How to make Moongdal Khichdi (mashed split yellow gram with rice) for 6 months+ baby?


You might have read about the spinach soup recipe for 6 months+ baby here. Today I am sharing the recipe of dal khichdi (mashed dal rice) which can be given for babies post 6 months of age after she/he is adapted to rice.

This wholesome meal is packed with lots of proteins, B vitamins, magnesium, iron and zinc required for the overall health of baby.

Things Required :

Split yellow gram/moong dal – 1 tbsp

Rice (parboiled rice/regular rice/brown rice) – 2 tbsp

Ghee- 1/2 tsp

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Salt – a pinch (optional)

Water- 1/2 cup

Method of preparation :

1. Wash the moong dal and rice thoroughly.

2. Add ghee, turmeric powder,water and a pinch of salt and pressure cook for about 3-4 whistles , till the mixture is mashed.


3. Puree or blend the mixture so that no lumps remain.

You can get the required consistency of the khichdi by adding sufficient quantity of water.

When your baby becomes 7 months+, you can start adding cumin seeds, mustard seeds and 1 deseeded tomato to enhance the flavour.

Note : Don’t use masoor dal / toor dal for first foods of baby like khichdi as they are hard to digest.

Don’t use basmati rice for this recipe until your baby is adapted to it.


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Sri Priyanka on

    Hi Sangeetha,
    Your recipes are awesome. My prince avyu 8 months old love them. But i have a query while making dal khicdi should i cook both dal and rice and blend the mixture and serve him or else make powder of rice and dal seperately and make a porridge? which one is good one for him?

  2. Hai Sangeetha, – am julie…hard to remember… Am ur school mate…nice to see u and ur Sweety. And congrats for ur successful blog. Its very informative. Hope u and ur family are fine..convey my regards to all.God bless u..

  3. hello ma’m… your blog is very usefull..i was in dilemma what to give my 9 month old.thanks a lot for your detailed chart. i want to know what all fruits can i give this summer. please reply

  4. Hi Sangeetha,
    Ranjini here,my baby completed 6months today we are giving him raw banana porridge. My question is can the baby fed by 2 different porridge a day like(banana n ragi porridge morn n eve) or any porridge along with dal water at 2 different tyms.

  5. Hi mam my baby is 2.8 years but her weight is now10.4kgs only. She’s birth weight was 2.040kgs. And also she is a fussy eater. Pls help me,what can i do for ganing weight. I am feel so much worry about her weight.

  6. Hi sangeetha,
    My son never opens his mouth while
    Eating….though i change flavours in his meals he s not opening his mouth……

    • Sanata,

      Give home cooked meals and foods every 3-4 hours. Give 1-2 cups of milk and add ghee/home made butter along with food. Add eggs to her diet on alternate days. Give plenty of water.

  7. Hi Sangeetha,

    My son is 8.5 months now.

    Earlier I started giving him pureed khichdi at 7 months, he used to have a little of it. Gradually increased the quantity.
    But as I started giving him hand mashed khichdi at 8 months, he gags and takes only half the amount with difficuly. Please tell me what can be done. I dont want to go back to the pureed version.

  8. During lunch everyday I m giving some juices diluted with water around 8-10 tsp and after other foods like breakfast and Dinner giving 8-10 tsp plain water, is the amount ok for a 7 month baby? She still breastfeed around 4-5 times a day.

  9. Hi Sangeetha
    Hope you both are doing well.. I have a question to ask about khidchi, My LO is now 6 and half month old, today I made khidchi for the first time and gave her in lunch and dinner both.. What I did I pressure cooked it and then mashed it with hand, but when I tasted it I find many unmashed rice were there.. But my baby had it without any problem and chocking, so my question is that can I give her like this or is it needed to blend it in blender in this age.

    • Priyanka,

      If your baby had it without any choking problems, then no need to worry. Make her drink enough water after meals. You can continue mashing with hands only as blending foods to purees often makes babies difficult to accept solid and coarsy foods later.

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  11. Hi Sangeetha,

    Thank u for this blog.

    I have used brown organic rice and even after 7 pressure cooker whistles, my rice wasn’t cooked. Does brown rice take a longer time to cook compared to white rice? Also is there a way where it can get cooked in less time?

    I cannot find parboiled rice in market. Does it have some other name? They have ponni parboiled rice- is it the same?

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  15. yamuna balamurugan on

    hi da am very happy by seeing this post , I hv dry powder of the same moon dal n brown rice I use to make kanji to my baby

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  19. Hi ma’am,
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe which am gonna mk for my lil princess who completed 6 months on 19 march.wanted to ask tht can i use split green gram for the same n aecondly ive already introduced basmati rice ti her n sh didnt show any sign of can i use tht rice for this recipe???

  20. Hi Sangeetha, we have communicated through emails few times. My query now is with regards to this post. You have mentioned adding jeera, mustard, tomato at the end of the recipe. At 8 months, can they swallow whole jeera, mustard and small pieces of tomato? Or should I grind it alongwith the rice and dal?

    • Hi Priya ,

      You have to cook the dal khichdi like this.. Pressure cook tomato , daal and rice together with a pinch of salt. Sputter mustard and jeera in oil and add the cooked mixture. Now blend it to a puree consistency with ghee . It should be pureed well or else baby would choke … Hope its clear to you now ..

  21. Hello madam i am father of a son who has multiple heart problems first surgery is done now as per doctors second will be done after several months as the babby gain weight we are asked by the doctors ti give him solid food like khichdi but unfortunately we have elders around but they are least bothered from my side and my wife side as well plz help us bcz we both no nothing about it once we tried to make khichdi but it was having lots of lumbs and one important thing my babby has PEG in hiz stomach through which we feed him so anything we feed him with dhould not be very thick if you are in mumbai plz call me and help humble request my no is 8452917339 bcz i have very less time to check mail have to with my son and help my wife i have also lost my job so you can call me anytime good for you to call thanking you in advance.

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