10 Questions Faced By A Working Mom – My Experience


Disclaimer : This post could be harsh and outright. No personal bullying intended though.

Its said motherhood is tough and becomes tougher as the kid grows up. You might have read my experience as a working mom.

This post reveals the real time hassles and FAQs faced by a full time working mom yes, me :).

I am sure so many moms working and non working would have faced / are facing these questions on an everyday basis. I hope this post reaches to all of you mommas !

I have had  many people telling me to sit at home looking after my baby.

But somehow, the advice didn’t digest well with me and the thought of why can’t I manage my home, job, baby, blog and family life together really questioned me and that confidence along with my hubby’s support keeps me going.

Trust me when I say this , being a multitasking mom is not at all easy .

Thankfully; blessed with two fully functional two ears( thank you God), I said bye bye to all those ooha-poohs though I face that negativity even now and then.

Let me pour my heart out here , who said frustrations should be held within? My blog is an apt platform for letting a momma’s heart out..so here I am with the FAQs .

10 Sarcastic Comments a Working Mom Faces:

1. Why are you after money ? ( the basic question I had been asked by many)

Hmmm.. Money matters. The paycheque at the month end matters.

In the current economic scenario, as a working mom if I could contribute along with my hubby to my baby’s future educational or any other needs, what is the harm in it?

More than that having a job in itself is a pride I feel. You know the happiness, contempt I feel as a working woman, a platform where I can use my skills and gain knowledge, meet new people, explore world , in a nutshell a unique feeling within me, which couldn’t be expressed in words?

Moreover when Anshika grows up, she will be proud of her working mom I am sure. Well if you understood this , you got my answer.

2. Why did you resume your office so early when your baby was just 3 and a half months old?

Simple , my maternity leave got consumed by then, though I extended it to one more month.

3. Mothers milk is important for a baby. With you going to office , what did your baby feed on?

Yes dear, I know and vouch on breast milk for my baby and any baby.

As a matter of fact , I breastfeed my 1 year + baby even now. I never gave any top feed / other solids till she was 6 months old.

4. Couldn’t you start  ragi by 28 days for your baby , we had given ragi to our babies then ?

Aunty jee I got your point, but let me be very straight with this, I never ever wanted to put my baby’s health at stake by giving ragi/ any solids even before she attained one month of age.

As per docs, a baby’s tummy is not at all matured enough until six months to accept foreign food other than BM.

5. Breast milk is just water, it will get digested soon, start ragi so that she feels full!

huh NO ! A breastfed baby is the best fed baby.

Breast milk is the bestest food provided by nature to a mother to nourish her child. Nothing can replace BM.

6. Ok , coming to daycare , doesn’t Anshika feels that she is in a  jail?

Not at all. Anshika loves going to the daycare.

The moment her dad puts on his shirt in the morning, she is all ready and set to go with her dada, play with her friends .

7. Don’t you miss the many firsts of your baby ?

I might miss all her firsts like first smile, first word uttered etc, but I enjoy each and every moment of hers, once she is back home, and I don’t miss any firsts of hers , as she keeps repeating her firsts 🙂

8. Babies in daycare are often given sleeping pills

I agree. But NOT all day cares do that.

As parents we have to make sure that the daycare is reliable, authentic and safe.

An open discussion about the baby’s eating, sleeping habits and potty training should be made prior to admission

9. Your baby would not be close to you as you put her in a daycare, mom-daughter bonding won’t exist

Completely wrong!!

In fact my daughter is so close to me though she goes to the daycare. She loves blabbing everything that happened in the daycare regarding her friends, games they played the moment she is back home with me.

She feels happiest when I play with her and cries all of a sudden with the change of my facial expressions.

10. Its is the sole duty of a mom to take care of a kid/baby, dads are not supposed to do anything

Absolutely wrong!!

As parents, both mom and dad are equally responsible for a baby and her/his needs.

While a mom takes care of cooking and cleaning, a dad can help by playing with baby, bathing her, helping in the kitchen or even cleaning the room, no harm in cleaning own house or taking care of his own baby once he is back from office or offering a helping hand as and when he can boost the relationship even more.

These were the top 10 FAQ’s faced by me . How about you?

Did you face such scenario in your life? How did you face it? Do let us know.

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About Author

Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi sangeetha,
    Great article. I so resonate your views on points 1,2,6,7 and 9. I have faced similar issues too. I joined work when my daughter was just 2.5 months. It was quite tough but simple fact was my ML had been consumed. Thanks to my supportive parents n in-laws that I kept going and now my daughter is. 16 months and i am still working. I do get some dirty looks from some people for this reason but now i have learnt to ignore. I am myself daughter of a working mom and honestly me and my sister have grown up quite well and are very close to our mother. There is nothing wrong in working,after all a woman’s career is not a mere timepass but something that she has worked for all through the years and is a part of her identity.

  2. Parimala Mahesh on

    Well said!! I had all same exp….. But still doing job…by putting everything at the back…when you have a confidence you can take care of ur baby still you go for job…just go ahead!! Nice post and must read by working mom…keep going…Gud luck!!

  3. Dear sangeetha,Shiveta same problem with me too, started my office just 4days back,my baby completed 5months so my inlaws are taking care of her but she is not accepting formula milk atall,although i used to come in lunch n feed her as she is habitual of taking feed at 2hrs interval so she need 2 tyms more feeding ,she cries alot for taking formula milk,my husband n family ppl are saying to leave job n take care of her,even i feel guilty for all this but i luv my career too wt sud i do 🙁 ?

    • Hi Anjali,

      Cant you express your milk and feed it with katori and spoon ? If you can think of flexi jobs or any other part times jobs or a sabbatical you can think about leaving the job. Please see if your baby is accepting the expressed breastmilk and then take a decision.. dont worry. Whatever decision you take is fine..

      • Hii Sangeetha, Thank you for such a beautiful article and Iam going through almost all the comments you mentioned here. My baby s 4 month old now and Iam struggling to keep my baby on ebf. If you could make a write up on feeding expressed breast milk for babies younger than 6 months it will be great help for working moms like me.
        Thanks in advance

  4. Dear sangeetha,
    I have to join office in few days and shall leave my 5 month old kid with my parents. He does not take feed from bottle even if it contains breastmilk. He does not take any formula milk. I try to feed him with spoon. I am all nerves. What do you suggest

    • Hi Shiveta ,

      Dont worry .. My daughter was like that too.. She was fed breastmilk via spoon and katori. She used to cry like anything in the initial days , then she got used to it. Make sure you breastfeed him once you are back…

  5. Hi Sangeeths,

    You r right. Me too an working women.My baby is 9 month old.I was back to work when he was 5.5 month old. But I was giving both formula and BM. He was crying so much. My BM was not sufficient. So sometimes I feel guilty that I gave formula too before 6 month.

  6. Quite like your article. I have seen so many of my colleagues struggle with this dilemma of having to choose between work and the baby. Now that I have embarked on this journey, this is a question on my mind too. I guess it’s too soon to comment on what I would do, but I like the practical view you have taken to the whole situation

  7. ,Felt good reading thiss..i am working n mybaby,is going to.b 4mon is gonna be 4months wen.i.hav to get bac to work..my mil,will.take care of baby..but feeding maybe a concern..I am.also being told to start solids for my baby..
    The main.reason why I wanna join work soon is coz I feel.bored nsuffocated..not being able to go out is making me brood,over things..its not because i dont love my baby.hopu u understand..

    • Hi Chinnu,

      Obviously I understand what you are going through. I was in your shoes too once upon a time.. Dont worry, its all normal 🙂 Gear up.. Be confident and be happy 🙂

  8. This post gives me so much of relief and confidence… I am returning to work day after… And my baby is 4 month old….I also have no plans of giving him anything other than BM until he reaches the 6 month mark…

  9. Agree with every word of the post.. I am a working mom too (my daughter is 5 month old now) and I get all sorts of looks and advices from everyone. Like you, I completely BF her till now. what I hated and still hate is that my in-laws and my husband included – have forced me enough to start her on solids, as "that's how we grew up" and "that's ok, you and I are healthy right?". I keep getting this "you're doing too much" from my husband when I refuse to start solids before my daughter turns 6 months. After reading your post, I am glad I have been given two ears and that I have put them to good use 🙂

    • Oh jayashree hats off to you … I understand what you are going through .. But remember \’this phase shall also pass\’ :).. And yes make others understand that a breastfed baby is the best fed baby by your example .. Hats off to you mommaa..

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