sign my son is ready for solids…. Please help

  3. Hi Sangeeta,

    My Son is 6 mnths old and on completely BF. Now we started to give him sweetlime juice without water added to it. Is ti Ok to give sweet lime water initially or only we should stick to what is mentioned in the deit chart.

  4. Hi there,

    I find these charts will be very useful for me. How much should I give to my six month old baby? I am just not sure about quantities for each of the foods. Please help 🙂

  5. Hi Sangeetha,

    My son is 5 and half months old and refuses to take bottle or formula. He is underweight and doctor has advised to give him formula as there is a possibility that my milk is not sufficient for him. I have started introducing semi solids- ragi ( with jaggery or pana kalkandu) and apple purée. i have to resume work from next month and I am worried about him not taking bottle milk. He screams at his pitch when bottle nipple touches his lips. Pls provide your inputs.

  6. My baby turn 6mnth since birth she is not passing stool daily. 15 days after birth she pass stool after that she stop. Till now she is doing the same I m using suppositorie.6month she was on my feed . Now I started khichdi soup , toast,still not doing motion.

  7. Hi sangeetha,

    My son has turned 6 months last week. I started with carrots and banana as his first food and today I tried Daal soup . But he vomited after taking 2 spoons. I am scared that is it normal or should I stop giving him daal soup.

  8. hiii sangeetha,
    you are doing great job…your site is very helpful for new moms. my son is 5 and 1/2 months old…i am giving him cow milk for 3 times a day. he is doing green colour potty.is it unsafe for him????

  9. Hi Sangeeta,

    Can I use breast milk/formula instead of boiled water to make or blend the right consistancy of fruit puree/vegetable puree ?

  10. Navleen sawhney on

    Hii sangeetha,
    My baby has just turned 6 months old . I have started to give her apple puree and rice cerelac otherwise she is only on my feed . But she is not liking an apple puree because she cries while having it and when i gave her rice cerelac she vomited out my milk along with it after 2 hours. I am very worried as to start with what and i would also like to mention that i have tried giving her formula milk too before 6 months buy everytime she had it she vomitted out . What should i do is that means that she s allergic?? Please help

    • Navleen,

      If she is on breastfeed what is the need for formula? Give her foods that she likes. If she doesnt like apple puree why forcing her then, start pear puree, dal pani, rice gruel…. there are many first foods that can be introduced. Go off formula and stick to breastfeeds alone.

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  12. Catherine Gonzaga on

    Hello Sangeetha,

    My lo just turned 6 months. Can I give her water after a meal? Thanks

  13. Hi sangeeta,
    Ur website is great…
    My baby is 5.5 mnths old, recently I hv introduced solid food like apple puree, sweet potato puree banana purée n carrot puree all mixed with formula milk

    I want to know dat is it ok to give banana puree in dinner as it might cause cold to baby n banana has to be steamed like apple n carrot…?

    As u hv suggested to someone to first start wid fruit n veggies puree, any particular reason?

    Can I give raagi, rice flakes (puha)to her n someone suggested me to give corn flakes powered but it contain gluten, is gluten good for baby?

    She doesn’t like plain formula milk, she doesn’t suck milk from bottle then I give it wid spoon….what can I do so that she likes it n take it from bottle?

    Waiting for ur reply… Thnx in advance.

    • Lavmeet,

      Give bananas for dinner if your baby is not having cold or cough. Kerala bananas need to be steamed, golden bananas need not. Babies should taste the vegetables and fruits earlier in life as most of them turn averse as they grow up. Thats why it should be introduced first.

      Ragi you can start from 7-8 months, a 5.5 month old is too young for poha, however rice kanji or gruel is good. Any homemade food is good for baby.

      Its completely fine to start giving formula with spoon, as bottle feeding might cause ear infection later in some kids. Hope this helps.

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  15. Snehal Thakare on

    Hi mam
    My baby is 6 1/2 mnth i have been following your receipes n chart for my baby since starting. My baby is fussy eater i have tried porridge, purees and juices she only eats carrot receipes, lentil soup and sweet potatoes she doesnt like rice cereal, moong dal khichdi, apple puree and other vegetable purees she is very choosy while eating what should i do now.
    And i want to know that can i try date syrup to some porridges if yes then in which quatity and is it safe for my baby??

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  18. Vidya Jayaprakash on

    Hi Sangeetha

    I just had a chance to browse your site when I was searching for the recipes of baby food… Its so great and useful for mothers like me..
    I am a working mum. My baby is 6 months old… I have started giving raw banana powder for her and only breast milk the rest of the time.
    Can I give normal drinking water for her. If yes then how, I mean , the quantity and time. Please advise me.

  19. Hi Sangeetha,
    You have mentioned that first feed milk (BM/FM) to baby and then offer the external food.
    Does it mean I should always feed milk to my baby first and then give him other food, say Apple puree etc. ?
    Initially the quantity should be 2 tbsp right? When can I increase this so that the initial milk feed can be skipped and food can be given directly?
    Thank you

    • Pooja,

      It means you should start the day with breast milk and not directly with the solid foods like apple puree. Yes quantity of 2 tablespoon is fine. After 1-2 weeks you can directly give him the solid foods already introduced. Hope this helps.

  20. Saroj Karthica on

    Hi ,

    This is my first visit to your website. Am working and I found it very difficult to feed solid foods to my baby. Your diet chart is very very very very useful 🙂 Hope there is a diet chart for 8 months old babies also . But not able to find it.. would be of great help if you can share it..

  21. Dr Aashima Bhatnagar on

    Hi Sangeetha,
    I am first time mom n ur suggestions and information is so helpful to me. My baby caught cold n cough, I followed ur garlic n anwain therapy it was so so effective that my baby got relieved without medicines.thanx a lot for all your efforts to make lives of all moms out dere so easy.

  22. Hi Sangeetha,
    You have mentioned that first feed milk (BM/FM) to baby and then offer the external food.
    Does it mean I should always feed milk to my baby first and then give him other food, say Apple puree etc. ?
    Initially the quantity should be 2 tbsp right? When can I increase this so that the initial milk feed can be skipped and food can be given directly?

    Thank you

  23. Hai sangeetha
    i got lots of ideas regarding diff types of foods for my 7month girl pranavika.. I have lots of questions .plz guide me.
    1. Can i give kanji and juices in feeding bottle as my girl ly take these in bottle ly, if i use spoon c ate very little?
    2. Am using raw carrot and raw apple juice ly, is it right abd safe?
    3. Can i add formula milk with juices and kanji and raagi kool??
    4. Can i add sugar in juices??
    plz dear guide me…

    • Chitra,

      1. Discontinue feeding bottles as far as you can as it increases the chance of ear infection in future. Switch to spoon and katori if you can.
      2. Do try to use steamed apple and carrots till she is 10-11 months old
      3. Yes you can use formula milk with all those
      4. No need of sugar in juices

      Hope this helps.

  24. gurneet kaur on

    Hello sangeeta…
    Great info by bumps n baby.. just what I was looking for. …..
    i am a mother of 5 month old baby. ….
    wanted to know if i can start with solid or dal ka pani now??

    • Gurneet, start with vegetable purees and fruit purees. Then only start with dal pani. Always follow the 4 day golden rule to check for allergies and rashes.

  25. Great info provided in all ur blogs. Thanku for ur valuable guidance. Its always how,when,n how much for babies food. Thanku so much.

  26. Hi sangeetha, I have almost read ur every blogs,, Every blog is super informative.. I am a proud mother of my little princes.. She will turn 6montha now,. My ques is to u that can i add dry fruit powder in her meals.. And if yes then which dry fruits. Thanks ..

    • Varsha,

      Dry fruits often cause allergy to babies when introduced early in their life. Its better to wait till 10 months so that their body is matured enough to accept nuts.

  27. Hello sangeetha..

    Happy to found really useful blog.. Kudos to you for this wonderful job,.. My Lo is 5 months old, excited to start solids from next month. But elders were confusing me with their advices. One them told me mix glucose with fruit mashes. Plz help out. Is it advisable to give glucose. If can be given from which month i can give. Clarify me.

    • Jyothi,

      Fruits already have fructose – fruits glucose in it, why the need of additional glucose to it? Too much of sugar would put load in his kidneys which is absolutely unnecessary. Why the need of glucose for babies , I am wondering.

      You get coconut water which is a good source for natural electrolytes and energy, give it instead of glucose until your baby reaches 5 or 6 years.

  28. inderjit randhawa on

    Hi sangeeta!! I am totally impressed without food chart and can’t stop myself but praise your hardwork. Well done dear !!

    My little Armaan is almost 7 months now..I started solids when he was 6 months. His diet includes celeriac..wheat and apple
    Rice and moongdal khichdi….papaya….apple….carrot puree…and formula milk…

    Ever since he started on solids he’s severely constipated. He refuses to take a single drop of water and his stool is dry and very hard. I feel hurt to see him in pain when he passing his motion. Otherwise he’s a happy baby ..loves to eat !!

    What can you suggest sangeeta …I don’t wish to give him any medication for that though…trying gripe water presently !!

  29. Hi,
    As i have introduced solid to my baby should i give him water now???.. if yes then how many times and how much a day???… n also should i offer him any fruit juice???… mention the quantity and fruits for juices as well…. thanks…

  30. and also are dates ok for him???.. i mean can he digest dates??? n also as its summer coming in a few days… so will it be ok to give him dates??

    • Aqsa,

      Take 2 tablespoons of rice and pressure cook with 1 cup water for 4 to whistles until the rice is well cooked and mushy. Sieve to get the thick kanji pani. You can add 1/4 tsp of ghee to increase the nutrition level.

  31. Hi,
    my baby just turned 6 n m thinking to introduce solid food to him.. i saw your food chart but m confused how to adjust milk timings in it… plz give me a complete chart including milk feed timings as well… waiting for your suggestion….

    • Aqsa,

      Give milk as and when your baby demands. Introduce one food at a time and continue for the next 3 days checking for rashes/allergies. After 3 days introduce another food. Continue the same way. Hope this helps.

      • Heng Siu LiN on

        Hi sorry to ride on here can ask my boy is now 6 months and taking solid food may I ask how much solid food shd he take and milk intake is it before milk or after milk thanks

    • Lionel,

      To make barley water pressure cook 1 tablespoon of barley and jaggery for 15-20 minutes with enough water. Strain to get the barley water. Ragi yes you can give in winter for lunch. But do not start ragi as the first food during winters.

  32. as u hav mentioned in d food chart abt dinner, lunch n bf.wt shud b d tymngs fo each?..is t ok if I gve ma 6 mnth old champ hs fud afta 6pm??..coz I hv heard ppl sayng try to feed b4 6..wt r d ryt tymng??

    • Nafzina, Its completely ok. Introduce one food at a time and check for the next 3 days for allergies or rashes. Then introduce the next food. Continue this. You can give food after 6 pm too. But do not introduce new foods post evening as it would be difficult if the child develops allergies at night.

  33. Hii Sangeetha

    Thanks to your chart, my son will enter 6 months…
    We started with apple puree,lentil soup and carrot beetroot juice since 20 days as per my paed consent..
    Now he is bored with apple puree,
    I added pomogranate but still he dont like at all
    Can u plz guide me which other fruits are good?
    Banana is not suiting him

      • Wow
        Good to see you live back…

        Thanks for ur reply,can you guide me for timings for 6 months old baby
        Currently i m giving
        9 am carrot beet soup
        11 am milk
        1:30 lentil soup
        5 apple juice

        7 rice pani

        But he gets morehungry at night time esp around 9:30-10,thoughi give milk
        His intakes gets double of the whole day
        Canu guide me what could be dinner l
        Time for him and whatwill be suitable foodat that time?

        • Chaitali,

          Since its winter, babies do feel hungry at night and they might have trouble sleeping too. You can give dal and sweet potato mash/chikoo puree for dinner by around 8.30 pm. Please make sure your baby is burped well after the feeds.

          You can introduce sweet potatoes during the day and after some days introduce sweet potato lentil mash at night. Pls check for allergies everytime.
          Curb the gas of the lentil sweet potato mash by adding powdered jeera and give cumin water for baby.

          Here is the link :


    • Nafzina,

      Soak 2-3 dates in a little water overnight. Strain or puree it the next morning . Cook oats and add the pureed dates in it. Oats with dates puree is ready. Hope this helps 🙂

  34. Nafzina Naufal on

    hey…I came ova ua blog searchng for a food chart for ma lil 1…n hre I ended up wt a perfect 1..thnkz alot..ders a bundle of info hre..n I hv 1 doubt, wud b vry hlpful if u answered. .my baby s 6 month old..wt kind f oats shud we gv hm..is d normal oats wt we adults eat..lyk Quaker oats???

  35. Hi Sangeetha, I am new in ur blog.. And surprised to find every detailed answer of my never asked questions.. I just fall in love with ur blog… Its so much helpful.. I am a mom of 5 & half month old baby girl.. I was sarching for some food chart to start solid, lucky me I had found urs, and I am much impressed.. I have few more things to ask,
    1. My baby is totally breastfeed one, can I introduce feeding bottol for water or fruit juice at her 6th month?
    2. Can I use steel spoon to feed my 6 month baby, or will I buy a soft silicon spoon?
    3. Is it necessary to sterilize bowl and spoon before every feed?
    And the last one,
    4. How long will I give boiled water to my baby? We use water from Aquaguard.
    Plz give me answers if u can make time.

    • Priyanka,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      1. Yes after 6th month you can start giving water with a glass or juices. Try to avoid feeding bottle if you havent introduced
      2. You can use steel spoon
      3. Yes its necessary to sterilize before every feed
      4. You can use boiled cooled water till she attains 11 months. After that you can continue using Aquaguard water.

  36. hi sangeetha..thank you soo..much for ur blog…im a working mom.and i was feeding my baby with cerelac and formula feeds very often…thank you so much for ur home made food recepies ….my baby is 6 months old…is it ok to give ghee to him,,will he digest

  37. Hi
    Sangeeta finally found ur site my son is 6 months old and I strared giving him mashed rice,oats with milk, apple and banana puree ur oats with dates receipe sounds interesting can I give him tomato puree also

  38. Rekha Sreekumar on

    Hi Sangeetha,
    My baby boy has started his 6th month… I am giving him raagi diluted with formula milk, once a day after his morning bath… What else can I give him @ this point.. Can I give solids twice a day… Like one like now, and one in the evening time ?

    Please reply

      • Hi Sangeetha,
        My daughter hasmitha completed 6 months and abut to complete 7.she was 5kg at 5 month and last month 29 she was 5.8kg and today she was 5.5 when v check inclinic.i am.giving her nestum 2-3 scoop mrng and mix veg kanji afternoon(rice pwder,half carrot,two beans,1 slice beetroot,two slice of sweet potato ) in cuker fpr two whistelse with pinch of salt and half spoon pf ghee. Dinner cerlac or nestum in between bm.
        But she reduces shud i feed her more often.please advise. Other than that she active tring to crawl..

        • Anitha,

          Are you a working mom? Just wondering why instant foods from the start itself?

          Replace all the nestum with home made foods pls if possible. Introduce a variety of tastes and always check for allergies.

          Babies do find the same foods boring like us 😛 , try to add more flavors too. Weight will start increasing, dont worry.

          Her fussiness would go away too. If your baby is taking 4-5 spoons it is more than enough for one feed. If she accepts more feel free to give more.

          Refer to these links too : https://bumpsnbaby.com/15-first-foods-baby/


          • Currently i am in maternity leave.i give home made red rice kanji,puzhangal arisi+potukadalai kanji in which i add veg as mentioned in prev mail.But doctor said in last visit can give cerlac thats the reason i feed nestum or cerlac twice a day at times stage one.i gave ragi kanji in btw but due to rain i stopped that.so shud i stop nestum??
            Also i cudnt feed her by making her sit because she cannot hold her body without support mpre than 15-20,sec so.making her lie down in soft pillow some what height and feeding her.is this position is wrong or pblm for weight loss

  39. Hi Sangeetha,
    I recently viewed your site, really helpful and aounds great.My daughter completed 5 months.she is premmie born on 32 weeks with 1.58kg and currently 5kg..in this 4 to 5 month she keep on fluctuating from 4.5 to 5 kg..she hasnt increased weight this month fully.Doctor said its normal as for she is active and suggested to start solid foods like red rice kanji,rice cereal nestum,puzhangal arisi with pottukadali,carrot,banana..i am very much worried about her weight as elders say she is smalk for 5 months..how to proceed with kanji shud i give watery now?? Even if i fried and grind red rice i feel its not powedry .please help and suggest me how can she increase weight..should i change or should have any nutrious food to give bm..many times she avoid and turning up face when i try to feed her.

  40. Dear Sangeetha, my bAby is completed 7 months. I am following your chart and am really thankful to you.

    Can you tell me what to cook oats with dates ?


    • Veena,

      Soak 2-3 dates in a little water overnight. Strain or puree it the next morning . Cook oats and add the pureed dates in it. Oats with dates puree is ready. Hope this helps 🙂

  41. Hi sangeeta

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

    All fruit purees are made after steaming, right ?.

    Banana and apple i did after steaming.


  42. Hi
    My daughter is just turned 5month old..so can i start solid for her.. if yes.. which is the best food to start to her.. and pls give month wise meal plan for baby

  43. Hi Sangeetha,

    Thanks for the food chart..really helpful…Especially for a first time working mother like me…Would like to know how much milk should a six month baby intake..He is Exclusively breastfed for five nd half months after which i have started semi-solids with him…As i have joined back work i can only breastfeed him at 8 a.m then at 1 p.m in the afternoon and after i return from work at 6.30 p.m…He doesnt like formula milk…Please suggest…

    • Richelle ,

      Thanks for commenting.

      For a 6 month old baby , breastfeed as and when your baby demands as there is no actual measurement .

      Your breastfeeding routine is fine and good . If your baby is formula fed , 500-900 ml a day cane be required .

      Since its breast milk and we cant measure as you are directly feeding routine set by you is completely fine and correct.

      Have you thought of expressing breast milk ? It can work well as you are a working mom.. You can read about my experience here : https://bumpsnbaby.com/need-know-expressing-breast-milk-feeding-storage/

  44. jayavanti Satrasala on

    Hi sangeeta,
    My baby is 9 months old baby b his weight is 7 kg only and that is also constant from last two months…
    Pls suggest me solid food which can help my baby increasing weight.
    Also pls guide me how to provide different kind of taste as he does not like eat to eat n takes lots of time.

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  46. Hi Sangeeta,

    My daughter is six months old and i started giving her yogurt and rice cereal as first foods. I couldn’t find yogurt in your chart. Is it safe to give yogurt? she likes it a lot.


    • Hi Yougurt is fine if your baby is okay and digesting it well. We wait for 8 months to start yogurt usually but its completely fine if your baby accepts it 🙂

  47. Hii…nice blog u hv there…i hv been told by my doc to make my lo food gluten free..cud u pls help n ths…i m confused..

  48. Hi sangeetha, im totally in love with your food chart,it helped alot..my son is 5 months and 3 weeks i have started fruits and rice cerelac to him with a formula and rest of the times i give him breast milk..my son gets when he eats banana so what can i do can u help in this.. And can tell me how to prepare veg soup and sweet potato and lentil soup.. Thanks

  49. Hi,

    Hope you and ur kid is doing well. I m mother of twin boys who have just turned 6 months old. And your blog has been a great help in understanding how to introduce solids to them. My only confusion is if I follow seven day rule maximum 4 varieties can be introduced in a month but your chart shows more than ten food items. Can u plz guide me on this

  50. Hi sangeetha,

    Plz share suji porridge with beans re ipe. I have made suji porridge for her but how to add beans coz this would be the first veg i’ll be introduciing to her.plz tell wht care needs to be taken. Thereafter plz tell the recipe of rice with mix veg recipe. This is something new n m excited to give her.

    • Dry roast sooji and keep aside. In a pressure cooker , add some ghee and add beans,carrot and green peas. Sautee it well. Now add turmeric powder and salt. Add the roasted rava and mix well. Once coated well, pour water and preesure cook upto 3-4 whistles. Once cooled blend it into a puree.

    • In a pressure cooker crackle mustard seeds in ghee and oil. Add onions and chopped veggies. Add tumeric , jeera and salt. Add the rice and roast it well. Now add water and pressure cook until its done .. Mix rice with veggies is ready.. You can now blend it to a puree..

  51. Hi Sangeetha

    Thanks ton for this wonderful blog. As a new mom it helps me a lot to take care of my LO.

  52. Hi ! Sangeetha…thank you so much for this food chart with variety food..I have a food chart for my baby..but was searching for variety foods n your chart helped me alot.

    • Hi dry roast sooji with ghee for about 2 minutes .. Cook with milk / water until cooked . Switch off the gas . Add banana puree to it and mix well. Its ready to be served 🙂

  53. reshma shabeer on

    hi sangeetha
    hw u n ur family?anshika is doing good rt?

    wel dear i want to ask abt apple puree.can i cook with peels on or shud i remove it?coz all the good things present on the skin.
    planning to make a milk shake with apple banana n dates.is that ok for my angel?or does it affect her digestion?

    • Hi Reshma ,

      Wash and clean the apples and steam with skin .. Peel off the skin once it is cooked , deseed it and then blend it to a milkshake. You can make mixed fruits milkshake..

  54. hi

    i m new here but i tottly in love with your site.
    it is very helpful and i got various food ideas from ur chart.
    but plz share the receipe of suzi porridge with banana puree.
    Also want to know that which veggies can i give for my 6 month old baby as mix veggies and wich fruits can mix for mix fruit puree.


    • Hi Reshma ,

      Soak 2-3 dates in a lil water overnight. Strain or puree it the next morning . Cook oats and when almost cooked add the pureed dates in it . Oats with dates puree is ready.

  55. reshma shabeer on

    hi sangeetha
    hw's anshika?

    i didnt get abt oats n dates?as porridge?dates syrup?or cooked dates?

  56. Hello Sangeetha …

    Great Job for the bumpsnbaby … then about the diet for six months old baby .. how can u have different food for each day… its said to introduce one food at a time n then check for likes and problems !! how come all in one week menu is right ??

    • Hi , Welcome to Bumps n Baby. You are absolutely right .. The chart given can guide you in terms of which foods to introduce .. Moms can choose the ones that they find comfortable and start giving them .

      • Hi sangeetha
        Ur website is great.. I started with daal ka pani today for my 6 mon old boy…few questions
        1) how to make dates oats porridge from Quaker …my son is on formula… My concern is Quakers is little flakey so even if I grind can it still choke.. Give me step by step method to prepare oats with dates.. I have never made oats…
        2) I got raw banana powder when can I give my son also how to make
        3) ragi when can I start
        Please reply fast … Thanks a lot n stay blessed