10 Things Every Mom Should Know About Avocado for Babies


avocados for babiesIn Kerala, avocados were not available during my childhood days. When I reached my teens, avocados were shown in TV especially in Arabic cuisines. I got married and shifted to Mumbai from Kerala. That is when I saw avocados for the first time in real life !! Oh my, SO EXPENSIVE !! But I started buying avocados when Anshika started on solids. This post is for all the beginner mums who is skeptical / hesitant on buying the right avocado for babies – 10 things about avocado every mom should know.

1. Why is avocado considered the baby’s first food ?

Avocados are rich in good fat and keeps the baby’s tummy full for long. It can be used while travelling also. Just take out an avocado and scoop the flesh out with a spoon / mash it with milk/hot water. A healthy baby food is ready.

2. What are the nutritional benefits of avocados ?

As I told avocados are rich in mono unsaturated fat known as oleic acid , folic acid, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and more potassium content than bananas !!

3. How is the taste of avocados like ?

Bland !! Yeah its absolutely bland , tasteless. Feels like having some oil. But somehow babies tend to love the taste and it is quite yummy for them 🙂

4. How can I prepare avocado mash for my baby ?

Simple. Read the recipe here

5. How can I alter the blandness of avocados?

Avocados are mashed with ripe bananas to cover the bland flavor. A mommy reader of Bumps n Baby has suggested adding jaggery to the avocados , which I am sure will be quite good ,healthy and tasty

6. How can I know if an avocado is ripe enough to buy from markets ?

A fully ripe avocado will be firm and soft when pressed from outside with a finger. But if its so soft and mushy in touch , then its decayed from inside.

7. Any other things that I can notice while buying in bulk ?

Always look for avocados with bright / jade green with no dark brown or black spots on the skin. Go for the fresh green ones

8. How can I store avocados ?

Avocados can be stored in fridge or in the fruit baskets at room temperature

9. Can I keep the raw avocados to become ripe at home ?

Yes you can . To ripen avocados , it can be placed in the kitchen counter where in the heat helps in the ripening

10. Should I buy organic avocados ?

Avocados have hard opaque skin resistant to pesticides , chemicals and even insects. So I believe we can go for the ones available in the market. I have not seen the organic version even.

Now the bonus …

11. Can I have avocados ?

Oh yeah , yes ..avocado mash with a dash of lime and salt makes a yummy, healthy dip for tortillas and chips. Avocado salad with salt , lime, pepper and a little chilly powder is also filling and healthy.

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  1. Sangeetha.How to store the remaining half of avacado after giving baby the other half?? Coz i dnt like avavcado i have to throw the remaining??

  2. Wow! Why haven't I given my son Avocados yet! You know, I haven't even seen Avocados yet or may be I never noticed. But with all these nutritional information, I guess I must look out for them.

  3. It is like you read my mind…I was wondering about Avacados for a long time now…Because of teh price and also because I have not seen this fruit as a kid…I was a bit skeptical…but thanks to you some of my doubts are cleared…will surely try feeding this to my kid…Thanks a lot 🙂

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