Juices for infants/baby When, Why and How ?


A new mom asked me if she could start giving her 6 month old baby apple juice and other vegetable juices. If yes , should it be boiled/skewed/raw juice etc. I thoroughly understood what she goes through on what to and how to. This post could be an answer to all your queries related to introduction of juices to 6 months+ baby.

1. When can I start giving juices (fruit/vegetable) to my baby?

Baby should be purely breastfed/formula fed till she is 6 months old.

Water is not necessary for an exclusively breastfed baby as breast milk contains even water required to keep the baby well hydrated. But formula fed babies could be given boiled cooled water as the residue of formula could be there in the baby’s mouth.

In the 6th month , you can start off with diluted vegetable and fruit juices in addition to breast milk or formula.

2. Why diluted juices? Cant’ I give the juices extracted out of fruits/veggies?

Diluted juices helps in easier digestion and the baby’s body easily accepts diluted juices thereby helping in the absorption of iron from the food provided.

3. What should be the ratio of dilution of juices?

Initially you can start off with 75% water and 25% juice to the baby. After a week or so, you can take equal amounts of juice and water.

4. When should be the fruit/vegetable juices be given as my baby has started on solids?

Fruit/Vegetable juices should be given during the meal times especially during lunch time. This aids in the quick absorption of iron in the food consumed by the baby .

5. Should I add sugar to the fruit juices?

NO. Sugar/jaggery or any other flavoring agents should not be added. Exposure of sugar to the baby at 6 months of age could lead to dental caries.

6. Should I give boiled/skewed/raw apple juice to my 6 months+ baby?

Yes only boiled /skewed juice should be given to a 6 month old baby as fruits like apples and pears could be exposed to pesticides and wax to increase the lusture and saleability. Peeling them and boiling helps in removal of all such toxic chemicals.

7. How to prepare skewed apple juice for my baby?

Wash and peel fresh apples. Deseed and steam them for about 5-6 minutes  Puree in a blender and sieve to get the clear apple juice.



8. When can I give raw juices to baby (ie w/o boiling/skewing)?

Raw juices could be introduced once baby is used to the juice intake without any allergies or rashes.

Fruits like grapes, cherries, plums etc should be thoroughly washed and rinsed before usage. Fruits like watermelon, musk melon and vegetables like carrots, beetroots can also be juiced.

9. What is the time/period within which freshly home made juices be consumed?

Fresh fruit/vegetable juices should be consumed within 15-20 minutes of preparation in order to keep bacteria growth at bay. Discard any remaining and refrain from storing it. Make sure to prepare fresh batch as and when required.

10. What is the quantity of juice required by a 6 month old baby?

A quantity of 120 ml of fruit/vegetable juice is advisable by the doctors.

11. What if I feed my baby on juices majorly in a day?

High intakes of juice can contribute to diarrhea, over nutrition or under nutrition and development of dental caries.

12. Can I give canned /packaged /tinned fruit juices to baby?

NO. Canned /tinned /packaged fruit/vegetable juices can contain preservatives, added color, flavor and high sugar content leading to dental erosion in babies. Aerated drinks for baby like cola/soda is NOT advisable.

13. How can I give juices to my baby, in a bottle, cup, glass or sipper?

Juices should be fed to the baby only in a cup and NOT in a feeding bottle. Infants should not be put to bed with a bottle in their mouth. Never allow your baby or toddler to drink from a sippy cup of juice throughout the day.

Hope you liked this article on juices for infants. Share with me in comments when did you start juices for your baby.


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  1. Today My baby is 5 month old.after 1 month I have joined job. I m teacher so can’t give her my feeding at least 5 hour. What can I do for it. Can I give other milk instead of BM. Otherwise how can store BM for her.

  2. Hi Sangeetha,
    My baby is 6 months old. I am planning to start giving veg. juices. Would carrot and tomato juice be fine to start with?do i need to boil them before taking the juice?

  3. hi sangeetha, i am going to give apple juice as first food for my baby…in the first foods page u hav mentioned to steam it with skin and in the juice section u have asked to peel the skin. Could you pls clarify?

  4. Hi I made about 8oz or around 240ml of carrot juice for myb6 month old baby… i read in your article that it should be given w/in 20 minutes after preparation? I have a chest freezer as thats where i store my expressed milk which he takes when i’m at work. Would it be ok if i store the extra carrot juice in the chest freezer as well? Thank you.

  5. Hi Sangeeta,

    My twins are 6 months old now, we are giving them apple juice daily , can we also give them pulp ?

  6. Ur explanation is too clear my baby is 5 months but as I give him juice or ceralAc he passes his motion so as possible is it k

  7. Hi sangeeta my baby is 10 month old what are the variety of juices and food can u give it to my baby as his immunity is a little weak and once or twice had constipation.I want to enhance his immunity through food

  8. Vidya Jayaprakash on

    Hi Sangeetha,

    Good Day to you!!
    Ur website is excellent. It is very useful for mothers like me.
    My angel is 6 months old. Can I give dates juice for her.
    Should I steam dates for making juice or??
    Please advise

  9. Thank you for your reply.
    What should ideally be the gap between introducing liquids and purees?
    Awaiting the recipes for pear juice and puree and chickoo, I couldn’t find it for Apple puree as well. Can you please share the link if it’s already there?

    Thank you very much

  10. Hi Sangeetha,
    I’m planning to introduce new foods to my LO from 51/2 months. My query is should I first start with only liquids (dal ka paani, fruit juices etc.) let’s say for a week or two and then with purees or purees as mentioned in your food chart for 6 months?
    Secondly, if juices are to diluted then 120ml should have 90ml water and 30ml of fruit/veg juice?
    Can u also share the recipe of pear juice and purée, chickoo as well?

    Thank you

  11. Dear sangeeta..
    my lil one is 7 month old. . And weighs around 6.7 kg Wch is quite less.
    I feed him oats porridge for bfst. .rice moong dal khichdi .. Cerelac. . As three meals.. And formula milk wn needed. I give him banana too. what are the veggies I can mix in his khichdi ? Any other foods that could help increase his Weight ? Thanks 🙂

  12. hey sangheeta hi again..my baby is 6month now 🙂 I tried apple juice as per ur instruction bt c s havin stomach ache weneva i give apple juice so I v started with rice ceralac,grape juice n mashed banana,I introduce any food in 3 4 days gap to check her reaction,my baby is not that healthy .what else can I offer her can u pls guide me.can i give her wheat ceralac or chapatis? find ur tips really helpful and one more thing my dd use to hv pain every night for d 1st 3month so I hv stopped consuming cabbage cauliflowers milk products egg wanted to ask wen can I start eating ol again,my changed diet helpd my dd alot n c s nt having pain as c use to hv earlier…so pls advice

  13. Hai sangeetha,
    Can you please help me with some juices or food recipes i can carry with me while i go out? I usually take cerlac or watermelon juice it says a bit longee and easy to prepare..

  14. Hai sangeetha,my girl is 6 month old..can you tell me what all food can i carry for when i go out ? Usually i take cerlac or some juice bcos thats easy to cook…can you tell me some juiices or food that would stay longer without problem thanks! ☺

    • Kahkashah,

      Your baby is too small to start with juices. let her reach 6 months to start anything other than formula and breast milk. When she reaches 6 months, you can start with skewed apple juice.

  15. hi Sangeetha,

    My baby is 6 months old. we have started feeding some juices to her. Somebody advice us to warm (very slightly) the juice and to food it. Please give your advice.

  16. Hi Sangeetha,

    I find the information provided on your website very useful. My baby is 6 months plus. I was curious to know how to prepare clear vegetable soup for her. And I was told not to add salt in her diet till she is 9 months. So do I add salt in the soup or not? Kindly advise.

    Also, I directly extract the pulp from the orange and give her. Should I serve it in the ratio of 1:3 ie 1tbsp orange juice and 3 tbsp water? and can I add sugar or jaggery to it?

  17. Dear mam,

    I fed my 6 month baby only cerelac during morning and evening time. And fruits during day time is that ok or I should give some other food

    • Safi,

      Why cerelac for your baby? Why cant you start home made fruit and vegetable purees for your baby? Home made foods are far better and nutritious than the instant baby food. If possible switch to home made foods for baby completely.

      Is your baby on breastfeed? If yes, you can feed him/her purees twice a day. Other times you can breastfeed or formula feed.

      You can refer to the various foods that can be introduced for a 6month old baby here : https://bumpsnbaby.com/food-chart-for-six-month-old-baby/. Always follow the 4 day rule and check for allergies after introducing a new food.

  18. Very informative post.. thanks for answering these questions.. I have a 1 ½ yrs old and I was also wondering if I should feed her juice.. I love juices of KDD harvest and I usually buy apple juice for my husband and my elder one.. I was looking online for some juices to make my baby and this post popped up..

  19. Very informative post.. thanks for answering these questions.. I have a 1 ½ yrs old and I was also wondering if I should feel her juice.. I love juices of KDD harvest and I usually buy apple juice for my husband and my elder one.. I was looking online for some juices to make my baby and this post popped up.. other than apple juice, which other juice is good for my baby?

  20. Thank u Sangeetha fr clarifying my doubt.one more thing i want to know.my baby is 6month.i hv started giving her apple juice,mashed rice n dal ,cerelac etc.can i give her apple pulp?why do we need to strain the juice?

    • Hi Khushi,

      Its better not to refrigerate ,but freeze the baby food if its made in large quantities. You can freeze for a week like veg and fruit purees. If you have to use , take one bowl out , thaw it and discard of any remaining in that bowl.

  21. Durga Ranjith on

    Hi, I am having 7months old baby girl..we are giving orange jiuce(freshly prepared one in home) to her..some says orange having more citric content, could you suggest which one is better like oranges or Mosambi??

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Durga ,

      Both orange and musambi have more or less same citric content. Please dilute the juice in the rati0 1:3 like 1 tbsp of orange / musambi juice with 3tsbp of water.. so that its diluted and the baby’s tummy also accepts it 🙂

    • Yes you can Archana .. Since apples available in markets are waxed and sprayed with pesticides , we steam and give the skewed apple juice 🙂

      • Hi Sangeetha, my baby is 11 months old.can I give pomegranate juice.pls tell me procedure and proportion of juice and water content.

        • Sharme, yes you can give pomegranate juice for your baby. You can blend the pomegranate kernels and sieve to get the clear liquid. Add juice and water in the ratio 1:2 ie 1 part juice and 2 parts juice. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks a lot Alice and am so happy that you liked the way I write …do let me know what all you expect to read here in Bumps n baby 🙂

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