How To Cure Fever, Cold, Cough & Congestion In Babies – Home Remedies


Our daughter fell ill last Sunday as she had a combo of fever, cold, cough and congestion which made her lose weight, tired and weak. I and my husband had been taking care of her day and night , that’s why , I couldn’t write or even think about my blog at that time. 5 days of sleeplessness , worries and tiredness for us !! Thank god , she is recovering and her immunity and energy levels have gone up now !! 🙂

Now that she is sleeping, I thought of writing a post on how to tackle fever, cold, cough and congestion in babies and toddlers. All these have been tried and tested on my baby , so there is no harm in trying out for your son/daughter.

  • We gave her Calpol syrup prescribed by her doctor every 4-6 hrs and monitored her temperature every 2-3 hours as her temp. kept fluctuating between 99-102 degree Celsius . If the temp. exceeds 102 degrees, you should rush to the hospital for consultation .
  • 2-3 drops of saline nasal solution were instilled to her twice a day
  • She was breastfed on demand, wasn’t even accepting cooled boiled water
  • I tried banana porridge, bananas steamed , she vomited everything; so I stopped giving those .
  • On the third day, I started giving vegetable soups for her, thank lord, she started accepting it
  • On the third day, she was taken to hospital for checkup , medicines were prescribed
  • For the next few days, she was fed on soups, cooled boiled water and breast milk.
  • Slowly started with half a steamed banana and milk
  •  While sleeping , her head was kept raised with the help of pillows so that she could breathe easily
  • Heat a tava and dry roast 5 garlic pods and 2 tsps of ajwain. Once roasted , make a pouch out of it in a clean muslin/ wash cloth. This pouch was warmed , and rubbed on baby’s chest and back when she was sleeping. This helps to dissolve the phlegm accumulated in her chest .
  • Water boiled with ajwain can also be given , though my baby didn’t accept it
  • Warm drinkable boiled water was given to her to loosen the phlegm thereby reducing chest congestion
  • A small piece of ginger and 1 tsp honey was crushed , and the juice was given to her. It helped to cure her sore throat
  • I kept vaporizer on in the room with tulsi leaves where she sleeps , so that the moisture helps her to breathe and soften her congested nose

Further reading:

You can also try using the Nasobuddy nasal aspirator if your baby’s nose is blocked with hardened mucus.


After five days , we bid bye bye to her fever , cold , cough and congestion! Bye Bye germs !! Do share with us what all you did when your LO had fever.

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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi

    My daughter was 9 months old she was suffering a lot with running nose from past 2-3 months, shown to doctor but doctor told like because of climate its common no need to worry and told to keep nebulisation for 5 days but still suffering with same issue what help her to get relief from running nose

  2. Thanks sangeetha, one more thing my son is having upper air way block doctors have given nasal drops, can you tell when will he recover and any home remedies for that it will be very helpful to me please.

    • Sir my child aged about one year and nineteenth month, suffering from heavy congestion in his chest along with fever, trying to get out of cough and phelgum , in two or three times he could, but still not clear, and having fever within 101 to to 103′ for r the duration betwbeen three or four hours, Doctor prescribed the following medicine_ T98 paracetamol, supracuf Aguminpinti BD and wallet sachet, so please Advise me Right way of treatment line or medicine, that, is it ok or not plz send it to my email .

  3. Dabah Bargor on

    My name is Dabah, I have a 9 months old baby and he’s suffering from fever and cold and Clough .I have taking him to hospital and have given him all the medication the fever left and came back in two days . please help me on what to do at home.

  4. Pooja thakar on

    Hello I’m really new to this page… I was just reading and finding few things for my baby… she is 14 months and not wel from last night… she is just vomited last night couple of times… today from morning she is feeling so weak… and just falling asleep on my chest and shoulder…. I gave her apple mixed with milk and gave her that juice she had that and that’s it… please suggest me wat else can I give her to make her better fast… she has just lost so much of weight n become so weak…. I’m so worried

    Pooja thakar

  5. Hi Sangeetha

    Kudos to the excellent job you are doing to hep all the worried dads and mums

    My daughter is 4 and half months old, weighing 5.8kgs. She is suffering from nasal blockage and cough since 3-4 days and just today she developed fever around the 101 degrees

    My pedeatrician has recommended Nasal Drops and Paracetamol and a cough drop. We have started using this only since today.

    What do you suggest we can do other than the medication in order to help a speedy recovery? Our little one is really suffering as the nasal blockage and cough has beocme very severe

    Thanks !

    • Ayush,

      Make sure your baby sleeps on her side which will help her with breathing. Steam the room though monitor closley not to hurt the baby in any way. This will help to decongest her blocked nose.

      Breastfeed as usual on demand. Since she is just 4 months, do not go for any home remedies – breast milk and steam with medicines and saline drops.

      You can also invest in a nasal aspirator to help her unblock:

      Hope this helps. Take care and wishing speedy recovery for her.

      • Thanks Sageetha for your valuable advice.

        Can you please guide me how to vaporize the room. And hope vzporizing will not result in increasing her temperature?

        Regarding home remedies, we were making her sniff ajwain potli to help clear the nasal blockage. Should we discontinue this ?

        Thanks and regards

        • Use any steamer on low setting where she is playing/sleeping with active monitoring. Yes you can use it even while fever.

          Yes you can help with ajwain potli if its not disturbing her. Hope this helps..

  6. Hi just saw the chat and did not take myself away to ask about my 17 month old baby. he is only 8.4 kg and keep on catching cold cough and fever . I am woried about his health can anybody share some tips and experiences with me.


    • a mother of 2 years and 11months baby.from 13days he is suffering from severe cold and cough and fever(100.5degree) we have taken to hospital they have given cough and antibatic syrup but no improvement , he is not eating any food also, please suggest me how to get over this.thank you so much.eagerly waiting for your valuable suggestion

  7. Hussain Ali Magarwala on

    Hi Sangeetha..

    My daughter Sukaynah has caught cold. She is 2 months old . I am really worried as I cannot see her coughing and sneezing and wheezing at times.

    Since I don’t want to use any allopathic medicine and or ointments on the delicate systemof my princess, can I request you to advice me a way I can help her alleviate her of these symptoms.

    The phelgm produced is not coming out of her system and this is increasing my fear of it getting more worse.

    Here in Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan, we tie a *Paan* lightly smeared with heated olive oil (soothingly heated) on to the chest, as the oldies believe that it infuses heat into the chest and help dissolve the phelgm.
    This has been done for 2 consecutive nights, but to my dismay it has not shown any effect as of yet. (May be I am anxious).

    Your reply is highly anticipated and will ve much appreciated.


    Hi Sangeetha
    I am father of 1.7 years baby girl.From last two days she is suffering from cold and cough.Her nose is continuously running.When she taking food she is crying.what type of food and what type of cure we should take.she is taking boild cold water.what type of medicine we should give her.

    • Shantanu, when adults have cold and cough, their taste buds go numb right? Same is the case with babies and kids – they dont feel like eating anything and gets irritated as they are not feeling well within. Stick to home remedies – do not force foods on her – offer her a variety of soups, toasts and anything that appeals to her at this point of time. Make sure that the water is boiled as you have already written about it.

      Refer to this category and choose the remedies that you are comfortable with:

      Hope this helps.

  9. Hi sangeetha

    I like ur blog very much.It is very helpful for
    Mom’s.My 13months old baby suffering from high fever(102 degrees), cold and cough.pls give me some suggestions.

  10. Hi
    My two year old daughter suffering from cough n cold from 3 days. pls suggest how it will be ok and what will be the precautions.

  11. hello sangeeta I like your blog very much very useful for every mom .
    my 2 year old baby has fever,cold and cough ,from past two days. we are giving her antibiotics suggested by doctor but now her stomach is upset .I think that is due to medicines and fever is recurring …pls suggest

    • Neha, yes antibiotics can be a bit harsh on kids. Recovery of fever in kids would be a bit slowas the climate is now changing. Do keep her hydrated and the foods she likes. Keep checking the temperature.

  12. Hi Sangitha,

    Thanks a ton for sharing your experience !

    My baby boy is six weeks old. He is vomiting immediately after B Feeding. He vomits even after giving burp couple of times. Can you suggest any way to control the vomiting.
    Doctors says its normal but my wife feels very sad when the baby vomits immediately after feeding.

    Thank you in advance !!

    • Gaurav,

      The oversupply of breast milk might be a problem. Ask her to express a lil breast milk before feeding baby. It might prevent over gushing of milk all at once making the baby spit out everything. Hope this helps.

  13. a mother of 18momths baby.from one week she is suffering from severe cold and cough.not able to breath properly in the night times.we have taken to hospital they have given nasal drops but no improvement.fro four days she is vomiting due to severe cough during night times.please suggest me how to get over this.thank you so much.eagerly waiting for your valuable suggestion

  14. hello sangeetha g..i’ve a baby of 3 months old she got cold n cough n she totally depend on breastfeeding i dont know what i’ve to do we consult our pediatrician he adviced that we dont give any medicine to baby coz she’s too small to take any medicine just sugested nosil drops n a pediatric drops for cough only n said that it’ll be ok in 7 days but i can’t see her in this condition ..can u plzz suggest any home remedy for this..

  15. Hi sangeetha, I have 16 months old daughter , for the last one week she was having running nose and on and off fever and on and off coughing also. Doctor adviced antibiotic and we completed the course also but after the gap of two days she again started dry coughing heavily (her voice has changed now) specially in the night and again on and off fever (99.99 temp). Plz guide us we are worried.

    • Zubair,

      The body of a child is subjected to weaknesses especially after the usage of anti biotics. The immunity takes time to kick back to its original shape. But it will. Since the weather is changing all over it can affect children too. If the temperature fluctautes , consult a pediatrician immediately as it might be a viral infection. If its fine, give her warm water, warm foods and give her rest. Give her foods which she likes and keep her hydrated.

  16. Hi Sangeetha .
    …yo doing great job….very helpful…here s a tip from my grany,heat 1spoon of coconut oil add a pinch of carpur to it..let the oil come to room temperature apply to baby feet, chest ……I did it wen my daughter hetuyukta got cold and fever …

  17. Hi Sangeetha,


    • Rajeswari,

      The climate is now changing, the intense summer is flaring up, hence the germs also get stronger. Thats why recovery takes longer.

      What you can do is , take a cloth in rectangular shape and dip in normal water. Keep this on baby’s forehead and rub it over baby’s body every 3 hours. This can help a lot to bring down the temperature.

      Babies during fever doesnt like to have anything just like adults as the tastebuds are also inactive. Keep feeding soups if she accepts. Breastfeed as and when you can , it boosts immunity. Keep giving the paracetomol/calpol syrup given by the doctor every 4 hours.

      I am sure your baby will recover fast. Take care.

  18. Hi Sangeetha,

    Ur blog is really useful for me . I am a new mom. My son Harshan is now 6 weeks old.
    Past 4 days he’s having cold n cough. I can’t see him suffering. Its really a painful to me. He difficult to breath during night and
    while feeding he’s having cough tat makes him v.tried. I am using nostril drop to him which dr suggested. Anything else should I follow. Give me a suggestion.

  19. Hi I have been going through your pages really very interesting and informative too, my daughter is 9mths old but every month by
    Second eee she gets cold I don’t knoe why and by a week or two is goes of she was never like this before because of this she is loosing weight pls help

    • Bhavya,

      It indicates her low immunity or exposure to cold in her chest. If she is on breastfeed, continue that. Give her antioxidants daily in the form of eggs, avocado, bell pepper, turmeric etc in her foods. Also wipe her hands and mouth using wipes.

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  21. Hi,
    My baby is eleven months old.He has been down with fever for three days.The temp varies from 99.9-101.5.The doctor had prescribed crocin drops and later started with ibugesic every six hours.I still see that the fever is recurring.
    Please advise .

  22. What if the mother catches cold and doesnt want to give it to the baby? How can we prevent that? Can breast milk transfer cold to the kid?

  23. Of course, you should always call your pediatrician if your child's problem seems serious. But the next time your child has a minor ache or injury, you can find these smart solutions all throughout your house.

  24. Drinking plenty of fluids (In their case, mostly, it's milk or just plain water) helps prevent dehydration and flushes and thins your child's nasal secretions.
    Also, a vapor rubs may help kids sleep better at night. Many of us remember being rubbed with a potent eucalyptus, camphor, and menthol vapor rub when we were sick as children. Research suggests that these ingredients actually have no effect on nasal congestion, but they make the cold sufferer feel as though she's breathing better by producing a cooling sensation in the nose.

    • Heyy thats a real cool idea Anna .. I did that too so that she feels refreshed , will add this point in my post for sure ..Welcome to Bumps n baby ..How about your kiddo ? Do share with us..:)

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