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A new mom to be asks :

First let me Congratulate you for great initiative from your side(Bumps n Baby)!! I find your post really useful for expecting moms and who has become moms in near future!!
I am in my seventh month  and my due date is on June.Could you help me with check list(for me and baby)pre delivery.Some people say its better purchase clothes and accessories after birth.Could u suggest and help me out ??

This post is specially for all mom to be s …:)

7- 8 th month is the ideal time for you to prepare the bag for the hospital ,so in case an emergency comes, you have all the necessary things handy , you can grab the bag ,and rush to the hospital :).

Preparation in advance :

  • Make sure a vehicle preferably a car is ready in case of an emergency. If owned vehicle is not available , book a car in advance mentioning the likely date of your delivery. Keep the contact numbers handy.
  • If room booking option is available in the hospital, please ensure its done, around the time of delivery
  • Take all the documents required if you wish to avail cashless hospitalisation/medical reimbursements/insurance (IDs, photos etc)
  • Make a list of contacts / add the required contact list in your mobile phone
  • Search for cotton clothes/saris form your/your mom’s wardrobe ,which are necessary at the time of delivery
  • Make sure you don’t wear nail polish post 7 months of your pregnancy. In case of emergency (like leakage of amniotic fluid,spotting) the doctors/nurses look at the colour of nails to indicate the oxygen levels of the pregnant lady. This is very very important !
  • No gold chains/rings / any other ornaments for the hospital except your mangalsutra.

NOTE : Pack two bags , one for you at the time of delivery and the other one for your postnatal stay at the hospital for about 2-3 days along with the essential for baby.

Must haves in a hospital bag for you :

  1. First and most important – your case papers + test reports + hospital card/maternity health record.
  2. Supplements prescribed by your gyno
  3. A pair of slippers
  4. 2 coloured cotton sari
  5. White/cream Cotton cloth
  6. Sanitary pads – 3 packets
  7. 2 – 3 maxis/ flowing maternity dress
  8. 3 – 4 pajamas and tshirts
  9. Nursing bras (Available in almost all innerwear stores)
  10. Regular bras
  11. Comfortable innerwear
  12. Bath towel
  13. Hair bands/accessories for you to tie your hair
  14. Towels
  15. Toiletries(toothpaste/brush/comb/mirror/bath soap)
  16. A flask
  17. Coming home outfit for you
  18. Healthy snacks/food for you
  19. Dettol (optional)
  20. Mobile phone
  21. Charger
  22. Camera (if you wish to take the very first snap of your chimun)

In  olden times, people never used to buy for the baby in advance, might be becasue they used to believe in fate , so when a baby is born , an old coth is torn then to dress the new born.

But at present, once the mother goes into the labour , the nurse asks for the bag containing clothes for the mother,oil and other things required. At that time, the mother of the pregnant lady would be so tensed that she won’t be able to move her feet even. I guess you can understand the stress she undergoes outside the labour room. So its always better to prepare the maternity bag for the mother and kid except the infant wear as it could be bought post the birth of baby.

Must haves in the hospital bag for the baby :

  1. Receiving blanket.
  2. Baby robe ( The baby would be wrapped in the robe provided by the hospital which could be changed afterwards)
  3. Baby towels
  4. Oil preferably coconut oil
  5. Cotton clothes
  6. Baby wipes – 2 packets
  7. New born diapers – 2 packets . Diapers are available in Amazon, flipkart and local medicinal stores as well.
  8. Coming home outfit for baby (optional, your family members could buy it post the baby birth )
  9. Baby blanket (optional , your family members could buy it post the baby birth )

Hope I have covered almost all the must have essentials in hospital bag and preparations that have to be done in the 8th month of pregnancy.

Have a safe delivery 🙂


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  1. Also slippers, towels, hand sanitisers,etc was provided by hospital. They changed mine and also my husband’s bed linen regularly, baby’s crib linen was also changed. My snacks and food was given by hospital, nutritionists visited on and off. My husband ate food in hospital canteen, or called for food in our room. I didn’t like the idea of hospitals keeping even healthy babies in the nursery and giving newborns to mothers only during feeds and let moms rest and gave them bottlefeed at night. My baby stayed with me and my husband right from the time I was shifted to my room after my few hours stay in post operating room.

  2. Hi. Saw this post today, nice post. Anyway, bcoz during my pregnancy I mostly stayed away from my husband (stayed with him only during my second trimester), and my baby was due in November, I had already made a list of each and every essential item needed by me and my baby including warm clothes and had already bought and stocked them in advance so that no one had to run around for the next 3 months! My husband had come down on a two weeks leave for my delivery. Thus I had already requested hospital for a single room where my husband, myself and our baby could stay. Luckily it was available. It was imp for the daddy-baby bonding, I felt, as he would go back after 2weeks. I finally got to continue to stay with my husband when my baby was 4 months old. By my 7.5 months, my bag and mamma’s bag was ready. We stayed for 5 days in the hospital, I had a c section. To the hospital staff’s surprise, my husband did everything for my baby and me, earlier they insisted a female family member stayed with me, but later on were all praises for my husband. My mamma’s bag was inside our car parked in hospital parking lot. During our hospital stay, my clothes as well as baby’s clothes and caps were provided by hospital. We only wore ours on our home coming day. Diapers, sanitary pads & other essentials were provided by hospital which they later on charged in our bill. A complimentary kit including toothbrush, paste, comb, soap, etc was provided to me. After my baby’s delivery, got a hamper from hospital including Johnson baby care essentials, diapers, oils, coupons, etc.
    Your blog is very nice, I go through them whenever I get a chance. Couldn’t help sharing my experiences.

  3. Shweta Chauhan on

    hey..nice post…there can b some additional things…socks and cap for the mommy..and socks,cap,mittens for the per my experience..:-)

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