Food Chart For Eleven Month Old Baby


I have been receiving loads of compliments for having the monthwise food chart for babies. Thanks everyone, will keep up to your expectation always.

A mom of an eleven  month old wanted to know a proper food chart for her doll. She mentioned that her cutie pie is fond of fish and rice. Even I am fond of fish and rice 🙂 .Hmmm.. Yumm..ok .. Jumping to the food chart details.

  • Eleven month is the age where in babies would be able to eat almost everything except honey, chokable whole nuts and whole cream milk
  • From being allergic to acidic . That means by this time most babies would be exposed to almost everything edible , hence chances of allergies are less, but the case of acidity comes up
  • Table foods can be introduced now, which means the lil naughty pie can join you along with other family members in the dining table too and have bits and bites of what the elders have like roti, small pieces of chicken, fish etc
  • Finger foods can also be provided as babies love to play with their food ( though its a pain for us mothers, to clean up the mess :P)

I have given a drill down of the various meals with others options as well. So feel free to choose anyone at one time.


  • Breastfeed or formula feed or diluted buffalo milk in the ratio 1:4 ( No cow’s milk as it can cause allergy and loose motions )

BREAKFAST ( Opt anyone mentioned below)

  • Kerala Banana Mash
  • Ragi porridge with milk
  • Carrot Rava Porridge
  • Suji porridge with carrot and beans puree
  • Oats porridge with dates purée
  • Raw banana powder porridge
  • Cerelac with any fruit puree

MID BREAKFAST SNACK ( Opt anyone mentioned below)

LUNCH ( Opt anyone mentioned below with a small glass of water or 120 ml of freshly prepared juice)

  • Rice with fish
  • Sweet potato mash
  • Rice with spinach puree
  • Carrot dal mash
  • Roti dipped in dal
  • Broccoli cheese mash
  • Roti with egg
  • Rice with ghee and salt
  • Rice with curd and any vegetable
  • Rice with egg
  • Mixed vegetable pulav with less chillies and spices
  • Rice with chicken
  • Tomato rice
  • Dal khichdi with cucumbers
  • Small paratha stuffed with egg or veggies ( make sure it’s given as bite size pieces)

MID EVENING SNACK ( Opt anyone mentioned below)

  • Apple puree / apple milkshake
  • Chickoo puree / milkshake
  • Sitaphal puree/  milkshake
  • Papaya puree / milkshake
  • Cut fruits ( all the fruits cut into bite size pieces )
  • A small cup of full fat yoghurt with cut fruits / as it is
DINNER ( Opt anyone mentioned below)
  • Same as lunch but NO curd
BEFORE BED TIME ( Optional )
  • If your baby is a late sleeper like mine, I prefer to give 2 -3 spoons of cerelac or 1 small glass of full cream diluted buffalo milk


  1. NO force feeding your baby for a particular food . Every baby is different, so keep record of the likes of your baby and modify the food chart accordingly
  2. I don’t prefer giving biscuits or cakes to babies as it contains maida, transfat and sugar in unlimited quantity. Home made food is the best food
  3. Sugar and salt can be added to increase the nutritional value but no overload required
  4. Remember to offer finger foods like small pieces of carrots/ cucumbers/ beetroot / apples etc
  5. Always remember to provide cereal- vegetable – meat / egg/ dal/ fish – fruits – cereal- milk on every day basis

Please feel free to ask me for any doubts related.


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Madam, please, give the quantity of food to be given for breakfast, lunch, mid-day, and dinner in grams of the food. This is missing and is very important for baby’s digestion and overeating incidences. Thank you in advance.

  2. hi, my baby is 11 month old and his weight is 6.5 kg. birth weight was 2 kg. what ever i feed him he will do potty. digestive system is not fine. i have stopped milk for last 15 days only breast feed before going to office and in evening and night. pls. suggest remedies for digestive system

  3. My boy will be celebrating his first birthday next week. I wanted to know when can I give him raw apple? Uptill now I have been giving him steamed apple puree (still hates chunks in his food) Also how I prepare apple milkshake for him whether blending apple(raw) directly with the milk or steaming it first. I have started cow’s milk for him since last 3-4 days. Awaiting your reply.

  4. Hi Sangeetha,

    My baby is 10 months old and her weight is 6.75kg only. Her birth weight is 2.4kg.
    She loves to eat fruits but she is not taking cow or buffalo milk.
    I’m worried about her weight. since past 2 months only 100g is the weight gain.
    In breakfast she is taking biscuits, in lunch khichdi with sabji roti, in afternoon or evening fruits and in dinner again same as lunch.

    kindly suggest how my baby can gain weight??

    • Hi..
      My baby is going to be 1 year old in next 15 days.. but his diet is getting less day by day..
      he doesn’t Lyk nything to eat.. He will have jst 2 spoons of wAtever I make for him. He use to eat curd before.. but he hates olmost eating everything 🙁 wat to do?

  5. Hi sangeeta. Very happy to see your helpful blog. My daughter will turn 1 yr. She is very much under weight. I am worried about her eating habits and schedule. Till now am not able to fix her routine. At present it is like 8:30 am milk 200 ml, 11:00 wheat raagi loose sheera, 2:00 mix veg khichadi, 5:00 milk/ cerelac, 8:00 plain khichadi. Pl give your input. She is not at all gaining weight.

  6. hai mam

    I AM Nayana my baby is 10 m n she is not gaining her weight from 6 pls give me tips to improve her weight.she is 7 kg now

  7. Hi Sangeetha,
    My baby son is 11 months old. Till 6 to 8 months old,he was fat and healthy,now he has become very thin but still active. He doesn’t like to have food. I give him mixed cereal powdered porridge in the morning and roti sabzi for the breakfast and a fruit purée after sometime . Then after bathing him, I breastfeed him to sleep.For lunch,I give him dal khichadi. Then for afternoon nap,I breastfeed him.during tea time,I give him 1 or 2 marigold biscuits. Then after sometime a Kerala banana or an apple and then a soup after sometime.then during dinner, again rice and dal. But he eats little. What should be the quantity be given.

  8. Lakshmi prasanna on

    Hi sangeetha , I like ur site and am implimenting ur suggestions also. Thanks for ur g8t efforts towards children and mothers too.

    Here I have a question. My 10months old baby is regularly suffering with nasi breathing and sometimes with sever cold and cold. For the reason am not making him regular head bath not even for 1week or 10. Is it fine or what can I do. Please give some suggestion.

    Waiting for ur reply

    Lakshmi prasanna

    • Lakshmi,

      Not bathing head for 1 week or so can still cause cold and cough because of the sweat accumulated on the scalp. What you can do is make rasam a routine for him everyday for lunch. You can search for tomato rasam in the blog. Give it along with rice. It will take care of his cold, cough and congestion.


    Hi sangeetha,

    I like you blog very much. Big fan of it.

    i want to write blog on Brain stimulation of infant.

    In which i will cover various topics such as auditory stimulation, visual stimulation, view about various books, black white red sequence book, Touch Book, Quite Book.. etc.

    just for hobby i want to do it.

    Can please add this to your blog

  10. hi,
    sangeeta my daugher is now 11 month she has weight only 7.2 kg what can i do …………..She has not gained weight since her 6th month. Still same weight. I give her chapati ..dal rice..lapsi wara…and cow milk,…apple ,chikoo, per fruits.

    • Nirmayi,

      Babies do have constant weight due to many reasons : failure to thrive, infections, fever etc. This is quite common in babies and there is nothing to worry about. If she is achieving milestones on time, is happy and active theres nothing to worry. What was her birth weight ?

  11. Hi Sangeetha,

    My daughter is 15 months old. I am still grinding the food and giving her.. If I give any mashed food she is just swallowing that.. She doesn’t know how to bite.. And she is having only 4 teeth (up 2 down 2)/. That too not fully growned.

    Is this teeth development is correct? Or she is lagging? When can I give her mashed food and how?

  12. Prajakta Samel on

    Hello ma’am,
    My baby will turn 1 on 17th June…he is having his meals only in the paste form…even if small solid part comes in his mouth he start vomiting…he rejects dal khichdi or any porridge..instead I am feeding him cerelac and I have prepared a powder mix of rice wheat moong dal and nachni..which I prepare it adding water and jaggery….I am very tensed about his food habits..he is very active but fuzzy eater..whenever I give him new food he just vomit..I am having a fear of feeding him any new food..please please help…I just wanted to give him healthy food…

  13. Hi Sangeetha,

    First of all thanks a lot for your wonderful blog. Your foodcharts have helped me a lot with variety of recipes. My baby is 10 months old now and I would like to know if I can give him salmon fish at this stage. I have not given him fish so far. Also he doesn’t like egg yolk. Any idea to mix it up with any other food. Once again thanks a ton.

    • Yes salmon can be given, not the canned ones though 🙂

      Yes fry fish in a little oil marinated with a pinch of salt and turmeric. Take out the bones and add the fish to his rice. Its yummy and am sure your little one will love it.

      Egg yolks can be mixed in a similar way like egg fried rice 🙂 You can also poach the egg yolks and give.

  14. My son is 1 yr now but he stopped eating anything… Only mother milk he is enjoying ..earlier he was ready to eat anything but now he is not having any meals..plz help

  15. Hi..sangitha. thnx for 10 pointers. My boy is 11 mnths old, he dosnt hv single tooth yet.. wat will u suggest to feed him? He is noe super bored frm daily same kind food. I give him daliya, suji, nachni, wheat- all in paste form.vegs n ffruits in puree form.

  16. Hi Sangeetha,

    My Lil one has not gained weight in last 6months, she is 11months now and on Nan pro from birth. Can I start whole milk (cows milk)? Can I add Almonds and Cashew to it. Should I peel the skin of Almonds.

    • Maria,

      Pls consult your pediatrician whether you can switch to cows milk for your daughter now.

      You can start cow’s milk when she turns one year old. When introducing dry fruits, make sure she is not allergic to it. Please soak almonds overnight and peel off the skin the next morning. Blend the almonds with milk. Hope this helps.

  17. Hi Sangeetha,

    I love your food chart and recipies. My baby is in her 12 th mth. She has not gained weight since her 6th month. Still same weight. Checked with paed and was informed that her digestive system is quite sensitive. She is a fuzzy eater but is very very active. Now I have been trying to introduce her to cows milk no use. She throws the bottle nor drinks any porridge with milk. She likes to have butter directly rather than spread on a toast r mixed in food. Loves cakes n chocolates. But I don’t give them often. Can u help me on how v can introduce milk to her. Tried naan n lactogen no use. She does not like juice r tender coconut also. Only takes bm well

    • Can you try cows milk in other ways like cows milk with almonds (almond milk sweetened with honey), chocolate milk (chocoltae syrup with milk), dry fruits milk, carrot milk etc. My daughter is also fussy on the milk intake.. Lets see if your daughter starts taking milk by these methods. Keep me updated ok ?

    • Hi jennifer
      Since ur baby is one yr nw. U can try this make wheat atta halwa with cow milk or else mix half water and half cow milk. For sweetness add khadi sugar or jaggery. Can add roasted n ground almonds cashew n small buts of kismis. She wil definalty enjoy this

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  19. Hi…What milk do you use in the porridges and milk shake…
    Thanks in advance…
    And your blog is awesome. ..I’m addicted

    • Hi Shameela ,

      welcome to Bumps n Baby and happy to know that you are addicted to this 🙂

      I used buffalo milk in porridges and milk shakes for my daughter from 12 months. Before 11 months , porridges were made in plain filtered water. No milkshakes, just fruit purees were given. Cow’s milk should not be introduced as a main drink till 1 🙂

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