Top 50 Foods for Weight Gain in Babies and Kids


Looking for the foods for weight gain in babies?

Is the low weight of your baby troubling you?

Does your child have a normal appetite and yet have low weight as compared to children his/ her age?

Wondering which foods to add to your child’s menu for him or her to gain weight?

Worried about your toddler not gaining weight?

These questions are what most of the moms have. Most of the times, it actually has no co-relation to your baby’s actual weight.

foods for weight gain in babies

You may think your baby is fine – the doctor said so and so does the weighing scale. But all that will quickly come crashing down when your child meets his grandparents. Suddenly you feel like he or she is grossly underweight.

Though I can’t see you, I can almost feel you rolling your eyes and agreeing with me. Some moms fall in the- I hope my child is healthy category. They constantly obsess of their child’s weight even without any pressure from outside world.

As a mommy blogger, I receive many mails from my readers regarding the low weight of their baby. In fact “how can I help my baby gain weight?” almost every mail had this subject line 🙂

Though weight has nothing to do with the development of a baby, a mother is always exposed to sarcastic comments and feels low regarding this.

Why is it so?

Simply put, it is because we associate the health of a child to his weight– I mean the chubbier the better!

If that was actually the case then we adults wouldn’t be spending so much on gyms.

Then after a while the constant outsider comments and your fear about your child’s weight leads to the most common scenario. You end up throwing the guide book to healthy eating out of the window. What follows is a free pass for junk food. This might lead to weight gain now, but you are setting up your child for great dangers later.

I cannot begin to stress how important it is for us to set healthy examples and a healthy start for our kids when it comes to their food.

The secret is to provide high calorie nutritious fresh home cooked foods other than going for chocolates, ice creams etc. So this post is the top 50 foods for healthy weight gain in babies and kids.

Why is my baby not gaining weight?

Before we get to the food items that will help your baby gain weight, let me ask you, do you know what your child’s weight and height should be according to his or her age? To know that, refer to the agewise height and weight chart for babies and kids.

If you still feel your baby is underweight, check if these aren’t the reasons why your child isn’t gaining weight.

But even then I would like to repeat that if a baby is active, healthy and achieves the milestones there is nothing to be worried about.

Let us take a look at those food items that would take all the worries of your head. Ok, not all the worries but at least one.

#1. Whole cream milk 

foods for weight gain in babies

How is whole cream milk different from the others? It is homogenized and pasteurized. That means the fat in the milk doesn’t separate and rise above.

Whole cream milk can help your baby to put on weight. It is power packed with calcium and loaded with calories. It also is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. You can give your 1year + baby / kid a glass of full fat milk every morning and evening.

You can read which milk to be given when you start weaning and how to introduce cow’s milk for babies. Generally you need to wait till the age of one to prevent food allergies.

If your child doesn’t like milk, there is nothing to be worried about. Try giving yogurt or any other foods as given in this article.

#2. Breast milk

food for weight gain in babies

Yes, contrary to what certain ‘well meaning’ people tell you babies less than 6 months do not need anything to ‘fatten’ them up! If you are breastfeeding, then do continue with that.

Breast milk is a super food itself and hence you can keep giving it. Breast milk helps to fulfill the fat and energy requirements of a baby.

#3. Soy milk

foods for weight gain in babies

If you belong to a vegetarian household or if your little one is lactose intolerant, then you can give your child soy milk. It is rich in proteins and calories and will help your child gain weight.

Just check whether he or she is allergic to soya.

#4. Whole cream yogurt

foods for weight gain in babies

Whole cream yogurt is an apt choice too.

Most kids run away at the very sight of milk, but are open to the idea of yoghurt. Don’t worry and let them enjoy as yogurt also is a healthy choice for weight gain in babies.

Yogurt contains calcium and other nutrients that are required for growth. It contains good bacteria that are essential for the body.

Curd is also very good for digestion which means that the food they eat is properly digested and their little bodies are able to reap the benefits of what they eat.

Please refrain from buying the flavored fruit yogurt available in the market as they are loaded with sugar.

Yogurt recipes for babies:

  • Flavored yogurt/ smoothies:

If your kid doesn’t like the normal yogurt you can easily whip up a flavored one at home. All you need are some fruits, a blender and yogurt. Just blend them together; a wholesome fruit yogurt or smoothie is ready which is high on taste and nutritive value.

Smoothies are especially good for fussy eaters as it a great snack choice, rich in calories and high on nutritional benefits.

  • Shrikhand:

Shrikhand is an apt recipe for babies and toddlers using yoghurt.

food for weight gain in babies

  • Curd rice:

You can also whip up a curd rice.

food for weight gain in babies

  • Kadhi

Make a kadhi to be eaten with rice if your little one dislikes the raw yogurt/ curd.

#5. Cheese

foods for weight gain in babies

Not everything healthy has to be boring.

Ask any kid if they like cheese, I doubt if they will ever say no. This is actually an easy one as it is very easy to spiff up your child’s food with cheese.

There are a million ways to add cheese to your little one’s diet. A small piece of cheese as an evening snack is a good option. Best option is home-made cottage paneer or cheese.

Do you know why cheese and butter is allowed, but not cow’s milk for babies?.

Cheese recipes for babies and kids:

#6. Chikoo

foods for weight gain in babies

Chikoo or sapodilla is a yummy fruit that is enriched with fruit sugar. This is the reason why it finds a lot of fan following in the kid world. The high levels of sugar means that it is an excellent source of energy.

Chikoo is also good for the bones, digestive system, respiratory system and it boost the immune system.

If you are wondering how to give this fruit, then don’t worry as you can combine it with some whole cream milk and make a yummy milkshake.

Chikoo recipes for babies and kids:

  • Plain chikoo puree
  • Fruit salads
  • Fruit milkshakes

#7. Golden Banana

foods for weight gain in babies

Bananas are an excellent source of carbs and energy. Golden banana and Kerala banana both are excellent for weight gain.

Golden banana recipes for babies:

  • Plain banana puree
  • Banana milkshakes
  • Banana cakes
  • Banana sheera
  • Banana halwa
  • Banana kheer

#8. Kerala bananas

food for weight gain in babies

I used to hate Kerala bananas, because a big kerala banana and a tall glass of milk used to be our breakfast on the days my mom was ill.

For me it became a sign of sickness and the fact that there was no yummy breakfast that day. But they used to be filling and made my mom content with the fact that her kids won’t be hungry.

Kerala banana could be steamed, deseeded and mashed with a teaspoon of ghee. Please note to give half a banana every day if your child is fond of it.

Do read 13 Kerala banana recipes for some yummy recipes that will surely put a smile on your child’s face and tilt the weighing scale needle in your favor.

#9. Ragi

foods for weight gain in babies

Every baby who has started semi solids are advised to have ragi, nachni, kora, finger millet or red millet. Ever wondered why?

The nutritive content of ragi is high and it contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins A, B complex and fibre. Now you know why it found its way into the must have list for kids. This healthy nutritive cereal, in conjunction with ghee and jaggery could help babies to put on weight.

It is not just for babies though, older kids can take it too. There are lots of different dishes that can be made with ragi.

Ragi recipes for babies and kids:

The ragi almond cookies recipe is my favorite as it combines the goodness of ragi and nuts.

All these are yummy and healthy and will definitely help your little one in his/ her weight gain endeavors.

#10. Avocado

foods for weight gain in babies

Avocado is not very familiar to us, but with the world shrinking day by day, this has slowly started catching our attention. And it is good to give it your attention as this exotic fruit contains a lot of health benefits.

Avocado is rich in good fat. It is an excellent food for weight gain too.

Just blend it in with whole cream milk or have it plain by mashing it. A mom suggested adding jaggery to avocado. I had my reservations, I tried it and my verdict- It’s YUMMMMY!!!!

Avocado recipes:

  • Avocado mash with milk
  • Plain avocado mash

Disclaimer: If you can’t get avocados or butter fruit at your place, don’t stress! It’s not necessary that you ought to buy imported avocados for your baby’s weight gain. Always opt for local homegrown fruits and vegetables.

#11. Sweet potato

foods for weight gain in babies

Sweet potato is also great as a first food. From the baby’s point of view, it is due to it’s yummy taste. From the parents’ point of view, it is because the health benefits.

Sweet potato like sapodilla is rich in sugar and beta carotene. It also contains vitamin B, C and minerals like magnesium and potassium.

Recipes with sweet potatoes:

#12. Eggs 

foods for weight gain in babies

This is a no brainer. Eggs are famous as a food item to turn to if you/ your kid is under weight. Eggs are power packed with protein. Yellow yolk could be started from 8th month and whole eggs from 1 year. This is done to prevent any allergies.

Read 8 egg recipes for babies and kids for all you need to know about starting your little munchkin on this super food. So time for some yummy eggs.

You can also refer to the egg pudding recipe.

#13. Potato

foods for weight gain in babies

Potato, the starchy yummy vegetable that is used by us in a variety of dishes also makes the list. Fortunately it also makes the list of vegetables kids eat without a fuss.

Potato is proven to help put on weight. It is an excellent source of carbohydrates and energy and can be given in the form of potato cheese mash. The humble potato also contains minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals.

Avoid the ready to eat french fries available in the market as they may contain chemicals and preservatives. You can easily make it at home by the deep fry or baking method. Also don’t forget to add a variety of potato dishes to his daily meal.

Potato recipes for babies and kids:

  • Potato mash
  • Potato carrot mash
  • Potato cheese mash
  • Potato sabji
  • Potato sandwich
  • French fries

#14. Butter

foods for weight gain in babies

Apart from whole cream milk and yogurt, butter is also good for weight gain.

Fun fact- people trying to lose weight run away from this, but it is actually essential for us, in the right amount though!

Add a teaspoon of butter to baby’s foods like dal khichdi, vegetable mashes, soups etc helping to increase the nutritional content.

Please don’t go overboard with butter as its 97% fat and could trigger obesity in babies. Please limit to 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day. You want them to be healthy, not fat!

#15. Ghee

foods for weight gain in babies

After reading about the benefits of milk, yogurt and butter, I am sure you thought about ghee or clarified butter. It is made by melting the butter and due to the very low amounts of lactose present, it is generally considered safe for people with lactose intolerance.

Now regarding the goodness part of it, remember how your grand mom used to say that everything becomes better with ghee? I used ghee as my go to safety net, if I felt any of my dishes lacked the punch, especially when I had just started my experiments in the kitchen.

Ghee makes any dish taste better. But remember, the same golden rule above applies for ghee as well. Do not go overboard while adding ghee.

Buy desi ghee online

#16. Peanut butter

foods for weight gain in babies

Peanut butter made from peanuts is an excellent source for weight gain. If your baby is a year old and above, you can spread a teaspoon of peanut butter on a bread / toast and give it to your child. You can also use it along with jams and other spreads. You can even use it as a side for pancakes. You can even make cookies with it.

If you child is allergic to peanuts, it goes without saying that you need to keep him/ her away from this.

#17. Olive oil 

foods for weight gain in babies

The oil that is extracted from olives is good for weight gain. It is used predominantly in Mediterranean cuisine. The thing that makes olive oil popular is the fact that it contains monounsaturated fatty acids or good fat.

Apart from weight gain, it is also good for the skin. It would be wise if you start preparing baby food in olive oil. You prepare homemade pastas, pizza etc. using olive oil.

Please note: Imported olive oils are not required solely for baby’s weight gain. If olive oil is available locally at your place, you can use it. Else stick to the coconut oil or any oil that’s used in your region.

#18. Nuts

foods for weight gain in babies

Mixed nuts are enriched with Vitamin E, proteins and fat. The high oil content in nuts is what makes it a great weight gain food.

Please make sure the nuts are grounded well to avoid choking.

You can also use mixed nuts as a snack for older kids.

Recipes with nuts for babies and kids:

  • Chocolate almond powder
  • Toppings over milkshakes, porridges
  • Mixed nuts as snacks

#19. Dry Fruits

foods for weight gain in babies

Did dry fruits remind you of Diwali? If it did, I don’t blame you, the number of dry fruits boxes that exchange hands during our festivals are not even funny.

Dry fruits are also great for weight gain as it is safe and yummy. Dry fruits also make a great snack.

Try making some yummy homemade mixed dry fruits powder for your little one. You can start with this once your child is 8 months and above.

#20. Virgin coconut oil

foods for weight gain in babies

I was surprised when my doctor told me to use virgin coconut oil. You can add a teaspoon full of virgin coconut oil to your child’s food.

The only word of caution is that do not go for the big bottle, as it can get rancid really soon.

#21. Tuvar dal

foods for weight gain in babies

Rice, dal and ghee – most mom’s associate it with baby food. It is actually an amazing combo to give your little one, especially if he/ she is lagging when it comes the weight.

Pulses or dals are high in calories and hence will help your child gain weight. Apart from that it also has proteins and whole lot of other goodness which will help your baby stay healthy.

Recipes with toor dal for babies:

  • Toordal and rice khichdi
  • Sweet potato lentil mash

#22. Moong dal

foods for weight gain in babies

There are a lot of dals to choose from and a lot of different ways to incorporate these into their diet. Moong dal is one such lentil.

Moongdal recipes for babies and kids:

#23. Urad dal

foods for weight gain in babies

When it comes to nutrients, urad dal is not far behind. We usually use it to temper dishes but apart from that we can make yummy recipes using urad dal.

Recipes using urdal dal for babies and kids:

  • Idlis
  • Urad kali
  • Dosas
  • Chutneys
  • Murukku

#24. Chickpeas

foods for weight gain in babies

Kabuli chana, chickpeas, garbanzo benas whatever be the name, the fact remains that it is great for weight gain. It is rich in proteins (vegetarians take note).

Recipes with chickpeas for babies and kids:

#25. Kidney beans

foods for weight gain in babies

If your little one loves rajma chawal, then yeay!!! Kidney beans are high in calories and is a good item to add to your child’s meal plan.

#26. Lima beans

foods for weight gain in babies

This may not be as famous as the other beans on this list, but lima beans are also good for weight gain. They are also called butter beans due to its texture. It is rich in proteins, fibre and minerals.

Adults can consume it for its ability to lower cholesterol and help with diabetes.

#27. White Meat

foods for weight gain in babies

If you are a non- vegetarian, include meat in your kid’s diet. It is rich in fat and protein. If you are worried about when to start do read the post on introducing non- vegetarian food to your little one’s diet here.

The most popular example of white meat is chicken.

For yummy non- vegetarian recipes that are 100% kid friendly, then our 29 Non vegetarian recipes for toddlers and kids 29 Non vegetarian recipes for toddlers and kids e-book will surely guide you.

#28. Red Meat

foods for weight gain in babies


For older kids, you can give red meat like mutton, beef, pork etc. But make sure you follow the proper method of cooking and avoid non-vegetarian food from outside.

#29. Fish

foods for weight gain in babies


Fishes are a way of adding protein and good source of Omega 3 fatty acids to your child’s diet, check out our post on how to introduce fish to your baby.

#30. Soya beans

foods for weight gain in babies

Soya is for vegetarians what meat for non-vegetarians.

Apart from being a rich source of protein, it also contains calcium and iron. When I say soya beans, I am not just talking about soya chunks, I am talking about the actual green soya bean as well.

#31. Tofu

foods for weight gain in babies

Many people wonder what tofu is. To put it simply, think of it as paneer made from soy milk. The best part about of tuna is that it is versatile and you can use it in any dish, without worrying about altering the flavor.

#32. Oats

foods for weight gain in babies

Oats is loaded with carbohydrates and is a good and healthy option of putting on weight. If your little one doesn’t like a bowl of oats for his breakfast, you can try out these yummy treats instead.

Recipes using oats for babies and kids:

#33. Natural fruit juice

foods for weight gain in babies

Yes, fruit juices are loaded with calories and nutrients. But rather than buy preservative laden packaged juices, try and prepare juices of seasonal fruits.

But too much of juices can lead to your child rejecting other food items and that can give opposite results, so a glass of juice per day is more than enough.

Also read:

#34. Raw banana

food for weight gain in babies

This is also a must add to your child’s diet if you feel he or she is underweight. You can either make a porridge by making raw banana powder at home or you can buy some.

For older kids, you can make a dry sabji or even make some yummy cutlets. The high starch content in this works wonders and gives positive results.

#35. Peas

food for weight gain in babies

Peas happens to be one of the first finger foods for the baby. Most babies love the taste and that fact that it has proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber makes it a good addition. 

Peas recipes for babies and kids:

  • Green peas mash
  • Green peas soup
  • Green peas cutlets
  • Green peas curry

#36. Corn

foods for weight gain in babies

Eating roasted or boiled corn at the beach or during monsoons – heaven in each kernel!!! This yummy member of the maize family will also help gain weight. Be sure to check if your little one is allergic though.

#37. Papaya

foods for weight gain in babies

This yummy tropical fruit is also called fruit of angels. It contains high amounts of natural sugars that will provide your child with energy and will help him/her gain weight.

Papaya recipes for babies and kids:

  • Papaya smoothies
  • Papaya salad

#38. Dalia

food for weight gain in babies

Daliya or broken wheat is yet another healthy way of gaining weight. While this is low in fat, it is high in calories.

#39. Pumpkin

foods for weight gain in babies

Pumpkin or kaddu is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidant, helps to boost immunity and helps in healthy weight gain.

Pumpkin recipes for babies and kids:

#40. Saathu maavu

food for weight gain in babies

Sathu maavu is also known as navadhanya mix, health mix or homemade cerelac. This porridge mix will definitely help your child weight.

If your child hasn’t put on weight, despite having had this, you can rest assured that he or she is healthy. This powder has all the nutrients to help your child grow up healthy.

You can read the step by step homemade cerelac recipe.

#41. Health bar or laddus
food for weight gain in babies

Try making homemade health bars or laddus using flour and ghee.

Try out the oats sesame bar and it is sure to earn you some brownie points from your little one.

#42. Coconut milk

foods for weight gain in babies

Coconut milk has the ability to elevate any dish. Add some coconut milk to your child’s food to see results.

Avoid the packaged processed variety and use freshly squeezed coconut milk.

#43. Mangoes

food for weight gain in babies

The king of fruits is rich in vitamin A and fibre. It aids in healthy weight gain, digestion, moderation of insulin levels and the tryptophan will make you feel happy. Need more reasons to give your kid some?

Mango recipes for babies and kids:

#44. Peach

foods for weight gain in babies

Yummy and good for your child – this fruit is high in dietary fibre and vitamins. You can cut and offer the fruit as such or make smoothies, shakes or juices.

#45. Pear

foods for weight gain in babies

Yet another tasty fruit on the list – this is a good source of iron, fibre and vitamins. You can offer it as such or make smoothies, purees, juice etc.

#46. Almond milk

foods for weight gain in babies

Almonds are good for your child and so is almond milk.

From being only used as a substitute for kids with lactose intolerance, this is now making a foray into mainstream due to its health benefits.

#47. Traditional poha with jaggery and ghee

foods for weight gain in babies

A healthy breakfast is essential for healthy development, which makes it the most important meal of the day.

A combo of ghee, poha, jaggery and desiccated coconut is a yummy but calorie and nutrient rich breakfast.

#48. Rice

foods for weight gain in babies

You were probably wondering where this one was hiding. Rice is carb rich and will help you child gain weight. Like I said before add some dal and ghee for best results.

#49. Whole wheat bread

foods for weight gain in babies

Wheat and weight gain? It is possible, whole wheat bread will help your child gain weight the healthy way and it has the added benefits of being rich in dietary fibre as well.

#50. Dates

foods for weight gain in babies

I love the taste of dates and they remind me of my childhood. The best part about dates is that a lot of kids love the taste. They are rich in calories and so if your child eats one or two, it will help him/her.

Parents please note:

  • Refrain from giving too much chocolates for putting on weight. It could cause dental carries. Apart from that your plan of wanting your child your child to gain weight can backfire and lead to obesity.
  • The weight of your baby has nothing do with his/her health, unless the baby is malnourished. If your baby is happy and active then that means you have nothing to worry about. The high metabolic activity of kids can be the cause of their lean frame.
  • Genes play an important role in determining your child’s weight and body structure. So if you and your husband/ either families are on the thinner frame, don’t expect your child to be chubby.
  • A chubby baby doesn’t mean a healthy baby. A chubby baby who is not active is a cause for concern.
  • No vanaspati or dalda, stay far away from that. Cow’s ghee or nut seed oil available is good for cooking baby food.
  • Despite what people might say resist the urge to force feed. It might cause your baby to throw up.
  • If your baby/ child is averse to eating food, don’t worry. The point is not how much but how nutritious. The aim is to provide high calorie nutrient dense foods like Kerala banana mash. So even if your baby eats a little, the high calories can help increase the weight.
  • Rather than big meals, aim for small meals with regular intervals.
  • While store bought supplements sound like a sure shot way for weight gain, remember to use them only after your child’s pediatrician gives the approval.
  • If you still feel that your child needs a supplement or formula to gain weight, then try some homemade energy mix/ saathu maavu. It is healthy and is beneficial for kids above 10 months of age.
  • While feeding your child avoid TV, games, mobiles as the nutrients from the foods won’t be assimilated by the baby’s body.

Hope you liked my top 50 foods for weight gain in babies and kids. Have you grappled with low weight of your baby? What were the food items you included in his/ her diet, let us know, we are all ears.

You can see the powerpoint presentation of  this post below.


  • Please refrain from giving too much chocolates for putting on weight . It could cause dental carries
  • No vanaspati or dalda. Olive oil or any vegetable refined oil is good for cooking baby food
  • No force feeding please
  • The aim is to provide high calorie foods like Kerala banana mash, so even if your baby eats a little , the high calories can help here.

Hope you liked my top 15 foods for weight gain in babies and kids. Do let me know your feedback / doubts.

Kindly share this post in your FB and twitter profiles as well.

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  1. Hi Sangeetha, I am a father of a beautiful baby boy. Since becoming a father I has started reading a lot about things related to babies. Internet is my go-to resource for any information that I need and I often bump on your website via Google. Your website is highly resourceful and its only becoming even more resourceful over time. Lot of parents get benefit from your website. Since I have only seen mother posting comment on your blog, I was a little hesitant to leave a line or two on your website. But having been frequenting your website for quite few months now, I just couldn’t stop my self from leaving this comment. Taking an inspiration from you, I have also started pouring out my experiences on my blog. You are a true inspiration for many Indians.

  2. Hi Sangeetha,
    My baby girl is 7 month old today and her birth weight was 2.8kg. Today, after her routine monthly checkup she has only put on from 5.9 kg to 6.05 kg? Her growth chart is falling.
    I m extremely worried. I have tried giving her solids like banana mash, Apple purée, ragi porridge. But she doesn’t like fruits and does not eat more than 2tsp. If it’s ragi porridge, she eats ~10tsps. Then she cries on top of her voice. Even doc is worried about her weight after today’s checkup and has put her for couple of examinations.On an average how many tsp of solids do 7month old need? I m a working mom and not able to nurse her during the day. She refuses FM as well. Pls help

  3. Rujuta Panchal on

    Hi Sangeetha,

    My daughter is now 21 month old. she eat everything but her weight is not increase.
    She eat Like, Milk 4 to 5 times per day, half banana, half apple, moongdal khichdi with ghee, yogurt, cookies, sometime eat sheera, other fruits.
    She is very healthy. she understand everything what we said. she speak mumma, papa, baa …. she running in the house.
    But sometimes she is hungry but she don’t want to eat. so what I have to do.

  4. Mam,

    My daughter is 2 years 6 months. Her birth weight was 4 kgs but was very lean. Now her weight is 12 kgs.. due to vefer and motion in last month she lost almost more than 1 kg in a month and looking very lean and thin.. how can i increase her weight in a helathy way. please guide

  5. Hi mam,

    My baby is 1.2 years. Her weight is 8 kgs.. She is active.. Is it gud? She is nt taking cow’s milk in any flavour.. Im still feeding her.. Hw to increase her weight? Wat is golden banana?

  6. anand benjwal on

    my daughter is two year old but weighs only 8.4 kg. Please suggest a diet plan for weight gain.

  7. my daughter is 11 months and she weighs 8.3kgs only…she is very active..kindly suggest foods to her weight gain

  8. Hi Sangeetha

    My daughter is 9 months old and she weights only 6.11kgs. She is not interested to take foods. suggest me some weight gaining food for my kiddo. Can i give EGGS for her????

    • Dear Sangeetha,

      My son is 2 yr 11mnth. Weight is 9.0 kg hgt 85 cms

      His food pattern is

      Food pattern

      Wakes up – 8.25 am

      8.30 am

      Raagi with milk

      11.30 am
      At school
      Maybe a biscuit he doesn’t eat

      1.00 pm

      Rice with sabzi curd

      2.30 – 5.30 pm

      Nap time

      6.00 pm
      Poha/upma/idli/ bread with peanut butter

      7.30 pm
      Attempt to give fruit
      Slice or two


      Rice dal curd

      Sleeps by 11.30 pm

      What shud i do to increasehis wgt..

      • Shilpa, in his school snack box, take off the biscuits and give him homemade snacks (sweet/savory) whatever he likes. Let him eat whatever he wants to eat, but take all the processed foods from his diet chart. Also no TV/ games while he is eating meals. Hope this helps.

  9. hi sangeetha, i am sethu lakshmi … i having a boy baby of 4month 7days old .
    he is not having breast milk . so i started giving him ragi – 2times a day + raw banana powder at lunch time . now he is having fever and cough . whether ragi will cause cough ??? Please suggest me what all foods i can give to my baby since he is not having breast milk ???

    • Hi mam, my son birth (07.12.2015) weight is 2.4kg , now his is 8monthcompleted and 9month running his weight is 6.6kg on 22.8.16, is his weight is normal or below normal, he is active, responds the activicites, his diet is cow milk, vita marrie gold biscuit, cerelac (wheet,apple,cherry), paste of (mixed power of wheet,ragi,sagu,with some cashew nuts,pista badam), suggest me about his good & proper diet and is he doing correct weight grown, my parrents is worry about his weight & fat (actually he is looking very thin)

    i am divya. my daughter is 2kg at the time of birth now 9 months old baby but now her weight is 6. i’m worry about that. i am giving potato,rice with carrot or ghee or milk or egg or dhal and apple,banana,home made sathu maavu but no use…so,,please give me some more best ideas mam or sister…..please

  11. Hi sangeetha..

    Thanks for your posts. It seems good and helpful. my dd is 1 year old. she is darkening day by day. pls suggest a massage oil to improve her colour.

    Thanks in advance

  12. Hi, My daughter has completed 3 years, her weight is only 12 kgs, underweight, please suggest foods for gaining weight & for gaining immunity

  13. Hi,
    My baby girl is 6 month old n currently I m giving her almonds(powered form), wheat flour and roasted moong dal (powered form) porridge once in a day and I have notice that in night she usually do poo . Which is so losses and so smelly.
    I have no idea that it is fine or I have to concerns about it.

  14. Hi mam, my baby boy is 6 months old currently am giving apple puree, rice cereal carrot puree and BM in-between. Is this is OK or any thing I have to change. And pls suggest me some weight gain food and food during winter season because I can’t give some healthy receipe during winter.

  15. Hi Sangeeta,

    My son is one and half yers old and his weight is 10.4 kg.I give him daliya, parantha n banana daily. But now he is nt taking banana as well. So can you suggest me some healthy vegeterian foods for my baby.

  16. Albertine Henley on

    Hey guys, I am a new mother and I’m trying to get my four month baby to sleep through the night. Right now I’m lucky to get four hours rest each night. Best wishes

  17. sleeping is a problem for my baby is a 3 year old girl and also wight is 9 or 10 kg .how can i manage wight and her sleeping time .her sleeping time around 12 o clock to 2 o clok morning.plse give me a solution for this.

    • Sreejith, why so late sleeping time for your child? Be strict about sleep as it balances the digestion and metabolic activities. Make sure the sleeping time is 10 pm every night and stick to it. Always keep a routine and make sure you as parents also stick to these.

  18. Hi Sangetha,
    My son is 9 months old but his weight is just 6.8 kg. His birth weight was 3.84 kg. I have exclusively breastfeed him till 6 months and then started with solids. Currently i am working and can breastfeed him only in the morning and at night. After i leave for work in the morning he has cow milk at 8.30 am. Then wheat apple cherry flavored cerelac at 10.30 am. Carrot and apple juice at 12 pm. Pureed rice ,little ghee and moong dal at 2 pm. 2 vita marie biscuits dipped in milk at 4.30 pm. Cow milk again at 6.30 pm. Cerelac at 8.30 pm and cow milk again at 10 pm. Breastfeed him again at night.
    Worried why is he still not gaining weight. He sits for few minutes with support, is active and has not yet started crawling. Please suggest if any changes in food can help increase his weight.

    • Falguni, switch to all homemade foods for your baby. If you can , stop cow’s milk and switch to formula till he is 1. Cow’s milk doesnt provide the adequate iron or other minerals for a baby till he is 1 year old. Duck out the biscuits and cerelac from his everyday food chart. Keep cerelac and biscuits only for emergencies. I can see too much of cow’s milk in his diet too. Stick to formula that too twice a day as he is well started on solids. Hope this helps.

  19. Hello Mam!
    My son is 4 yrs old and his weight is only 12 kgs.He is very active but am still worried about him being underweight.Below mentioned is his intake and timings:-
    1.He takes one glass of milk before going to school and for tiffin,he eats 1 stuffed paranatha or 2 breads or 1 beasn cheela.
    2.Then around 1.30 I feed him 1 roti with dal and vegetable or pulao with curd. Around 4 he eats any fruit like apple or banana or pomengranate.
    3.At 5.30 I give him verka full cream milk.
    4.At 8, I usually give him stuffed parantha or dal roti sabzi.
    This is his daily routine.Could you please suggest any food items which help him to gain weight.I am a vegetarian but my son eats non veg from outside only.
    Looking forward for your early response.

    • Mini, his fod chart seems fine. What you can do is instead of the verka milk at 5.30 blend fruits and give – like a chikoo milkshake, apple milkshake etc. Do not forget to give a light dinner as these milkshakes can be heavy.

  20. Hi sangeetha,
    My son is 9 months old and he is preterm baby…he does not like food except milk.I want to ask u can I give him yelow yolk of in milk or give full egg in milk…coz he does not like boiled egg as he is not having teeth nd m worried abt his weight.he is just 5.5 kg only.

    • Meenakshi, Cow’s milk is not required for a baby less than 1 year old. Mash boiled yellow yolk with fork or hand and give your baby. You can also use ghee. You can also make an omelette of yellow yolk with ghee or oil.

      • Thanx sangeeta for ur revert….but m not giving him cow milk,he is having verka green pkt milk…and I use to give egg yellow yolk by doing half fry to egg and take out the yellow liquid after doing half fry and add Lil salt..pls suggest is this way is son likes it..

        • Meenakhsi, I believe verka packet milk is cow’s milk, though not sure about it. Yes give him the way he likes, its completely fine if he isn’t allergic to it.


  22. My daughter is 10 months old her weight is only 6.5 kg.. I giver her wheat n raagi kherr, dal khichdi, vegetables soup, fruiy juice, mashed banana, potato, eggs bit she isn’t gaining weight. M so worried pls advise

  23. hI,


  24. Hi Sangeetha,
    My girl turned 5 months last week.
    When should I start her on solids and what should be her first food?

  25. Swapna Suman on

    hello Sangeetha,
    Thank you so much for the tips. Your blog s really helpful to the new moms. Keep up the good work. And continue doing it for future moms.

  26. Hi sangeetha,
    My baby girl is 11 months old.I can’t stop her thumb sucking. She does that when she is sleepy and hungry. Because of continuous sucking the thumb skin is rough and black. I tried her putting bitter guard juice and I even tie her hand while sleeping. But I can’t stop. Please give me some suggestions.

    • Hi Filo,
      Put a bandaid that we get in shops. the readymade ones used for cuts. The 2 rs wala.
      It does magic. The kids generally don’t like to suck with the bandaid on and they don’t know to remove it also. Try once.
      Note: Don’t tighten it too much

  27. kavithadevi on

    HII… my daughter is 8 months old her weight is 5 an half kg… iam worried about her weight… iam giving her vugu 3 times a day an now days she is drinking milk bottle feeding….how to gain her weight.. plz help me…

  28. Hi mam
    My doughter is 22 months old. Iam worried about her fussy eating habit.she eats 4 timea in a day. Here is my doughter schedule
    She waks at 8 am i give her water which she comfartably drink 1 cup. At 9.30 I gave her uppma or 1 cup milk with ragi (she dose not like milk). Then she sleep at 11 am to 1 pm. Afterr wake up i give her rce with dal or milk wih chapati. Then she played for for 2 yrs. At 4 pm she eats banna or yippe maggi . She drink lots of watr in a day. Then in dinner same as lunch. Doctor suggested me to give her medicine for increase her appetite & calcium syrup.
    But i want her to have food instead of medicines. Also her brestfeeding is stop from 13 months without any difficulty. Also she sleeping well at night. But she having habbit of thump sucking which i want to stop. Also she having 8.6 Kg weight. Pls suggest what should i do more for her to gain weight in her routine meal. There is no elder member in my house to help me in this.

    • Monali, first of all duck out that maggi / instant noodles from her diet completely. Try to have a different food variety everyday. Also add a lot of vegetables in your childs diet in her upmas khichdis and dals. Start cheese and eggs as evening snacks. Make omelette with cheese, ragi cake etc. Her food inatek is fine but you need to add more calorie rich foods to her diet.

      You can refer to the food chart for 1 year old here. Try to customize it as per your convenience:

  29. Hi mam, i have 23 month doughter. Her weight is onaly 8.6 Kg pls sugesst diet plan. She is very active.

  30. Hi Sangeetha…tnx for such a wonderful site..ur articles are always sooo helpful…I have a query little off d topic but since u r an expert would like to ask your lo is 4 months old n he sucks his thumb fingers a lott..means a lot…even aftr he z full he z on complete bf..I read smewhr its a milestone…but at d same tym m affraid it shud nt bcm hs habbit…ny tips on ths..mittens too hv failed in hs case he strts sucking them too..please suggest me wht to do…TIA

  31. kavita Devrukhkar on

    Hi Mam,e
    my son is 28 months old and his weight is 10k.g only he is not interested in eating anything, even his did not drink milk and milk products . i am very tense about health and weight.
    please kindly suggest me any some formulas to increase his weight and to drink milk

  32. Hi
    My girl child is 4.5 years old but weighing only 13 kgs. Apart from banana and Ragi she eats most of the food on your chart. How can i make sure she gains a healthy weight?

  33. Hi Sangeetha,

    Do you think thumb sucking in a 2yr old can be a reason for not gaining weight?
    Also do u have any sure shot way to get my son out of this habit . Thanks

    • Radhika, thumb sucking and weight gain has no relation. You can tell him NO all the time. If he were a small baby, you could have used socks too. But now as he has grown up, telling No is the only way to discourage him sucking his thump.

  34. Hi mam my son is 6 yrs old but he is just 19 kgs i m very worried about his weight gain,he is active enough,plays all the time eats properly but still not gaining weight plz suggest me what to do,i did consult to his pediatrician but she says its ok if he is active but still i personally feel he should gain alittle

  35. Vijayalakshmi on

    I have 2 daughters. Elder one is 8 years and younger one is 5 years. They always hesitate to drink milk both in the morning and evening. I tried to mix different flavours.. different health drinks.. still they are not interested.

    Being girls I am worried about their health and weight. Both look too thin. They need not be obesic but atleast some good weight.

    Please suggest me what kind of food or supplement I can give them that they should like to eat. They love varieties.

    Please help me.


    • Viji,

      If you are non vegeterians include eggs in their diet everyday or on alternate days. Replace their morning tea with ragi porridge or whole cereal runny porridge. Give them 1 teaspoon of ghee everyday. Before they go to school give them a glass of warm/chilled milk with 1 tbsp of chyawanprash.

      Replace jam with peanut butter. You can also give them milk with honey. They will definitely put on. Hope this helps.

  36. Hi Sangeetha,

    thank you for your above food suggestion for baby. it is very useful. My daughter is 1 year 5 months her weight is 7.5 kg im worried on her weight only. But she is very active. Sometimes she will not eat food.

  37. Hi..
    My baby is 8 months old n weights 7.45. She was 3.80 at the time of her birth. So accordingly she she weigh more than 8 at least..she eats raw banana powder, chikoo, rice n dal mixed with milk, biscuits, wheat powder, nachni, all cereals mixed powder with milk… she even started with egg
    But she is not gaining weight..pls suggest… my elder one was more than 9 kg by 9 months… pllsssss help

    • Vaishnavi,

      Babies should double the birth weight by 6months. Here at 8 months, your baby is fine with her weight. You can continue giving calorie dense foods,the foods you give is perfectly fine. If she is happy and active you need not worry about her weight pls trust me.

  38. Sangeetha mam thanks for your co-oparation.mam please send me a bengali homemade food chart for my poor weight 16 month boy.

  39. Hai My son is 1 yr now…. He s a poor and a very fuzzy eater…. He always refuses the food….. He s very and so he is underweight also… I use to give him homemade sathu maavu and raw banana powder alternatively with his regular meals…… Can u please suggest a gud ideas for me…..

  40. hi
    my son was 3y 8 months. his weight 14kgs but he kept food in his mouth for a long time.he dont swallow the food particularly rice items. he likes any fruit item he eats only one week..he sick regularly.his immunity also less.he doesnt like banana. im suffering alot his feeding time it takes max 2hrs.plz help me.give me any suggestion.thank u

  41. Hello mam, my baby is 2 year old.he is lactose intolerence baby. He is active .but now his weight is only 8 kg.and height is 80cm.please help me to increase weight.

  42. Ajith Vallayil on

    Hi madam,
    My son is prematare baby. He is born on 28 weeks. berth weght he is 11kg. Iast 1y he No weigt gaining. He is very active. Plese sugect food for my son.

    • If he is active and happy he will lose a lot of energy and be fussy about eating food too. Dont worry about his weight gain as of now Ajith. Keep on giving high calorie foods to him.

  43. Thank u mam..i’m interest to d 15foods,but even I gv these foods,she’s not interest to baby is 4&half years.but stil she’s 12kg. I gv hr SM vitamins.but stil she dn’t want to eat.plz mam gv me a satisfy list. Plz.

  44. hai madam

    My child is 1 and half year old and his weight is 8.5 kgs only. I am worried about his weight. Please suggest tips to improve his weight.

  45. Hi Sangeetha,

    My son is 2 yrs 9 months old.he is fine in all the things and getting problem is he is taking food when he is taking by his own he will chew properly and swallow.but when others used to feed by the time he is not chewing only ,swalllowing like that..
    anyway I used to smash the food and vegetables very well in hand only..Will it create any problem in his digestive system.he is in the 50 th centile of the height and weight chart as referred by our pediatricain..
    plz help in giving some ideas that how i van make my son to have normal quantity and chew properly…
    Thanks in Advance…

    • Uma,

      From now stop mashing and blending foods. If you are feeding or if he is eating by himself always give solid foods as we eat. He will get used to this with time. Dont worry, its just a habit that he has been used to 🙂

  46. Hi mam .I already post some request and gave me good also I am having some more confussion. My baby now 9 months. Last 10 days she ate well and good. But now three days she is refusing food.wat can I do. But she is not gain wait now she is 6.5.she not sit alone without my help to. I am very stressed she not reaching her milestone. But she is full active like jumping, talking something , kicking always.
    Give me some correct advice and confident.
    Thank u for our last response

  47. hai mam,my baby 11 month old ,only i started to give give butter,can you plz tell me can i give cheese and butter together in one day.any probelm.what type and how much cheese can i give.plz help me

  48. hai mam,my baby 11 month old,wt 6kg,can you plz tell me,if there is any problem if i give butter and cheese every day.plz help me

  49. mam my sister daughter is 3years old and she is only 9kg from last 8months no weight gain she is pretty much active but didnt eat anything only one cup milk in morning and one cup evening whatever her mother offer she didnt eat an 3years old if nine 9kg is it serious issue

  50. Hi sangeetha now kid was 14 months old is going to both 4to 5 times daily n his bowl moment is watery but his taking small quantity food is it normal. N one more thing when i was give to milk his getting rash on mouth that rash will be disappear with in 5to 10 min n his suppered with motions what to do now sangeetha when i was started to milk again

    • Sandhya,

      Whats the color of his motions ? Green and filled with mucus ? Can you share some details on that.

      Do you breastfeed him? Is he lactose intolerant.. Rashes shouldnt come if you are breastfeeding unless and until he is intolerant to milk. How long have you been breastfeeding.

      Take him to a doctor first. Doctor will ask for blood and stool tests to fins if there is any infection. Also tell him about these rashes.

      As I cant see the child in person, I cant tell anything. Share with me all the details and see a doc asap…

    • Hi mam my daughter is 1.8 kg,s at the time of birth now 6 months old baby.but now her weight is 5.5 I’m worry about my daughter weight gain .morning 7 o clock I give milk and 9 o clock I give rice cerlac 12 o clock rice moong dal kichdi 3 o clock milk and 6 o clock rice moong dal kichdi..but she is not gaining weight.pls give me food list to gain weight mam pls pls

  51. Hi mam,
    My child has 1 and half year old and her weight is only 8.5 kg. Her eating style is very slow and some amount. I am tense about her health and weight. she did not drink any type of milk without mother milk.
    Please kindly suggest me any some formulas to increase her weight and to drink milk.

  52. Hi my baby boy is 1 year old. His weight is only 9 kg. He is fussy eater. He vomits out very frequently. He is super active and donn sit even for a single minute… but he has still not started waving clapping etc… can u please please help me in dis regard

  53. Mam can u tell me whr I can give my 6 month baby for stronger mind and healthy body …his weight is 7 kg today 6th mnth srarted

  54. Hi Sangeetha,

    My daughter is one year old, 7kg. Birth weight was 3.1 kg. I give her all types of food but she hesitate food always and prefer breastfeeding. Now i give her food forcefully. she keep food in mouth for even 20mins.
    I am very upset now. Pease give an advice

    • Fussy eaters need a lot of patience to be fed Ariya.. Can you pls try a variety of foods changing the regular foods given now. Also feed her in attractive colored bowls and utensils..

  55. elakkia saravanan on

    dear madam,
    my 4 mt baby weight is 5kg only.breast milk matum than feed panren. but my baby ku vommiting over a iruku.please give the tips to stop the vommiting and increasing his weight

    • If he is vomiting unusually take him to a ped. Spitting up soon after feeding is common in babies though. After every feed, make sure he is burped well. Feed only breast milk , your baby’s weight would increase.

  56. Hi sangeeta ,
    My daughter is one year old and she never eats properly.she is 8kg now.i give her one of these cheese, ragi, curd in mng, rice twice daily and fruit puree in evening.oneday she eats the other day she won’t. Suggest me some weight gain breakfast ideas.and how to give her egg.she likes to have avacado, curd daily can I give her

  57. Hi sangeeta,
    My daughter is 1yr old and she is underweight 8kg. She only likes to have milk. Picky eater. I give her cheese in mng, rice 2 times daily and fruit puree in the evening. One day she will eat other day she won’t. She is not having eggs.Suggest me some breakfast recipes and tips to give her egg for weight gain.

  58. My baby is 5 months old. Her weight is 5.5kg ly. Her weight gaining had been stopped .last 1month she having same to started souls food.

    • Deepa ,

      Constant weight is normal in babies usually known as failing to thrive. Dont worry ..She will start putting on weight gradually. Even my daughter had constant weight for a few months. You can start liquids like clear carrot juice, rice kanji pani and soups..

  59. My child is 10 months old , she is a poor eater but more better in porridge she has very poor weight gain she is at 7 kgs now, is it advisable to add some roested and grinded soya beans and groundnuts to her porridge and what a amount ?

    • Hi Jane ,

      Ground nut and soya powder can be used for babies in their porridges ..

      But the thing is that both are allergens , so can cause allergies to your baby if she is sensitive.

      What you can do is start adding a teaspoon of soya powder in her porridge and see if she is all ok or develops rashes. same is the case with groundnut powder .

      Check for allergies if you havent introduced it to your baby before.

  60. santhoshi chandrasekar on

    I agree of this tips but I want to know about that the thing are given how many times in a week can give mainly ragi and banana powder. Pls tell us let me know.

    • Hi Santhoshi,

      You can give it daily for breakfast and dinner if your daughter likes it.

      For eg : banana powder porridge for breakfast

      ragi porridge for dinner

      On the next day reverse the menus. Hope this helps ..

  61. Hi this is sandhya i have 11 months kid.
    He is not puton his weight lost two months .
    Am giving one frute n two times rice daily .
    But he is not gaining the weight am tenced about that can u give me a suggitions for me

    • Hi Sandhya ,

      Babies do tend to have constant weight for certain months which is completely normal. Its due to the increased activities at this stage.

      If he is active and achieves his milestones, no need to worry at all.

      • Hi
        Thanks for immediate response.
        My boy reaching his littile bit late today his enter into the 12 th month still he is not standing properly now his starting holding something n standing is it ok.

          • Hello Sangeetha,

            I am concern about growth of my 7 year old son who is growing very slowly.

            Following are his details:

            Age: 7 years, 2 months
            Height: 112 CMs
            Weight: 17 Kg.

            We have referred BMR

  62. Shes a premature baby birth weight was 790g she was born on 27 weeks now shes seven months and shes still 5kg but very active am worried about her weight

  63. hi…my baby is 11 months old any she cant stand properly with out any 1’s plzz suggest me and 1 more thing she is not ready 2 take any sort of food i dont know y if i force hr to eat she cry’s and puts her thumb finger on mouth and she will not take any food.iam really worried about her food and health….plzz suggest something to make her eat……..

  64. Hi, My 1 and 3 mt baby refuses to eat anything. I have to force feed her.pls suggest me how to make her eat without crying.
    Earlier i us to give her all the natural home made food but now she refused to eat any thing so i shifted to cerlease of fruit and vegetable flavour with milk four times a day.
    but now she refuse to take even that.Then i have to feed her forcebly. Plz help me its getting tough for me to feed her . i am worried about her health. Plz suggest.

  65. hi
    my baby is 16m & I gave her raw kerala banana.
    is it ok ot I have to steam it

    • Hi Sindrella,

      Kerala banana with the black seeds inside is difficult to digest as it is since its high in calories and is a heavy food. More over its said that the gas caused by kerala bananas is prevented by steaming . Hence try to steam and give kerala bananas without the black seeds.

  66. Hi my daughter is 2 year n 2 month… her weight is only 8 kg n 400 gm plz plz help how to gain her weight.. she dont like milk yougurt etc…

  67. hi, my son is 3 years cross and im feeding breast yet.i want him to gain weight his weight is only 13 kg.he is very thin.

  68. Neeta Chettri on

    Iam very much worried about my baby. She has completed 18 months but her weight is only 10 kg. I use to give all the food suggested by you except item 2,5 & 9 as she does not want to have egg. But her weight is still 10 kg.

  69. Hi,
    What kind of food can I give my daughter who is 9 months old. She has an allergy for lactose and egg.

  70. My boy is 6 complete. ..n doesnt gain adequate mount of weight…hv started wid ragi n banana foe him..chikoo milkshake gets sticky so he refuses it…any other form tat I can give him chikoo…can I give potato mash

    • Hi Krutika ,

      You can give potato mash in plain water or formula . Please check for any allergies or gas after giving it :). Chickoo can be blennded with other fruits or added in porrdiges like ragi to enhance the taste 🙂

  71. Hi, yr post is really useful. My 9 mt baby is very weak n refuses to eat anything. I have to force feed her.pls suggest me how to make her eat without crying.

  72. Pls let me kno y shuld v steam d kerela banana? my boy s 11 months old do i need to steam it fr him..thanks

    • Hi Anitha , Kerala banana could cause gas when given as it is to babies and as their tummies are not matured enough to digest the hard fibres in it. When steamed the gas is curbed and the fibres can also be easily digested by the baby. My daughter is about to be 2 years , but still she is given steamed kerala banana .. Hope this helps Anitha..

  73. thanks
    this is really helpful as i m worried about my baby weight gain.
    my baby girl is 6 month old.Can i give regular banana to baby im winter.can banana cause cough & cold if i giver her in winters.

  74. Thank you so much! This list is super helpful. Thanks for including suggested ways to feed each one of the 15 items. My baby is refusing kerala banana. She likes regular bananas and the raw banana powder mixed with cereal. Do you know if raw banana powder is high in calories and as good as the Kerala banana?
    Thanks a ton!

    • Hi Nivedita ,

      Happy that you found it useful . Raw banana powder and golden regular bananas are equally high calorific in values .. If she eats those , well and good. Try to take one everyday. Her weight will show improvement.