Manna Ragi Rich For Babies – Product Review


Manna Ragi Rich

I remember during my college days , Amma used to give us ragi porridge . Yes those morning hours , when I used to rush to college skipping breakfast , she used to offer me a glass of ragi porridge in thin watery consistency so that I could drink and run. Times changed , now I am making ragi porridge for my daughter , though not in watery consistency. Ragi was started by me from Anshika’s 8th month . I was introduced to Manna Ragi Rich Powder then.

PACKAGING : It comes in a light blue coloured sturdy box

ragi rich


  • Highly digestible infant food
  • Powered by naturally sprouted cereals and vitamins
  • No Chemical Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • Sprouting helps in the breakdown of the complex sugars and proteins to much simpler forms which make digestion easier. It is an ideal ‘First Solid Food’ for babies.
  • The process of germination increases vitamin and mineral content.  These features in addition with the fortified Vitamins help in the healthy growth patterns and makes Manna Ragi Rich , an ideal first solid food for infants
  • No sugar or milk added
  • Safe for infants

INGREDIENTS : Sprouted Ragi , Sprouted Green Gram, Vitamins and Mineral Premix

PRICE : 195 INR for 400 gm


  1. Has sprouted ragi and green gram powder , so double nutrition
  2. No preservative and chemical additives , so safe for babies
  3. Easily available online and across stores in South India
  4. Price is economical


  • Not available in the local medical stores though available online

MY EXPERIENCE WITH MANNA RAGI RICH : I use this for Anshika , it’s quite filling and wholesome. I use jaggery in the ragi porridge. In her 8th month, I had prepared porridges using boiled water only .When she turned eleven months , I started with buffalo milk in her porridges as well.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS ? Yes absolutely.

MY RATING : 5/5.


About Author

Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi…
    my daughter is 4 months old now.she is on bm and formula both. Doctor suggested to give manna ragi. So is that maana ragi rich or any other product is thr. Plz let me know….also any good product for nalugu(bath powder) for baby and toddler.

  2. Hi sangeetha
    Seeing your article I have my 9 month old baby ragi manna rich
    She loves it.All thanks to you.
    Can you please review about other products from same company manna.
    I have seen manna dates rich and manna banana rich powder as well.can I give it to my baby

  3. Hi sangeetha,
    I’m from chennai. Have been following your site it’s very helpful.. keep up the good work. My 7 months old son never takes rice or dal porridge. Since I Workingnot able to feed BM during day time.. I am thinking of starting this manna raagi mix now. What would you suggest other than this for his health… Note he already takes appLe pumpkin banana carrots and occasionally avacado all this in puree form… Thank you

    • Samaya, give him any foods that he accepts. No force feeding is required though. If he doesn’t take rice or dal its completely fine. Use wheat products or other flours when he reaches 8 months.

  4. Hi Sangeetha,

    From 2 days onwards, I am feeding one spoon of Manna Ragi to my 6 months daughter.

    Her motion is very hard.

    Shall I continue with that or not ?
    Please advice me .

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Hi Sangeetha,

    Do we have Wheat powder in Manna?

    I have a 6 months baby and I want to feed wheat.
    Please suggest me.

  6. Hi, My son is Pre mature baby, 1.3KG . He had Heart hole in PDA. We did surgery at 7 Months.that time baby weight was 3KG. After Surgery. Now he is 5KG. last 1month his weight is not increasing.
    only 150 gm increased.

    will you pls advise.

    • Debashish,

      Babies do have constant weight for 3-4 months which is known as failure to thrive. Its completely normal as they start putting on weight after a particular time. Dont worry, keep providing food and breast milk. His weight will definitely increase.

  7. Hi Sangeetha, have a great time a head.

    I have 9 months baby boy, as we plan to add this manna mix in his diet chat.

    As of now, I’m giving him a (MMS milk substitution) instead of Mother milk and give Ceralac twice a day.

    In noon time, give him a cup of mixture (rice /carrot/dal) in semi liquid form.

    Could you please share me, the proper diet chat for 9 months baby, even I’m worrying about his weight.
    He is looking lean & his weight is 7+ kg.

  8. Hi sangeetha
    My daughter sharanya is 9 months old n 6.5 kg only. She is afussy eater. Keeps food in her month for hours n never feels hungry. I hv to feed even water n milk through spoon. Dont likes bottle at all.
    Wat shud i do. In allahabad nobody knows abt ragi can u plszzzzz courier it i will pay u. Pls

  9. Veena Chaganla on

    Hello sangeetha.. how are you? I have a 5months old baby boy. He is totally on formula feed now. From when can I start weaning for him? Shall I start giving him ragi rich from now?

    • Hi Veena ,

      Its always better not to start solids before 6 months of age. You can start with purees and liquids at 5 months that too with the consent of your pediatrician. You can start weaning by 11 months. Ragi rich is better to start from 8th month or so in plain water or formula ..

  10. Hi ma’am,

    Ive started following ur website recently…jus to say its very helpful…can u share some breakfast ideas for my 6 month old baby.

  11. reshma shabeer on

    ok sangeetha.thank u so much.
    but aami is only 10 months.i cant give her whole milk now.
    hubby said to wait till 1 year

  12. reshma shabeer on

    hiii sageetha
    how r u?
    whole cream milk means formula milk?or ny other?pls clear this?
    i hav read in many articles but couldnt figure it out.

    • Hi Reshma , am doing good.

      No da whole cream milk means whole fat milk that we get from outside , like we get milma milk in packets in kerala.

      The whole fat in it helps babies for their fat requirements. Hope you are clear now.

  13. hi Sangeetha.. i have started to give tis ragi mix for my 9 month baby once in a day.. wil tis add his weight.. he is lean . how many times shld i give n ho many spoons .. pls guide.. my son is 6.5kg now birth weight is 2.7.. evryone enquiring abt his worried

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