Baby loose motion home remedies | Do’s and Dont’s


With the advent of monsoon , babies and kids are majorly prone to diarrhea and dysentery are commonly known as loose motion. It is caused by rotavirus which affects the intestine and prevents the absorption of nutrients from the food consumed.

Once the baby/kid has loose motion, they lose weight, grow weak and tired due to dehydration.  It occurs as frequent loose motions with or without vomiting.

In babies, the consistency of the poop could be very runny filled with mucus and phlegm. In older kids, it occurs as irritation, tummy ache, and frequent bowel movements.

When my baby had loose motion, I was worried too. But with proper food and other precautions, her loose motion stopped within one day. Here are the remedial measures we took :

  1. Hydration

If its a breastfed baby, breastfeed as and when the baby demands. It helps to restore the water lost from the body. My baby was breastfed throughout the day whenever she demanded.

If the baby is formula-fed or above 6 months, ORS could be given. ORS packets are easily available in medical stores.

If the ORS packets are not available, 1 teaspoon of sugar and an equal amount of salt can be mixed in the cooled boiled water and provided after each bowel movement. This helps to restore the lost ions and water from the body.

2. Food intake during this time

Though the nutrients are not absorbed properly at this time, food is required for immunity buildup. All these foods can be provided.

  • Banana: 

Loose motions not only make your baby irritable and restless but also drains a lot of potassium from his body making him go out of energy. Banana helps in restoring the level of potassium in the body. This fruit is rich in several nutrients such as potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, Vitamin A, and B6. Bananas are a must in every household. It is also available round the year and babies love to eat it as well. 

  • Ginger:

Having ginger in your food is an effective way of avoiding diarrhea and proves to be good for the digestive system. To feed ginger to your baby, add several ingredients including one teaspoon of grated ginger, a pinch of cumin powder, cinnamon powder, and honey. Once the mixture is ready, give it your baby thrice a day to better results.

  • Apple:

 Apple is yet another fruit that is one of the most effective baby loose motion home remedies. Apples are rich in pectin that is responsible for firming up the bowel’s movement. In addition to this, feeding an apple will help your baby in getting the much-needed energy back that was lost during loose-motion. To make it soft and easily-digestible for your baby, wash an apple and boil it in water for a few minutes. Now mash it well to make a puree. 

  • Buttermilk: 

If your baby is more than 8 months old, then buttermilk can be a good baby loose motion home remedy. This effective treatment helps in fighting bacteria and germs and soothes your baby’s digestive system. Add some salt and black pepper and give the tasty drink to your baby. 

  • Puffed rice water: 

Puffed rice water is one of the most famous baby loose motion home remedies especially in India, where the puffed rice is boiled and strained water is fed to babies twice a day for rapid relief from loose motions. The white rice is easily digestible and consists of starch. It has been proven to be an effective treatment for diarrhea among newborns.

  • Red lentil soup:

During loose motions, your baby will lose energy and refuse to eat anything. At this time, offering soups including red lentil soup is a viable choice to restore your baby’s energy. Lentils are high in proteins and energy that tastes amazing. Boil one cup of lentil in water. Let it cool, the lentil will settle down in some time. Now separate the water from the lentil and add a pinch of salt to enhance the taste.

  • Coconut water: 

Coconut water is a famous drink for enhancing the energy level. Coconut water is associated with several benefits such as it helps in regaining the lost fluids in the body and also tastes amazing. Give it to your child two-three times a day to quick results. 

  • Carrot juice: 

Carrot juice is an effective baby loose motion home remedy. Along with other health benefits, it also helps in restoring the energy in the body. It is a great source of energy during diarrhea or loose motions. Make carrot juice or boil the carrot in water. Once cooled mash it well to make a puree. Serve it to your baby a couple of times during the day. 

  • Breastmilk:

 Not to forget about the much-needed breastmilk. Breastmilk is a great source of all the necessary nutrients for the baby. Breast Milk contains high antibodies that help in speeding up the recovery of your child and get rid of loose motions. 

  • Boiled potatoes
  • Boiled pasta (for older kids)
  • Arrowroot powder with a little salt made into a runny porridge with water/curd
  • Kanji paani /gruel water. If the kid can have whole rice, you can give it as well
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Steamed Kerala banana or Kerala banana mash without ghee
  • ORS solution every 2 hours
  • Tender Coconut water /nariyal paani / ilaneer
  • Soups (Read 7 healthy and nutritious soups for babies and kids)
NO cow’s milk or buffalo milk for the baby/kid during this time.
3. Hygiene
  • Always sanitize the area where the kid/baby plays by cleaning with a good floor disinfectant cleaner.
  • Always wash yours and your baby/kid’s hands with hand wash /antibacterial wipes. I use Mee Mee baby wet wipes.


Food to avoid during loose motions 

There are various types of foods that can worsen your child’s loose motions. It is advisable to avoid feeding some foods to your baby until his loose motions get cured. These include: 

  • Dairy products: 

Several dairy products such as cheese, milk, paneer, and butter consist of sugar in the form of lactose, which should be avoided if your baby has loose motions. Dairy products can result in worsening the symptoms of loose motions in your baby and extend the recovery period. Although, yogurt being a dairy product is completely safe and effective to eat during loose motions. It not only improves your gut but its enzymes help in replenishing the good bacteria. 

  • Fatty and oily food: 

Fatty and oily foods can prove harmful to your stomach during loose motions. Greasy and fried food that contains loads of cream and fats must be avoided during loose motions, as they are responsible for increasing the intestinal contractions and producing reactions in the digestive system. Your baby’s already sensitive stomach will not be able to handle the reaction and may worsen the situation. 

  • Sweetened food: 

Food containing excessive sugar must be avoided during loose motions. Fructose present in fruits and sugar-containing baked items and processed foods such as cake, pastries, a cup of coffee, tea, chocolate, and much more is linked with worsening health problems including excess gas, watery stool, cramping, and abdominal pain. Moreover, the sugar can end up drawing water in the large intestine, which means more loose motions. 

  • Fruit juice: 

Although several drinks such as coconut water, carrot juice and buttermilk are recommended to restore the lost energy in your baby during the loose motions and to keep him hydrated, there are various fruit juices that must be avoided during this period. This is because the fruit juices contain a high concentration of sugar that may harm your baby’s sensitive bowel system. 

  • Some vegetables: 

There are various vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, beans, cauliflower, and onions that are responsible for causing gas in your baby during the process of digestion. These vegetables must be avoided during loose motions as they can result in aggravating your child’s symptoms. 

  • Spicy food: 

Feeding your baby with spicy pepper and masala rich food can lead to irritating his stomach linings. The problem begins when your child’s body senses this problem and sends more water to soothe. Plenty of water moving in the intestine can result in loose stools in your baby. 

  • Fiber-rich food:

 Although, fiber-rich food is healthy to eat but not good enough during loose motions. Feeding fiber-rich foods to your baby will create a laxative effect in your body that will worsen the problem. Food containing fiber gets bound with the water in the stomach and stimulates the bowel movements, which can increase your baby’s loose motions. 

  • Dry fruits:

Several dry fruits such as almonds, cashew, dates, and raisins contain high calories and sugar which may not suit your child during loose motions. 

If the loose motion is followed by vomiting or contains bloodstains in poop/stool, it indicates an infection thereby the kid should be taken to the doctor ASAP.

Do share with us the foods and other measures taken by you when your LO had loose motion.

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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi Sangeetha,
    My son 5th month running, having loose motion from last 4 days it very liquid and happens 10 to 15 times a day. He is formula feeding. Please suggest.

  2. Midhat Kidwai on 1.4 years baby motions loose3-4 .very loose for 5 fever no vomiting and no blood stain as well.I m giving her banana mashed yogurt and ors.but shedmashed
    seems like very weak.

  3. Hi.. Sangeeta.

    My baby is 7 months old. He continuesly doing motions like water 6-7 times in a day. We do have consulted with a baby doctor and provided the prescription. But it is not working. We are giving him buffalo milk. But he is taking very little and vomiting. Please suggest me what we should do..

  4. Hi Sangeetha

    My baby is 4 months old and from last 15 days she is having motion. Before she was on Breast feed and Formula both. But these started from last 15 days when my wife stopped giving her Formula milk …before it was only twice a day but now its more than 10 times …we consulted doctor twice and Doctor said its OK ….She is not Dehydrated …gets regular pee ….But her behavior changed a lot always cries sometimes refuses to have mothers milk. Please Advised as we are worried as this is our first baby…one friend suggested to give Arrowroot powder is it safe for 4 months baby Also can we Formula nad mothers ilk now which we were doing earlier or wait till she gets well….Please Advise

    • Subir,

      It can be due to many reasons – she is getting alot of fore milk causing the air to get trapped inside her – making her feel uneasy and irritated. Make sure the position of breastfeeding is easy. Also check for lactose intolerance – ask your doctor if your baby is with some tests.

      The continous sucking action can also cause the throat to pain – that could be a cause too. Dont worry. Check one by one – as we are unsure about the reasons.

      Please stay away from arrow root or any solids as she is too young for those. Yes give both formula and breastfeed and see if she is getting regular motions.

      Do check the color of poop – if its green or yellow.

      Hope this helps.

  5. sangeeta Shrivastava on

    Hiii mam
    My son is 2 and half year old .he always suffer with loose motion.can you please tell what is the problems going on with his.

    • Hi Sangeeta,
      My baby is 11 months old. She is having loose motion every month, which lasts for a week. There is weight loss during that time and I work hard to get her back to same weight. Just after that there is loose motion again. .i am actually so depressed now as I am a working mom and can’t afford to take these many leaves.. is this because my baby’s immunity is tooo low?

      What can I do to be preventive about it?

      • Please give pomegranate rind extract……what we call kashayam in Kerala. My son had continuous stomach problems for over 6 months,….this was the only thing that helped. Try giving probiotics along with curd tooo. Please check for lactose intolerance also. Give a soy milk substitute instead.

  6. My 1year and 2 months old baby boy is suffering from loose motion 3-4 times in a day from approx 25 days.potty is smelling badly. and also he is having gas formation in stomach. please give some more question that I have to consult to the doctor or its normal.

  7. Hi,
    My little nephew is 7 months old and has cold , cough and diarrhea with phlegm and not too much watery. We have started solid foods and not breastfed. We are scared to give ORS as he has cough. We tried ajwain fumes as give on your site, but we might need solution for all the problems. Could you please suggest the diet and remedies to be done. Thanks in prior.

  8. hi mam,

    My baby is 18 Months old and she is suffering form loose motion ( 4-5 in a day ) , and also she is not taking proper food. please suggest what to do. is there any worry as she is not taking her food also.

  9. Hello mam my son is 16 months old he is suffering frm loose motions sometimes blood stain nd mucus doc said he is suffering frm dysentry mam how much time it takes to cure. Plz give me advice i m too much worried.

  10. My baby is about six months old. He is bomating and loose motion since 1week before . What should i do to stop it.

  11. Hii…my baby is five months old. From last two days he is having loose prescribed probiotics n ORS…can u plz tell me how much oral rehy solu can i give ?
    Also still he is doing poo 9-10 times per day,greenish n watery after evrytime i breastfeed him…so wat else cn i do or should i stick to the prescription?

    • Mariya, ORS can be given as and when he passes the loose stool. Loose motion do take time to recover. Keep him hydrated by braestfeeding. He will recover soon. If the loose motions doesnt stop after 2 weeks, get a stool and urine test done – might be a tummy infection.

  12. Jayendran MS on


    My kid is 3 years old and she is suffering from loose motion, today the frequency has increased. She is still active not showing any symptoms of dehydration. it started day before with vomiting followed by fever .We are taking English medicine based on our doctors advice, vomiting has stopped and there is no fever at the moment (may be due to the medicine).

    We are bit worried about the frequency of loose motion , your advice would be helpful.

    • Jayendran,

      Loose motions do take atleast 2 weeks to recover. If you are keeping your kid hydrated and she is happy n active there’s nothing to be worried about. Hope this helps.

  13. Hi sangeetha my son is 7 months old ,he has loose motion from past 2 week as per the doctor prescription I followed the medicine last 3days before the loose motion reduced again from yesterday he has loose motion very frequently. Please help……

  14. Hi,
    My son is 4.5 months ago and from last 2 days loose motions are started. I’ll gave him ORS as well as also bring suspension for controlling loose motions but no result i’ll found. What you are suggested me to do?


    • Asim, loose motion do take 1-2 weeks to recovery. If your son is breastfed let him be on demand. Do not give any other foods. Do not give any medicines other than the ones doctor prescribed.

  15. Hi Sangeetha,

    My 22 months old daughter had greenish runny stools and she was not drinking anything and dehydrated. We took her to the doctor and he gave her some antibiotics. After that she was fine. Her stools was solid. Recently we travelled frommy hometown to chennai. After coming to chennai again she had loose stools but not greenish. But whatever food I give it is coming as undigested. If I give more starchy foods then the stool is solid but still having undigested food in it. She is going poop 4 times a day. The consistency is like a paste with undigested food with mucus and phlegm.

    How to solve this?

  16. Hi mam me first time mom my son is 3 months (4th running) . he is immunized his 2n months vaccine. From tat day he got fever today its forth day. As soon as fever stopped on 3 rd day he started vomiting as soon as breastfeeding… Consulted doc nw it stopped. On 4 the day tody morning loose motion started doc gav medicine but loose motion is still there should I wait for some more days to cure according to docs consult. I was feeding him lactogen n even breastfeeding . is lactogen safe to give him.wat other food I can give him at dis stage. Or aftr he gets well.he s very weak n dull n cry .b4 he was vry active n smile. Nw no smile no worried. Plzzz help me mam.

    • Josna, continue the medicines and continue breastfeeding. Stop lactogen if he is accepting breast milk. Don’t worry, recovery takes time, just keep him hydrated and feed well on demand.

      • K mam but he s vry weak…no energy me very scared about smile at al in his face.vry dull.hw long this loose motion will b there.Nw only breastfeeding n giving him ORS…doc suggested.

  17. hi mera baby 28ko six month ka ho jaega usko 4month se potty ki problm h din bhr me 6se8 baar potty ho jati h bilkul jel ki tarah krta h medicin dete h to thk rhta h phr wase hi hota h

  18. Hey my daughter having motions past many weeks n due to them she have severe rashes…we took her to doc n checked her up but nothing happened she is 7 months old.she is active though im confused is this due to teething or what. What should i do..she lost her weight too

  19. Hi Sangeetha

    My baby is 7 month old. He has loose motion from past 2 days. His stool is some times yellow, green n brown. I am giving him rice kanji,apple,pomegranate n rice moong dal kichadi. The frequency has been reduced now. Do I need to wait n see or show to d pediatric.

      • Hiee. My son z 7months old now with reflux since he was one month. Since 3days he z having loose motions n today even runny nose.. Dr told not to giv him any fruit..only ors n rice water or curdrice.can i breastfeed him immediately after giving ors.. Or ors z enough fr him. He z vomiting ricewater always.

  20. Hi. My son is 2 years old. Last 5 days in suffered from loose motions. He eat well and playful. But he doing loose motions 4 times in a day. I am also giving him medicine as prescribed by the doc. Is is a question of worry? Why he is not recovering?

    Can you please tell how many potties a 2 years old baby do in a day. Actually, my two years son do 4 potties in a day. Is it Normal. Please Advise.

    • Charu,

      Loose motion do take time to recover – at least 2 weeks, so don’t worry about it. Keep him hydrated. If he is happy n healthy, no need to worry about the number of potties. But refrain from giving junk and outside foods.

  21. My Bacha 1 Year 2 Manth ka hai usko dast ke saath blood and resha aa raha hai din me 7-8 bar aor raat me 5-6 Baar loose motion with blood and resa ke Saath Karta Hai maine child Split ko bhi dikhaya 8 din dava aor injection lene ke baad kuch aaram nahi hua ab homopaithik me dikhaya 3 din ho gaye kuch aaram nahi huaa please mam help kijiye aour muze upchar bataeye mam

  22. My 5 month old is on breastfeed and some time formula milk. She suffering from green loose motion for last 10 days. She is taken medicine for last 6 days but poops are continue. Please send better solution.

  23. My baby 3month.she loosmotion in all time in green color. Daily 10or more time..but baby all time active and good sleeping. Any problems my baby..plz reply

  24. Hi madam
    I am from Australia. My baby boy is 5 months old (6 running) I have send him to India with my in laws last month. But now from last 15days he is not doing well. And now from 1 week he is passing watery yellowish poo after every formula feed. My in laws have went to doctor he told every thing is fine. Please tell me some remedies to stop his loose motions. He also have nappy rash really red. Plz help me I am very worried.

    • Rupinder, was he introduced to any outside milk like cow’s milk? If yes it could be a reason. He could also be teething. Nappy rash means he is allergic to some foods introduced. Do ask your inlaws all these and you would be able to find out the reason for his loose stools.

  25. My baby boy s 8+ months old..he s having loosy yellowish fluid form for 2 days..meanwhile we consulted a dr..and taking medicines as Ors .i am feeding him him banana,kanji water ..but still he has loosely better than earlier ..and sometimes it will be fluidly..I did I wand to take him to dr how long it will take to recover??

    • Vineetha, loose motions do take 2 weeks to recover usually. Keep him hydrated with kanji water, coconut water etc. Keep giving the medicine as suggested by the pediatrician.

  26. Hi…My son is 6 months old..he is passing greenish stool with mucus nd blood…plz suggest some home remedy as I dont want to giv him antibiotics….Can this is psbl due to teething…if yes, plz suggest some home remedy..

  27. pranav kumar on

    Hi mam
    My baby is 4 month old (5th running ) and he has a loose motion since three days frequently, since today there is blood strain also . Doctor had given LOOBID suspension and PRO WELL SYRUP . Since today he is giving ENTEROGERMINA. Is medicine right or we should consult other pediatrician. What should I do for dehydration. Plese mam suggest

    • Pranav, a 4 month old needs only breast milk to up the hydration levels. Usually loose motions takes 1-2 weeks to recover, so you ought to have patience while hydrating and giving the medicines given by the doctor.

  28. Hi my baby is 1.5 month old and she passes stool twice to thrice in a day but the problem is that she passes stool even if she cries or when she burps…stool is yellow and not that runny but that small amount of stool bothers me alot.m feeding her properly and no other complaints.

    • Sunanda, did you take her to the pediatrician? If not please take your child as he will be able to guide you better. It could be due to milk intolerance or some other reasons.

  29. Hello ,My twin kids are 17months.Both are suffering from loose motions from last 1 week .They are passing stool very frequently, after an hour or two& I also found blood in stool , .iIwent to doc ,he is saying it will take 2-3weeks.I am giving medicines but very worried.pls help me if any one knows about it..

    • Shweta,

      If you have consulted doctor, and babies are on medicines there is nothing to worry about. Blood in baby’s poop might be cause of an infection, constipation or even diarrhea caused by salmonella and C difficile. Do not worry keep giving the medicines and foods, keep them hydrate they will recover soon. Yes loose motion do take 2-3 weeks for recovery.

  30. hi sangeeta,
    hope u doing well… 9month old baby got loose motion from past 3days….she poops like somewhat watery after i feeds her… im giving health mix powder,rice n dal with ghee,milk,and ragi porridge..she weighs 7.4kg now…so can u suggest some tips to cure my baby….she looks very lean from birth….n can u tell me how to make my baby chubbier wth foods…

    • Nithi,

      Keep her hydrated with coconut water and ORS if required. Stop ghee for a while from all her foods as its a natural laxative. You can feed dal khichdi with water base, rice, potato. Stay away from milk too till she has completely recovered. If her poop is green and frothy take her to the doctor immediately as it might be an infection.

  31. My son is two years old and is suffering from motions from two days we took him to the doctor and he proscribed medicines but still he is doing 5to 6 times a day and he is eating normally but he wanted to eat normal food where I am giving him curd rice and yogurt…he was fed up with that so what should I do?

    • Gangadhar,

      Normally loose motions do exist for 2 weeks, so don’t worry about the duration. Keep him hydrated and offer coconut water at regular intervals. You can give him boiled potatoes, tapioca, khichdi with no ghee, pomegranate kernels, arrow root powder porridge in curd etc. I am sure he will like the variety if you offer these foods too.

  32. Hi,my daughter is 14 months old. from 1 week she is passing loose motions with smell and it is some times in dark green color. I used medicine but no use.she passing urine in small amount in yellow colour 5 to 6 times a day…plz suggest me what I have to do…..?

    • Sridevi,

      See the green color could indicate an intolerance to the formula if you are using that. It can also indicate that she is taking only the first breast milk or that she is having an infection.

      Take her to the doctor and let him decide rather than we going ahead with assumptions. Keep her well hydrated and wash all her toys regularly.

    • Payal Somani on

      My daughter 2months old(3rd months running ). She passes yellow and green mix loose motion last 1week. Please any home medicine

      • Payal,

        Green poop might indicate an infection, getting only foremilk or too much of iron in her body. Kindly consult the pediatrician asap as he will be able to guide you better.

  33. Hai sangeetha
    My son is 7months old. He is having lose motion for past 4days..what can i do

    • Breastfeed him. If his stools are frothy, green and mucusy, take him to the doctor it might be an infection. Otherwise hydrate him well. Feed him coconut water, ors, arrow root powder porridge, sabudana porridge water etc. He will be fine after one more week.

  34. Hi Sangheeha,

    My baby is 1year old, started putting her in daycare.. Second week of daycare entire night she vomited and passed lose motion. Doc has prescribed Econorm,Levolin for chesty Cough and she gets fever on and off..
    I have been giving her moong dal khicdi,idli and curd rice.. shes a fussy eater so gave her quaker Oats today with Lion date syrup.
    Is there any other variety of food that can be given? Can i give her Ragi (powder bought from store) porridge?

  35. Hi My 10months baby having loose green motions I have visited to dr aswell now she is 3 times motions per day but she not liking to eat anything she is not drinking ors , cocunt water but she just want only plain water.pls help me how can I make her to drink ors or coconut water pls help.

    • Jyotsna,

      Green loose motions indicate an infection in the tummy and the baby would take 1 -2 weeks to recover completely. Keep giving the medicines by doctor and give her soups, ORS, juice or anytg she likes. If you are breastfeeding continue that too. Give plain filtered water, drop glucose powder or ors powder in it and give. Dont worry she will be all well.

  36. I am a working women so giving nanpro2 when come back from work breastfeeding. Before she had motions she like to eat everything whatever we eat she just wanted to eat that aswell but from from last 4 days she is only water pls help me really apriciate if respose immediate.

  37. My 10 months baby girl having loose green motions we went to dr also compare to last 3 days now motions 3 times per day she is doing my wory is she became very thin in just 4days and not eating anything properly not even ors , coconut water I m worrying pls help.

  38. hi,
    my baby is 5 months old.she suffers from loose motion and diagnosed with coliform bacteria in stool.i consulted pediatrician and amikacin injection was given for 5 days continously. though loose motion stopped temporarily ,it started there any other home remedy for this?

  39. Hi, my baby is 7mth running..he’s suffering from loose motion in the past 2days…wht shld i do..pls give me a suggetion

    • Abhi, breastfeed him often. Give him coconut water and ORS often. I guess it might be due to mouthing objects. If his motions are filled with mucus/phlegm and is green in color, please take to a doctor , it might be an infection.

  40. HI sangeetha,

    my baby is 1year old from this feb.
    I have many questions to raise regarding the baby’s food intakes.

    1) I am giving her CERELAC from 4th month and still continuing it.. So till how many months can I continue it??

    2)giving her rice porridge with milk or rasam or dal.. But in squash.. She started her teething very late..jus one teeth below now. N a late crawler.. I see baby’s walk in 8-10th month but she s slow in it.. But she s very active and I do breast feed her..

    3)can prunes squash cause her loose motion?!

    4)is it ok to give her squash like gerber banana prunes carrot Apple??

    • Diana,

      1. Store bought cerelac has no age restrictions though you can stop it now and keep it for emergencies only like travelling. You can refer to the home made cerelac and continue using it for a life time 🙂 Here is the link :

      2. Babies differ from each other. Start giving her coarse foods. She will be able to chew it with strong gums. Make sure she doesnt choke and be around her while she eats. Keep breastfeeding, nothing can beat its nutrition.

      3. Don’t give her any outside juice/canned/packed juices. Make prunes juice at home, it wont cause loose motions.

      4. As far as possible refrain from giving instant foods and keep it for emergencies. Babies do get used to the smooth texture of food and later finds it difficult to switch over to the solids. Home made foods are the best all the time

      Hope this helps:)

  41. Hi Sangeetha, I am first time mom, my son is 2 months old(3rd running). he had diper rashes last night and passing stool very frequently since morning though its not that watery. showed to dr. and he consulted ‘enterogermina’ dose morning and evening which i did but still there is no improvement. I am very worried. could you please suggest. Thanks

    • Suman ,

      If you have consulted doc, continue it. Breastfed him everytime, no outside water to drink/foods/home remedies for him at all. It will be okay within a few days. Breastfeed him continuously along with the medicines provided by the doctor.

  42. Hie Sangeeta my son is 10 months nd he had high fever 7 days back nd got in unconscious state.. Dr has told me that he had gotton fever on his head.. He has gone through blood test nd suffered frm high infection in blood. Treatment went for 5 days and disease has been cured… Bt now he is suffering from loose motion from last two nights we are still in hospital nd tratment is going still he is passin watery stool.. M very much worried plz give me some suggestion as early as psble.. Thanks

    • Heena it was difficult to even think about what your little one went through.

      I am really happy to know that he has been cured. Loose motion at this stage might be cause of the dose of the medicines or his body getting back to track after the infection.

      Keep the doctor informed and am sure he has given medicines for this too. Dont try any home remedies as of now as it might cause infection now.

      Dont worry, keep him hydrated all the time and keep the medicines on..

  43. Hi Sangeetha,

    my kid has completed her 1 year and 4 month and she is not taking home made food properly. Can you please suggest me how i can overcome this…

  44. Hi, my daughter is 7months old she suffering from loose motion from past 6 days we consult the doctor also he gave medicine bt its not stop. And she losd weight. Can i get suggestion. I given ragi sari and cerelac to my baby.

    • Kushi.. Babies will definetely lose weight with loose motions and fever. Don’t worry they will gain that weight eventually.

      She is 7 months , maybe she is teething or mouthing objects ..

      If she is accepting food, then you can give runny khichdi, coconut water, pomegranate juice etc.

      If she has ragi you can give it too. Pls refrain from cerelac if she accepts home made foods.

  45. hi my 16 month baby do loose stool 3 to 4 times a day .she dont digest the food well.and last 2 day she have loose motion 2 or 3 times a pls

      • Hi i have 1 year old kid even he is suffering from loose stools blood is seen in a sticky way, consulted doctor ad well but no use medicines also given almost 2 weeks r over but still not cured. Kindly sujest me what should i do .

  46. hello madam,my baby 1 year old, she is constipation problem, Do you have any suggestions for me. What should I do. I am very much worried.

    • Sari,

      why is she so constipated.. Pls share her food chart with me ..

      To relieve her from constipation, soak raisins in warm water. Strain to get its juice,mix with water and give it to your daughter.

  47. mam, he is going after breastfeeding. I think he got infection from me.I had cough 2 days back and yesterday I vomited wt I had.

  48. hi mam, my baby is 6 months old. he is passing motion 5 to 6 times per day. and it is water type. 2 days back I have given boiled potatoes to him and he had I given tulsi, beetal leaf with honey. all these mixed and given juice type. 2 times I have given this in alternate days, after that he started going motion in water mother is telling that cold is going so don’t worry. but I m worrying lot.plz suggest me wt I should do in this time. I m planning to go to doctor.

    • Chitra , dont wait …. take him to the pediatrician right away.

      Might be that the potatoes are stale from inside you might have not known.. Give him breast milk, kanji pani, coconut water till then.

  49. my 15th month baby is suffering from loose motions on two days. but he takes only java only. how can it control.

    • Madhavi,

      Didnt get you. What is java? Did you mean rava ?

      Breastfeed and give curd rice if he is accepting it. Pomegranate juice also works wonders. Keep him well hydrated with ORS, coconut water and other liquids.

      Wipe his mouth and hands at regular intervals.

  50. Hi i m first time mom nd my son is 7 th month running.he is having loose motin 5 to 6 a days min.already visted dr.she sd he might hav infection gv med , bt still he is hav motion.
    Feeling like he is getting teeth.
    Suggest simethinh plz

    • Hi Swati,

      If you consulted doc, don’t worry keep on giving medicines. Hydrate your baby well and give him the foods as suggested by your doc. Regularly clean your baby’s hands and mouth with baby wipes. Mop and clean the floor where he plays twice a day. His loose motions would stop soon. Let me know about the progress ok? Don’t worry..

  51. Hi sangeetha ,your blogs are very informative . My son is 1 year old , he is getting loose motion often , everytime I took him to doc , they give medicine and it gets cured , but after a week again it starts. How to tackle this ? My relatives says to stop cerelac . Plz advice me. Hez becoming thinner day by day 🙁

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  53. Please advice about the below things.
    My baby suffering long time loose motion all most one month still not recovering what should I do.
    And he is getting thinner day by day.
    Every day 5 to 6 times.
    He drink formula and his age is 10 month only.
    Please advice imediatly
    Thanks Monsur.

  54. Hi, I am first time mom and my kid has completed her 5th month. (6th month running). I have started little solids from 5th month, as I am working mother. Now, my baby had loose motion and saw a streak of blood in it. Took her to pedia. Do you have any suggestions for me. What should I do. I am very much worried.

    • Hi Betcy , what did the pediatrician say .. Usually in diarrhoea a streak of blood appears in stool. Pls confirm with the doc asap.. I tcan also be a sign of constipation where in the loose stool passes through the hard ones inside ..

      • Dr. said that she had infection. Dr. gave me Gnorm to be given twice a day. She gave electrolyte as well. Asked me to give arrow root powder, plantain powder and keep her hydrated. She asked me to change feeding bottle once in three months and to keep 4 extra bottles.

  55. Hi sangeeta,, u r a super mom working outside n managing home aswell! , my daughter is about to b 7 month this week, but uts been a week since she started passing yellow watery smelly stools, showed her to dr,aswell,. Gave sugfested med aswell,, but motions didnt stoped,, gvng her rice cerelac and banana in solids, and formula fed, but she dnt drink ors at all, i tried diffrnt flavours aswell, but she refuses,, i am too much worried,, pkease suggest sme desi totka to stop motions, nw she passes 2-3 a day!

    • Hi Sad ,

      Please give her pomegranate juice . try to sanitise her hands and mouth at regular intervals . Stop cerelac be it any flavor and give home made rice kanji or kanji pani at regular intervals with a pinch of salt. Give coconut water at room temperature at noon. Keep her hydrated .

  56. Hello mam,now my son is 8 month old,he is loss his weight bcas of loose motion,pls give me a medicine for my lovable baby,,thank u mam.

    • Hi Safi,

      As babies tend to lose weight during loose motions, they will regain the weight dont worry. Hydrate well using fluids and juices . Consult the doc if the loose motions continue more than 2 days.

  57. Lovely Vinod on

    Hi Samta, I m a mother of a three year old girl. The best medicine for diaper rashes is coconut oil. Apply it every time u wash after ur son’s pee or poop. It really works!!!

      • Hi,
        My son is 2 yrs old having motion 15 times 1st day. On 3rd day I went to admit but after 1 bottled I return to check for 1 day.tomorrow I m planning to check with another doctor.electoral he is not taking properly. I shud admit him or keep hydrated by coconut water and breastfeeding

  58. i find that informative stuff very best for my baby .thanx from bottom of my heart.kindly mail me some more related stuff for my son as he is suffering from diarrheao since from last week almost.rashes trouble is severe.