5 Ways To Tackle Constipation In Babies


When my baby didn’t poop for days, I was worried. I am sure there would be moms, who get/ got worried for the same mentioned. Lets see how to tackle constipation in babies.

If the baby is just on breastfeed, she can poop for about 7 times a day or doesn’t poop at all for up to 14 days. It’s considered completely normal, make sure the baby has 3-4 wet diapers a day though!! This is because the breast milk is used up fast due to the high metabolic rate and results in urine only, no poop.

ways to tackle constipation in babies

How to know if my baby is constipated?

You can say your baby is constipated, if your baby

  • Does not pass stool for 3 or more days
  • Passes hard, dry stools one or more times a day
  • Has abdominal pain and is struggling to pass stools

Causes of constipation in babies:

  • Introduction to solid foods

It is not unlike for the babies to suffer from constipation when introduced to semi solids or solids. The reason for constipation during this phase is the transition, which means, a change within the digestive system.

Milk is easier to digest for the tiny systems than the solids like rice, fruits etc. Thus it is common for your baby to suffer (not necessarily, in all cases) from constipation during this period.

Some food items like bananas, apples and white bread can also lead to constipation. The thing you need to make sure is that your baby is well hydrated to avoid worsening the situation.

  • Introduction to whole milk from breast-feed or formula milk

Even introduction to whole milk/ cow’s milk may result in constipation, as it is difficult to digest than the formula milk or breast milk.

You can also read How to introduce cow’s milk for babies and Home remedies for milk indigestion in toddlers.

  • Dehydration

Like in adults, dehydration also may cause constipation in babies. Have you read this earlier post of mine: Is Your Baby’s Daily Water Intake Enough?

  • Formula feeding

Breastfed babies tend to suffer less from constipation as breast milk is very well balanced in carbohydrates and proteins. This means the total consumed volume of breast milk might get absorbed in babies. Thus, at times even if the baby misses the bowel movements for a few days, say for 7 to 10 days, it is considered normal in majority of the cases though consultation with your doctor is preferred.

The situation is different in formula fed babies as formula milk contains proteins that may not be digested by the baby and thus may lead to constipation/ hard stools.

  • Others

Other causes of constipation may be diseases or abnormal conditions in which the baby’s digestive system fails to function normally. Some medicines, for example, iron tonics, are also known to cause constipation.

5 Ways to tackle constipation in babies:

If you know the cause of constipation in your baby, you can treat it in a better way. So, first look for the cause that makes your baby constipated. If you are unable to figure out the reason, let your baby’s doctor do that job.

Some of the natural ways to relieve constipation includes the intake of fruits and fruit juices, which are very effective as they are rich source of fiber and water.

If the baby is on solids and suffer from constipation, these measures can be taken.

#1. Give warm water to the baby at regular intervals , 1-2 tsp one time is more than enough

To treat constipated baby, it is always recommended to keep the baby well hydrated with fluids and to offer enough water (Make sure not to give excess liquids to the babies which may result in low intake of f

#2. Boil raisins  in water and strain it out, this water can be given too

#3. Give papaya to the baby if he/ she is 6 months +

#4. Make oats a part of his / her food intake. The rich fibre in it helps here

#5. Give fruits / fruit juices of all fruits starting with the letter P

Fruits, especially starting with the letter “P”, for e.g. prunes, papaya, pears, and plums are believed to help tackling the issue. Dilute fruit juices with cooled boiled water before giving to your baby.


  • Please refrain from giving various herbal oils  (or oils like castor oil) to baby to relieve her from constipation
  • Avoid giving kerala bananas or sweet potatoes as they could trigger constipation
Take your little one to the doctor if the above mentioned tips are not effective. Do share the tips you used for your baby when she / he was constipated.
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  1. Hai. sangeetha

    My son is 5months completed ,he is very much constipated. can I give him kunamkaya powder(banana powder).what can I do .give me home remedies. Is kunamkaya (raw banana powder) is good for constipation…

  2. My baby is 48 days old and cries a lot trying to pass stool but is not able to..its been 4 days now and she is refusing to drink baby too..she is breastfed…
    Please help

  3. Seetha lakshmi.m on

    Hi Sangeetha,

    My lo is 6months 14days..just Started with Apple n carrot puree 1 time for more than week is fine..but for last 3 days he didn’t poop n pees frequently…I planned to introduce dal ka pani ,since he is constipated am afraid..what should I do now? Shall I proceed or feed him Apple/ carrot itself or stop all of it?? how to clear his constipation now?please give suggestions


    My daughter s 19 months old.. She suffer constipation right from 6 months, from the time I introduced solid food.. Its a continuous problem.. Doctor suggested laxative medicine n asked to reduce the doss during a period of time to get her cured. But once I start reducing the doss constipation getting increased.. A sidha doc suggested caster oil in milk for a week.. But I find in ur msg to avoid it.. But still I’m continued giving her raisins water .. Pls reply whether caster oil is advisable..

  5. priyanka arora on

    He ma’am my 14 month baby has constipation.i tried medicine it’s helpful but I don’t want to addict my baby to medicine.so tell some home remedies about constipation.

  6. Hi Sangeetha,
    my baby is 7 month old. I started external food like banana apple suji kheer. After this he has facing gastric prob. Previously he was doing potty early morning
    but now a days he was doing potty at night or any tym. what to do for make routine

  7. hi sangeetha
    my son s 6 weeks old e s on formula feed for past 10 days n also I brest feed him. I gve him bottle twice a day one n afternoon n 1 during night. e s suffering from constipation. e passes motion for once n 4 days. e scream n cries while having stomach pain n while passing motion. what can i give him 4 constipation. can i give him ajwain water if yes plz tel me hw n wen 2 give. can’t c him n such pain plz help.

  8. Hi Sangeetha…My baby is 7 weeks old and breast fed. From last 2 weeks he wakes up groaning,..crying…to pass gas or stool. Doesnot sleep until he passes. Doctor gave colic aid. How can i help him. I tried applying hing, warm comforts, am drinking fennel jeera ajwain water. I can’t see him such pain.
    And when does this all get settled… Pls help

    • Sreeya,

      Colicky babies do cry a lot when they feel the discomfort. Burp him well after every feed. Do keep applying hing and giving colic aid, it will settle in some time. Keep him on the ground, on his back and cycle his legs – this will help the gas out quickly – you can also stay away from gas causing vegetables if it can help.

    • Swati, it might like any other food if you are introducing it for the first time. Stop giving it for a while and see if she is getting constipated. Reintroduce after 8th month then.

  9. Hi
    My LO is 5 months 28days old.. Was exclusively breastfed , just started solid for last 3days, I gave all these 3 days including today banana puree.. Today just now I noticed the stool formed bit harder.. And she was trying hard to pass it.. Plz let me know whether I can give her raisin water , oats and other mentioned fruits.. Plz answer me as soon as possible.

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  11. Constipation is really troublesome in baby, you gave some handy tips there, and if the baby is constipated, don't give bananas.

    My LO never faced any constipation problem yet, but I like the cues he gives when his poop is on the harder side, so that I can make the necessary change.


      • hai Sangeetha
        my son is 2yr 6 months old.He had constipation.he goes only on alternate days also there was a blood in stool.consulted doctor and gave medicine but can you say some home remedies for constipation.I tried stomach massage,bicycling and gave him water to drink but in vain.pls reply

        • Hai,
          Please reply for the above mentioned comments too. My son is a picky eater. He had constipation pb for the first time.I tried fruits like apple,pears,plums,pomogranate,avocado etc and vegetables like carrot,beans,cabbage,green leafy vegetables etc but he is not eating. I tried juices and raisins too but in vain .He is 2 yr 6 months old and weigh 10 kgs but a very smart, active & an intelligent boy. He had oats,ragi & samiya payasam few months back but now he stopped completely. What else can I do for constipation pb.I cannot depend on medicines every time I am really worried about his health. Kindly reply some home remedies.

          • Prafulla, give him coconut water with malai everyday. Give him lemon juice, buttermilk, ghee rice, dal or anything that he likes. Stay away from oats if he is not liking it. Stick to traditional home cooked foods. Hope this helps.

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