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Entering into the toddler stage means that now your baby has started growing teeth and can finally experience the different flavors and textures of food. The growth of teeth generally begins from six months onwards, which means by reaching the age of one, your baby will get the ability to chew and chomp the crunchy solid food. Now that your baby is ready to say goodbye to the purees and switch to the table food, it becomes necessary for you to know what kind of Indian food will suit your baby’s digestive system.

food chart for 1 year old

As a mom, I was relieved when Anshika turned one year old. Want to know why? No more restrictions on her food or milk 😛

The food chart for a 1-year-old baby I am going to share with you is not much different from that of an 11-month-old baby posted here.

Started the below mentioned in her food chart

  1. Cow’s milk and honey
  2. Whole eggs
  3. Cornflakes with milk and chopped nuts
  4. A pinch of pepper

I have given a sample food chart with various food options.


Anshika doesn’t drink a cup of milk as it is, so I add it to her breakfast

BREAKFAST  (Opt for anyone mentioned below )

  • 1 bowl cornflakes (plain) in 1 cup full cream milk with honey and chopped nuts
  • 1 idli / small dosa with coconut chutney (minus chilies)
  • 1 cup ragi/suji / broken wheat porridge with full cream milk
  • Kerala Banana Mash
  • Suji porridge with red carrots, peas, and coconut
  • Oats porridge with dates puree
  • Suji porridge with carrot puree
  • Roti sabji
  • Vegetable paratha with curd

MID MORNING SNACK  (Opt for anyone mentioned below )

LUNCH  (Opt for anyone mentioned below )

MID EVENING SNACK  (Opt for anyone mentioned below )

DINNER  (Opt for anyone mentioned below )

  • Roti/paratha with mixed vegetable curry
  • Same as lunch ( minus curd )

Here are some simple and amazing recipes from the food chart for a 1-year-old Indian baby:

  • Fried apple rings: Fried apple rings is one of the most preferred baby snacks that are very quick to make and tastes sweet and crunchy, which your baby will love to eat. The recipe for making fried apple rings is very simple and includes those ingredients that are easily found in every household. The ingredients for fried apple rings include one apple, ¼ cup of buttermilk, ¼ cup flour, ½ teaspoon sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, ½ beaten egg, and a pinch of salt. Make sure you are not adding much salt.To begin with, take two separate bowls and mix flour, cinnamon, sugar in one bowl while mixing beaten egg and buttermilk in the other and keep both the bowls aside. Then take an apple and cut ¼ inch thick slices leaving the core. Now take the mixtures of both the bowls and mix them. After preparing a thick mixture dip the apple slices in them and fry them in oil. 


  • Sweet potato lentil mash: It is one of the healthiest foods to give to your baby. To prepare sweet potato lentil mash you will require ingredients such as 1 medium-sized sweet potato, 2 tablespoons of toor dal, a pinch of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of dry roasted cumin, and 1 cup of water.

To make sweet potato lentil mash first wash the toor dal and sweet potato properly. Take one tablespoon of cumin seeds and dry roast it on a Tawa. Now add all the ingredients such as unpeeled sweet potato, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, and toor dal in a pressure cooker and cook it with water. Once cooked, transfer the food in a blender and add water as required to achieve the desired consistency. Once the puree is ready serve it to your baby.


  • Ragi laddu: Ragi laddu is yet another suitable snack for your one-year-old that is rich in Iron and provides health benefits such as improving hemoglobin, which will help your baby prevent several diseases including anemia. The ingredients for ragi laddu include 1 cup of ragi powder, powdered sugar as required and pure ghee, 1 powdered cardamom, and a few finely chopped almonds and cashew.

Its preparation involves heating 250 gms of ghee in a pan and adding ragi into it. Roast for 45 minutes, then add the rest of the ghee, cardamom powder, and dry fruits. Fry for 10 more minutes and keep it aside. After it gets cooled, add powdered sugar and shape them into balls, and ragi laddu is ready.


  • Besan paratha: Besan paratha is one of the most balanced diets in the food chart for 1-year-old babies. The ingredients include good quality whole wheat dough, 1/2 cup of chopped onion, 2 tablespoon besan, a pinch of salt, 1 tablespoon of coriander powder, chopped coriander, garam masala, and carom seeds each, and 3-4 tablespoon of oil. 

Its preparation will require mixing cooked besan, onion, coriander powder, carom seeds, chopped coriander, garam masala, and oil together to make a dough. Then prepare a wheat dough to make chapati and fill it with besan dough. Cook the final dough on a tawa with ghee. 


  • Kerala banana mash: Kerala banana is also known as Nendran, which offers several advantages for your one-year-old baby. The ingredients required to make Kerala banana mash include ½ Kerala banana, ½ tablespoon of ghee, ½ tablespoon of jaggery, and a half cup of water. The method of preparation involves adding banana and jaggery in a pressure cooker and cooking it for around 2-3 whistles. Once cooled, remove the black lining on the insides of the banana. Now take a fork and blend it well to make a puree. After that take a Kadai and heat ½ tablespoon of ghee in it then add the banana puree and mix them well for 2-3 minutes.


  • Plain khichdi: plain khichdi is a meal that best suits the digestive system of your one-year-old baby. The ingredients for making plain khichdi include 2/3 cup of rice, 1/3 cup of toor dal or moong dal, with garlic or heeng, which is optional. 

To prepare plain khichdi, wash the rice and dal in water and soak them for half an hour. After draining the water, put ghee in a pressure cooker and cook it with all ingredients pouring 3 cups of water. 


  • Barley porridge with banana: It is a semi-solid recipe in the baby food chart for 1-year-old. The ingredients for making barley porridge with banana include 1 cup of barley, 1 banana, and 1 cup of water. To prepare it, add barley and water in a pressure cooker and cook it till 5 whistles. Blend it to make it smoother then add chopped banana in the porridge and simmer for 2 minutes. 


  • French toast: French toast is a quick snack in the baby food chart for 1-year-olds, which includes ingredients such as 2 bread slices, 1 egg, 1 pureed banana, ½ cup of milk, and oil. To prepare French toast, mix the pureed banana and egg with milk and beat to get a runny consistency. Then dip the bread pieces into the mixture and deep fry in oil. 


  • Broccoli cheese soup: This is one of the most healthy and tasty foods that your baby will love to eat. The ingredients required to make broccoli cheese soup include 1 slice of cheese, 5 florets of broccoli, and half a cup of water. To prepare it, properly wash each floret of broccoli and steam them well with water or cook for one whistle in a pressure cooker. Once cooled, mix steamed broccoli and cheese together along with water and stir it well to make a puree.

Beside all these food recipes, breastfeeding should be given prime importance till the age of one, as breastfeeding helps to protect your baby from every kind of infection and disease.  


How to encourage fussy eating toddler? 

Now that your baby is ready to enjoy every variety of food from the food chart for a 1-year-old Indian baby. However, a majority of babies go through the fussy eating stage showing tantrums in eating and only picking their favorite food or either refusing to eat at all. There are several tips for parents to encourage their babies to eat. These include: 

  • Hide your frustration: Spending hours convincing your baby to eat can be frustrating, but it is important to hide your frustration and make the mealtime enjoyable for your baby. Do not forget to praise your child at every bite. 
  • Introduce your baby to a variety of food: Several varieties of food will make your baby go curious to try them all and make it easier for you to give them a proper meal. 
  • Let them enjoy mealtime: A meal time with your baby can come with a hell lot of drama and making a mess with the food. It is advisable not to stop your baby and let them enjoy their mealtime and try feeding them a little later. 


Feeding tips for a 1-year-old baby

  • No one would like the same food for too long, it can make your baby go irritated and turn into a fussy eater. Prefer making a variety of recipes from the food chart for a 1-year-old baby. Toddlers like to taste a variety of food, which will help feed them a proper meal. 
  • As your baby starts growing teeth, make sure you don’t switch from liquid to solid directly. Your baby might not like the sudden change. Take it slow and feed your child with softer textures in the early stage and jump to semi-solid food, after they start enjoying it, offer them the solid and crunchy food to eat. 
  • Avoid forcing anything in your child’s mouth. Like other people, they have their likes and dislikes and they may not like a particular food. If they keep refusing a particular food, you try it a few days later but forcing them to eat might make them irritated. 
  • If you want to feed solid food to your baby, prefer feeding them in the morning or when they wake up from a nap. This is the time when your baby is high on energy and there are chances that they won’t refuse to eat solid foods. 
  • While going for a variety of food options, make sure you consider well while looking into the options because as per the studies, while going for a variety of food, your child might get allergic to some of them. 
  • Prefer feeding your baby on a high chair. It will make your baby safe and secure and beneficial for your back too, as your babysitting on a high chair will help you avoid bending for too long. 


Additional tips for the baby food chart for 1-year-old

Here are some helpful tips for feeding your baby. These include: 

  • The home-cooked food is the best food for your 1-year-old. It includes all the nutrients that your child will need during his/her growing age. Avoid giving them processed and outside food often. Outside food should be given very rarely as it can increase the risk of stomach infections and other problems. Make them habitual of eating home-cooked food.
  • Encourage self-feeding for your child by offering them finger foods. For more help, prefer eating along with them to teach them how good the food is and to teach them the eating manners. Avoid forcing food to your babies, it can end up making them fussier.
  • Move slowly with changing the texture of the food you give your baby. First, switch from purees to semi-solid food then slowly start them giving the solid and crunchy food. Keep changing the food texture or else they will get used to that consistency. Cooked and mashed food are best to be given to your one-year-old. 
  • Avoid giving hard food to your babies such as peanuts, almonds, and cashew nuts, as your baby teeth are not so strong at the age of one year. Prefer offering them such hard food after the age of 3 years. You can offer your baby the powdered form of peanuts and other nuts mixed in a porridge. 
  • Make sure you do not add much sugar to your child’s food. More sugar may prove harmful to your baby’s health. Prefer adding only one teaspoon of sugar in milk and use jaggery as a sweetener in cereals and porridge.

These were the tips and tricks of feeding your one-year-old with the best food recipes. Visit BumpsnBaby for more details and let us know in the comment section about the feeding experience with your baby.


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi Sangeeta, my baby is 1 year 2 months old. he didn’t eat.. no fruits, no juice, no rice, roti khidhi nothing… he only drink custard milk.. i am toooo worried.. he is very lean.. not sleep well.. anemic also. can i give omelet to him.. actually my mom in law every time said don’t give this food or that food… plzz suggest some food or recipes..

  2. Hi sangeetha

    My baby is one year old. And he is not taking his food properly. And he is very lean. So pl suggest me some weight gaining receipe or foods.
    Thank you.

  3. Hello.. my baby follows this chart.. apart from that he has 200ml nan early morning and the same late night.. in between he had about the same amount of water throughout the day.. is the liquid sufficient for him .. he is 1 yr old.. cow’s milk is not being given.. it’s not suiting him ..

  4. Hi sangeetha,
    Very well written is your food planner. I am trying to follow the same. Pl guide me with the timings starting from early morning milk to dinner. Also advise me on quantity to be fed. E. G 1 cup milk equals?
    Awaiting your prompt reply.

  5. Hii Sangeeta.. Myself Tejal.. M havg 1 year old son Vivaan before he used to eat watever I gv.. Bt frm last 2 weeks hes nt ready to eat even his fav food.. Even hes nt ready to hav package or any milk.. How to deal wid dis problem plss let me knw..

  6. Hi Mam this s Karthika … My son s completed one year . His weight 9.5kg. I planned to give cows milk. Starting he didn’t drink. After learning to drink frm feeding bottle he like to drink milk. Before giving cows milk I beast feed at night.Normally he sleeps at 9-10. At night time he regularly wakes at 12.30/ 3 and 5.30 and starts crying . after giving cows milk also awakening at same time. Starts crying … Nearly 500ml he drinks at night alone. After that day he he didn’t even eat any kind of food. But he going potty 3-5 times with indigestion. Where I do mistake?

  7. Hi Sangeeta, i m a mother of 14month old baby…my son is a fuzzy eatet…out of all my concern on his eating habit… M more worried …. he does not like curd…pls help how i can i make him like curd atleast

  8. Hey… I am looking for work at home jobs right now… And to be honest I m not getting anywhere… I m sure lots of us mothers wants to be at home and take care of our lo without depending someone from outside.

    Can u write something about the opportunities for work at home moms ? If anybody is doing it,I mean working from home can u please share how u got on with it…

    Please help…

  9. Hi Sangeeta i m brinda from Bangalore. I ve girl child who is active and healthy by God’s grace. As all mother’s ques my girl s low in weight and height too. She s just 7.6kg height s 72cms and 14months old. She was 3.4kg at birth.
    I try to give her all sort of foods but she s very choosy. Fuzzy eater i can say. Thanks for listening to my long post.
    My concern s about her weight gain.

  10. Balasaraswathi.k on

    Hello sangeetha mam, I am balasaraswathi i have 13 month prince. The problem of my baby is she not gain proper hight and wight at this age, she is 7.6 kg only. How to gain the weight plz give any tips for me.

    Thank you

  11. Hi Sangeetha ,My baby is 1 year old .she is around 9 kg. The problem now she eats by herself only . And that too very little sometimes. So mashes, porridges and juices are out the diet now. Breast feeding is going on.Please suggest some helpful ideas.

    • Anju,

      Thats a great thing that your baby is eating on her own. Let her eat what she wants and how much she wants. There is no need of purees or mashes if she has outgrown it. Keep checking the other recipes mentioned in the blog and see what she likes. You can also buy our ebooks from the store to get more variety recipes. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Sangeeta , My baby is one year old .she is 9 kg.M giving her milk in breakfast in lunch brown rice my trying to give her dry fruit powder in milk but she is not much interested how can give her in meal breastfeeding is going.

  12. Hello sangeetha menon
    My lo is 14 mths old. He doesnot eat happily. I always force him. And He only like pure food. Nt like chapatti, dosa n all.. So plz suggest recipes.. I give him oats,kichdi, curd, dalai.. Plz suggest what to do.. If i give some finger food.. He only play.. Plz help me

    • Simratjit,

      Stop giving whole pureed foods and switch to coarse foods. Never force feed as its not going to help in anyway either. Let him play with his finger foods – kids find it entertaining though our tasks of cleaning the mess increase.

      See what foods he like and make such varieties for him, he will eat it without even force feeding. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for d reply.. I try finger food for 1 week.. He eats nothing.. If he feels hungry, dan he demand for breastmilk.. N he dt accept formula n cow milk. And at night time, he wake up every hour for feed..
      And u want to ask dat.. Is breastfeed satisfied at dis stage

  13. Dear Sangeetha,
    I came upon your blog and found it very informative and helpful. I would like your advice.
    I am a working mom have a 2 year old daughter. She goes to a nursery at my work. She has ear problems and has been on an off medications reg. ear infections. As expected she is fussy about food…doesnt eat much…her tiffins come back un-eaten. I give her paratha(which she loves to eat at home), nuggets, khichdi, grapes, juice. She is still on formula milk; tried to introduce cow’s milk…she didnt like it. She hates eagg….tried giving her as omelette, boiled, scrambled but to no avail. Depending upon her mood, she usually has khichdi, oats with chicken soup and paratha as her straple diet. Can you suggest some more easy food ideas which i can also add to her tiffin for nursery?

  14. my LO is 11 months and has most of the food mentioned in the list, but my concern is the quantity, I want to know in terms of ml/nos that a 11 month old is supposed to have

  15. Hi sangeetha
    My son is 18 months.. He doesn’t like to eat any fruit or drink any fruit juices. He doesn’t allow me to feed him with a spoon, so no porridgrs and purees can be given..

    His diet is pretty much like ours… But he is severely constipated.. He has hard is really painful to watch him go potty..

    Can u suggest something for fruit intake and constipation ?

      • Sangeetha,
        I give him what we eat..breakfast, idli does with chutney, lunch rice with curd avial, tho ran, evening eggs scrambled or sometimes dosa, night up puma or puttu…
        He is really active… Please help…

      • Hi dear… My baby is 1 Year old and still eats only blended food… I m really worried… If I try giving him non blended food, he refuse to eat… Pls suggest

    • Jayapriya Sundaram on

      Hi Rekha, Banana is good for curing constipation. if he is not eating babana then put babana in mixer by adding milk and give in feeding bottle or sipper bottle. add honey instead of sugar.

      Give him water once in 1hr time intervel when he is awake. Other option is put some dry grapes (10 numbers) add some water half tumbler. allow it to boil for 3 to 4min. stain and give that water without mashing dry grapes.

    • Hi Ms. Rekha,
      My name is Rubina and I am a mother of two kids: 1 seven year old and another 15months old. Happy to share a few home remedies I know, that which I have tried for my kids,for relieving constipation.
      1.soak a few raisins or prunes in like warm water and leave it overnight. U can either smash them and make a puree and give ur kid in the morning. Just a teaspoon of it is enough. If he refuses to have it, try adding the raisin/prune water to his milk.
      2.give him plenty of water to drink.
      3. Peaches, prunes relieve constipation.
      4. Was shocked to hear from my pediatric that sometimes bananas does not relieve constipation. Give it moderately.
      5.a teaspoon of jaggery water helps to stimulate the bowel movement.

      Note: try using a medicine measuring cup and for these teaspoon content and give it to him as u would give any medicine.

      Remember… All these take at least three to four days to stimulate his bowel movement. So give him regularly and be patient.

      If the problem persists, pls consult a Dr who may prescribe some medication to relieve his pain during potty.

      Take care.. And hope he gets well soon.

  16. Gayathri Yashas on

    Hi Sangeetha,

    My daughter would be turning one year in the month of jan…

    Her routine does not give time for her to give anything for mid morning snack. She will have her breakfast at 930 am , post that she will take a morning nap for 2 hrs from 11am to 1pm…Again she wll have her dinner at 130pm..

    I would like to give her veg soup, chicken soup in the mid morning. But I am unable to accommodate this in her routine.

    So please let me know when I can make her eat.

    Last but not the least I like your blog.It very useful.

  17. hi sangeetha actually i m a working mother n my son is just 1 yrs old … i started my work just 2 weeks before but i have noticed that my son is not active as he used to be also he used to smile all the time but now some times only can u please suggest me wat to do

  18. Hi My boy is 1 year old and he is too fussy about food his height is lil less than average height pls advise what we can do for him

  19. hi

    here is my lo’s routine
    wake up. 8 am

    breakfast . whatever we eat

    midmorning snack . raagi porridge/raagi biscuit, milk

    nap for 3 hrs

    lunch . whatever we eat ( rice with dal khichdi, thoran, fish / egg , ghee )

    eve snack . banana/ prunes/ porridge with milk

    dinner. same as lunch.

    sleep by 11 pm..

    he is active … runs around, plays a lot..

    he is not chubby.. and apparently its my fault…. mother in law is pretty particular about that..

    please help…


    • Rekha,

      First understand that chubbiness is NOT an indication of a healthy baby at all. If anyone advises you, even if your mother in law, have the patience to tell that activeness and happiness of a baby are the indicators of a healthy child.

      His food intake is good, but duck out biscuits and stick to ragi porridge. Hope this helps.

  20. hi Sangeetha

    I am Rekha, mother of 16 month old boy.. lately, my lo doesn’t eat anything.. its like he is not hungry at all… I give him pretty much everything we eat plus Ragi and navadhaanya porridges…

    he doesn’t want to eat with a spoon… when I try to feed him after a 3 hr gap, he spits out the food… he has constipation too. any remedy for that…

    he weighs OK… but this causes tension among family members… and I have a feeling they think its my fault…

    please help…

  21. Thank u mam ….I m givin her oly fruit milkshakes. …she was fav in milkshakes …wat r all fruits shall I includes in milkshakes. ..there is no matter in avoiding fruits like orange ,pomegranates, citrus fruits …..

  22. Hi …mam My daughter not drinking liquid from juices ..or soups …specifically (orange ) wat shall I do for tat….?? Is there any other optional way to give orange juice

  23. Hi Sangeeta

    This is my 1st time to your website..Currently I am working in a job from 9 to 4, so I have to leave my 1 year old daughter to my mom’s place. But these days, my mom is continuously complaining of her not having khichdi lunch. she just sees the food n cries, she refuses to eat it. mom made pulao today but that also she just had 3-4 bites. she just likes to run around the house but doesnt eat. evening when i go n make her have then also she has but its a tiring task to make her have her food. what to do? the chart u gave…did ur daughter eat all these when she was 1 year old. I am toh worried that now only if she doesnt learn to eat…how will she eat everything in future.

    • Preksha,

      Its completely fine if she takes the food only in the way she can. Let her eat whatever she wants. Do not worry about food habits as the fussy phase goes away with time. My daughter is not that fussy about food, so it was fine for me, but I have seen my niece and nephews going extremely fussy which went away with time. Do not worry as long as your daughter is happy n active 🙂

  24. Hi sangeetha.. my son is juz 2 yrs old.. he doesnt like to hve fud… it depends upon his mood wheter he likes to have fud o no…rte nw he is sufferng frm dehydration whch is making hm weaker… hs weight ws 3.7 at the tme of hs birth n nw it is juz 9.1 due to weakness…. suggest me smething

  25. hi sangeeta m so happy wd ur wrk welldone yr….
    my 13 month old slept late at 2 at night n hv three times formala dn woke up at 1pm at afternoon dn hv soji porridge wd dry fruits cheese wd added ghee dn tk a nap n dn woke up at 6pm dn hv mixed veg rice wd chicken or egg n hv ragi porridge or cerelac wd dry fruits n cheese at late night like12pm dn hv frmula while sleep … ds ok or i should do more m worried

  26. Hi my baby wake up @11:30 AM AS he sleep late aftrr 2 in the night…so around 1 he eat namkeen daliya nd around 4pm he eat mong dal khichdi nd then by 7 pm he eat moongdaal daliya nd then around 10 i gv him ghiya or any vegetable with chapati or rice…also he take my feed in between…

  27. He was eating properly till last week.1st he showed hs disinterest towrds porridges so I changed to solid now he dnt want that too

  28. Hey. .my Lil one turned 1 , two days bck..I’m really n a big problem pls do help me out . from past few days he s completely avoiding hs food.he don’t want any thng n any form.i hv tried evrytg as said n Ua food charts n recipes . BT still he doesn’t want anytg

  29. Hi Sangeetha,
    I give 4 times a day food to my 1 year old daughter Hasmitha with every 3 to 4 hrs gap.If she has milk in between her meal will make sure to feed her food in 4 hours from previous meal.
    I resumed back to work so my in laws take care of her and give her lunch and eveng food.
    She is slow gainer and now she is 7.6 Kg only i too add ghee potato butter sweet potato pears avacado(based on availability) but no great improvement.
    She likes to eat hotel idly sambhar dosa when we eat but if i do in home she is not a great fan of it 🙁 she says big no with her head and with her cute voice nena(venam ).
    just two teeth below has emerged so how to give roti she is not eating it.
    Please advise me on her meal plan and food varaitey.


  30. Smriti Ranganathan on

    Hi Sangeetha,Amazing job on your website and the App as well. It’s so helpful for Google moms like me. My son is 13 months old now and I breastfed him till 11 months. He hasn’t been bottle fed at all. I started cows milk after he completed a year by adding it to the Sathu Maavu Kanji in the morning. However I have been trying to get him used to drink milk out of tumbler and he resists. He would not want to drink it out of the sipper as well which he probably thinks is only for water.I started him off on curds at 10 months and he seems fine with cheese mixed in soup. With lots of resistance I manage to give him 100 ml milk inclusive of spills. How do I get him start drinking milk? I gave tried mixing chocolate syrup or sugar and mango as well. Is this behavior OK as of now and can I somehow bring in the milk drinking habit first thing in the morning in the future ? Please suggest!

  31. My baby is 1 and half year old and her wait is8kg she does not eat any thing. She only drink cows milk.what should I give her to increase her wait?something tasty I want to give her that would improve her eating habit

  32. hi,
    My son is now 1 year old. I used to steam/pressure cook fruits like apple/pear to make the puree so far. I wonder if I can omit this step rather give him puréed raw. Is it safe?

  33. Hi, Sangeetha.

    You are doing a great job. i have 8 year old daughter and a 14 months old son. your blog is simly awsome. i have tried your several recepies. and those are super. i’m following your blog when my son is 4 months. and thank you for hard work it’s really helps so many worried moms for sure. and i’m from Sri Lanka .

  34. kavitha nair on

    Hi sangeetha,
    Your schedule is too good. My 13 month baby not all taking his food properly. I am so worried. Everyday I am struggling with him for his breakfast n lunch. I am giving idly with sambar or coconut chattni and for lunch will give him dal rice, ghee rice, egg rice or curd rice. Mid of morning will give fresh juice or nendram pazham. will make him to eat atleast half a quantity which I prepared for him. But he so thin is any thing went wrong in my food. Totally upset suggest some other food instead of tis.. First 5 spoon he will eat without any hesitation after tat he will spite it of..

  35. Hi Sangheetha

    I love your blog. You are doing an awesome job…….

    My daughter is 13 months old. She is a complete breast fed baby. She refuses to take cows milk or formula. So i add cows milk in her porridge once a day and give her curd often. My concern is if breast milk is suffiecient to provide enough calcium to babies. Or if cows milk is important. How much dairy (milk,curd etc) should a breast fed baby have daily.


    My baby girl is 2 yrs old.she likes fruits a lot.sometimes she eats only fruits.she dislikes eating anything sweet.Her wt is 9 kg .i am worried about her weight.please help me..

  37. hi sangeetha,
    u r a amazing…lady………..simply ur blog is super..awesome…ur are one among of my family…….

  38. Hi Sangeetha you r doing good job,
    My son is 14 months old and I am worried for his eating habits he likes only salted dalia , in his diet I give him salted dalia, cued or mong daal instead of this he take paratha with cream also once a day and drink milk with feeder two three times a day, I am worried as he will not take little spice food how can I introduce spices in his diet, is this ok for him or advice me………

    • Kanika,

      You can start mild coconut chutney, fish, chicken or paneer with pepper powder, cardamom in his kheer and even garam masala in his flavored rice dishes. If he doesnt like too spicy foods its completely fine. Rest of these spices are good.

  39. Hi Sangeetha,

    Nice to see this website, it will really helps for all the moms. My Daughter is 18 months old. Her schedule is Morning 6.30 Aavin Milk then by 8am she will have 2 idlies dipped with milk and then by 10.30 she will have ragi porridge then by 1pm she will have lunch (Dal Carrot rice/Curd/Rasam) then by 4pm half glass milk / half banana then by 6pm rice porridge then by 8.30 pm she ll have milk rice. Is the schedule fine ?

    Also am so worried that she will not eat food on her interest (even chocolates/icecreams). Even normal food if it is dry she will instantly split it out. I need to mash with milk and should be semi solid for her. Worried about her chewing habit.

  40. anisha khandelwal on

    hello Sangeetha,

    I am in love with your blog. I am a mother of 13th months old baby girl. i wanna stop breast feeding for her for this i need a suggestion. she doesnot drink she only wannna to keep in her mouth and sleep. what can i do. I have started cows milk but at night she doesnot like it.

  41. Deepthi Nair on

    Hi….my son is 13 months old..he has stopped drinking breast milk a month ago..I least worry abt his food supplements during day time,but during night, is what really concerns me…as of now I am giving him buffalo milk during night (after 11pm) when he cries for milk…is this rite if not pls suggest me if there is any other option…

  42. Hi Sangeetha,
    Thanks for the suggestion.the snack which he eats around 4.30, he keeps on munching on and off till around 6pm.thats the reason for the gap.will try to add a fruit at 7maybe.thanks again.

  43. hi Sangeetha,
    This is his schedule.
    Wakes at 9 am.i give him water in a dippy cup.he sips twice or thrice a lil.then has breakfast of rice cereal about 2 tbsp mixed with milk.11-12.30-nap time.then lunch of rice with dal/khichdi/tomato rice/curd rice(abt quarter bowl).3-4pm-nap time.4.30-half banana/pieces of paneer/cheese/potato fingers.
    8-9pm-nap time.dinner-rice/cereal.apart from this,I breastfeed 3times at night and twice during the day.if we go by car anywhere,he drinks about 60ml of full fat cow milk.any suggestions now?

    • Anusha, his feedings seem fine for me. Are you breastfeeding between 4.30 pm – 8 pm, as I can see a huge gap there. You can include a fruit or breastfeeds there if required.

  44. hi,
    My son is 1year old.he eats just 4 times a day and the quantity is not much too.
    I am amazed by the snack and mid morning and evening options you have mentioned.
    Here is my son’s schedule.
    Wakes at 9am. Has breakfast of cereal or dosa with ghee or ragi porridge.
    Plays for some time.naps for 1 hour.
    Lunch at 12.30-rice n spinach/ dal/ rasam/curd
    Plays n sleeps for 1.5 hours.
    Evening snack-1 banana,sometimes half
    Dinner- rice with rasam/curd or dosa or idli
    I still breastfed him before he naps in the day as well as at night. He likes to drink cows milk(80ml) only when he is in the car.

    Is this schedule no food intake okay ?his weight is just 8.5kg.wondering where n how can I add snacks here?…please help

  45. Hello Sangeetha,

    I am neelofar mother of 20 months old daughter. i came across your blogs while searching for food recipies for my daughter.
    i desperately need your help at this point of time as my daughter instead of eating more ..quiting her interest in food.
    She is loosing weight n becoming cranky day by day.
    I am breastfeeding her still but am really concern….
    At times i cry alot seeing her like this please help…….

    do let me know if you need any other info…

    thanks alot….

      • thanks a ton for quick reply…
        we get up early by 7.30/8 am
        she also get up as well with us.
        the first thing i give her is water which she is comfomtably drink 1/4 cup .
        at 9/9.30am i give her rava ganji/ragi porriage/ 4 digestive buiscuits soaked in milk( rava slightly cooked in milk, ghee n sugar).
        she sleeps at 11am till an hr.
        by 12.30/1pm i give her rice with sum curry or dal.
        by 6pm – milk/tea with digestive buiscuit or puffed rice.
        then dinner 8.30/90pm rice kheer or rice as she prefer or ragi porridge.
        she doesnt eat fruits. i give ostocalcium n iron supplement prescribed by our doc for her deficiencies. But i want her to have food instead of these medicines

        • Neelofar,

          She might be fed up with the regular routine. Change her foods entirely to a new one. Add vegetable purees to her porridges and fruit purees to her mashes/ porrdiges. Make broken wheat porridge breakfast, then a mild soup at around 11.3O am, mixed vegetable pulav / egg fried rice/ tomato rice for lunch, boiled chana along with kurmura, home made cakes and chapati roll/ any porridges she likes. Cut down on the entire biscuits from her diet.

  46. Hi Sangeetha,
    I really appreciate your blog, its helping me a lot.
    My daughter is just turned 1.but her dentition is late actually.
    She has only four teeth right she can and does only eat food in paste form like porridge,mashed banana ,purried fruits only.what food variety should i try with her.
    Thanx ,many best wishes for future.

  47. Hi Sangeetha,

    My name is Meena. I stay with my husband and my 14 months old daughter in Canada.

    I really appreciate your work. I liked ur way of keeping monthly food chart, which makes our work much easier.

    I wanted to ask you a question. I want to start giving honey to my daughter. How much quantity of honey should i give her?


  48. Hello Sangeeta,
    Lovely blog! I have bookmarked all your recipes and planing to try it out one by one. I have a doubt with regards to fish. A doctor advised not to give fish until 6 yrs old – cos of the mercury content. How far does this work out? I mean do you have add something along with the fish for the babies – my little one is 1 year old now !

    • Hey Yogitha ,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Nearly all fish have mercury content in them. Because they concentrate mercury in the form of methylmercury. But 89% of mercury absorbed from the cooked fish doesn’t affect human beings.

      Usually fish on the highest band in the food chain like king mackeral, king shark, tuna and shallow fish like prawns,oysters,clams are high in mercury content which could harm the baby and pregnant women as well.

      Hence it is advised to avoid these foods for the fear of mercury poisoning.

      Fish like salmon,bombil,sardines,pomfrets live in deep water where mercury absorption is nil or less. Hence those could be cooked and eaten. Hope this helps.

  49. hi …. was really relieved by seeing ur blog … Ma gal is 11 months old ….. is it the right time to give chapati. .. I had tried once but she find it very difficult to pass her motion ….

    • Divya ,

      Thanks for writing in.

      You can give chappati or roti dipped in milk or dal or any less spiced curries .. Wheat usually constipates , but you can try giving chappati while giving raisins boiled water at regular intervals.

      Please subscribe to the newsletters of Bumps n Baby to stay updated by clicking this link .

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