How To Make Raw Banana Powder At Home For Babies – DIY


In Kerala, raw banana porridges are given to babies once they start on solids. My parents and in laws took their turn for preparing and packing raw banana powder for my baby. As soon as I finished one bottle,my father in law bought another packet ; I just had to powder them to make porridge for Anshika.

How to make raw banana powder ?



raw banana powder

  • Choose the right bunch of the raw bananas ( also known as ‘ kannan pazham’  , if you are out of Kerala, it might be available in Malayali stores I believe ),
  • Peel them and wash  in turmeric water to remove stickiness
  • Cut them into thin slices
  • The slices have to be then sun dried for about 7 days depending upon the intensity of sun.
  • The dried banana slices are stored in an air tight container and powdered as and when its required to make porridges.

Have you tried raw banana powder for your baby ? Was it homemade / ready made . Please do let me know for any doubts /queries.

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  1. Hi sangeetha,

    I bought ready made kannankaya powder from online(natureloc).now am afraid to use it since my friend advised me to use only home made food for baby.please advice whether I shall use it.Have tried the one from natureloc.

  2. Hi Sangeetha,

    i am trying to make raw banana powder. However after cutting the banana I washed it in termeric water and put it on air fryer for 20 minutes to dry the water. But the water did not dry completely . Next day I started putting it for sun dry , though the banana is drying slowly I can get a foul smell. Is it natural for the dry banana to stink though I haven’t observed any fungus in it .

  3. Hi sangeetha I made raw banana powder for my baby.But he doesn’t like it.what should I do to make it tastier. I’m making it in water with palm sugar.

  4. Hi sangeetha
    My son is 7 months old.I’m giving him ripe banana puree mixing with homemade cerelac …but I’m not steaming banana..
    Will banana cause cold and congestion if I don’t steam?
    Please tell me how to give banana without causing cold or congestion

  5. Hi Sangeeta..
    am a new mom and was surfing net to introduce aolid fod to my son when I came acroas ur site.brilliant job I mist say.
    I have started with solid food a day back.manvir ll turn 6 in four daz. I have started with banana piree. I added a lil amul milk with water to loosen the puree. My mom in law says it willcause indigestion to him.pls advice.alao pls advice on the quantity to be given to him in the first second n tjird day.also advice on the consistency.thnx in advance.pls reply soon

    • Himani,

      Banana puree is good, but there is no need to add amul milk as of now. Give the puree as it is. After 10 months or so you can start adding cow’s milk a little by little in his kheers, porridges etc. Feed him 2-3 tsps and give as long as he accepts. As far as possible mash or puree by hand and not using blender.

  6. And also plz tell me hiw good it is to use double horse banana powder it equally good to home made banana powder

  7. ur blog is very good n informative.i read abt raw banana.i m in bhopal.i m nt abt to find kerala bananas here.can i use norma raw bananas.

  8. hi sangeetha,
    my baby is 8 months old.i want to introduce her to raw banana porridge.i belongs to Andhra.i’m not familiar to your specified banana names.can i take raw banana which is available in my locality or not.

  9. Hi sangeeta

    Thanks for this post. Do we have to remove the full cover or just peel off the skin. Any other alternative for sun drying, scared of monkies in terrace. I stay in bangalore

  10. Hi Sangeetha .
    I made this raw banana powder at home . When I smell the powder it is like I have powdered vazhaikai . Even after making porridge with karupatti , the taste is not , as if I have cooked banana instead it is like I have cooked vazhaikai with karupatti . Is it bcoz the choice of my banana is wrong ?? I purchased unripe nendran banana . Can u pls advice on this .

  11. Hi Sangeetha,
    My babby is 8 month old baby and my in laws say we should not give banana to baby as she will not able to speak. Because banana makes tongue thick of children. Please suggest me.

    • Hi Sonal, there is absolutely nothing wrong in giving bananas. From 8th month babies could easily digest boiled / steamed food too. How come banana thickens tongue ?There is no scientific evidence also.

  12. Dear sangeetha, yesterday I prepared raw banana powder with ethakai just nw I came to knw that kannan kai is used to made banana powder.any problem in giving this etha kai powder.

  13. Hi Sangeetha,

    I'm Pune based and a new mom, i wanted to know should raw bananas be the one found in Kerala as you mentioned 'kannan pazham'. I'm not sure if i will be able to find these bananas here. Can we use the raw bananas available here?

    You are doing a great job, thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Mahek ,

      Thanks for commenting and welcome to Bumps n Baby. Raw bananas you mentioned I believe are the golden bananas or elaichi bananas. The ones used for making raw banana powder are the small ones known as kannan/ kunnan in malayalam. Pls check whether they are available in malayali stores / markets. If not you can opt for raw banana powders available in the market like

  14. Nice and descriptive post! This is really healthy for babies. My mom used to dry the bananas in the sun, powder them and send them over for my son when he was 4-5 months old. I also used to give him a porridge made of ragi, but he used to be more fond of this one 🙂

    • Hi Reesh , Welcome to Bumps n Baby and thanks for commenting. I guess the grandson was fond of grannys raw banana powder porridge 🙂 Its such a hardwork that moms put in na ?..Hats off to them

  15. reshma shabeer on

    hi sangeetha

    my lol's first solid was banana she completed her 6 months.but still in constipation problem.pls tel me hw can we avoid constipation while giving powdered banana.

    ALSO pls tel me the proportion

      • Hi sangeetha,
        I am a new mom.. Was just going through ur site.. Great work.. And very informative blogs..
        I just wanted to know whether i can inteoduce this raw banana powder to my 6+months baby..
        Thanks in advance..

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