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In today’s post, I am sharing home remedies for milk indigestion in toddlers, kids and let me say for everyone. I use these tips whenever I am making any milk based item or serving milk to the kids.

Breast milk is of course the best milk for your baby for the first one year. Most of us transit to regular cow’s milk after the child’s first birthday. You can refer to the post on how to start cow’s milk for the baby.

Milk indigestion is basically the condition in which the cow’s milk or any foreign milk is not processed properly by the body.

home remedies for milk indigestion

The common symptoms of milk indigestion in toddlers and kids are

  • Bloating of stomach
  • Vomiting milk or curdled milk
  • Pain or discomfort in stomach after consuming milk

Some simple tips I had read in an Ayurvedic book when practiced on a regular basis, ensured the smooth transition to cow’s milk when my kids turned one. There were no digestive or constipation issues. Out of the two methods I have mentioned in this article, you can use any one or both in an alternative way.

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Fennel and Cardamom as home remedies for indigestion in toddlers and kids:

Try these simple and old home remedies to ensure easy digestion of milk for toddlers and kids.

#1. Cardamom

home remedies for milk indigestion

I often used to wonder why cardamom is added to most of the milk based sweets. I got to know the benefits when I started cow’s milk for my son a few years back.

Cardamom, the green little pod infuses an amazing flavor and aroma to the milk along with a lot of health benefits like

  • Improving digestion
  • Relieving the symptoms of respiratory illness
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Relieving weakness

How to use cardamom to tackle milk indigestion in toddlers?

After boiling the milk, add a pinch of homemade cardamom powder to a cup of milk (when the milk is still hot). Then serve the milk the usual way to your little one.

How to make cardamom powder at home?

Take  ¼ cup of cardamom pods and take out the black seeds. To these black seeds, add  2 to 3 teaspoons of sulphurless or organic sugar. Grind for a few seconds.

Cardamom powder is ready.

What to do with the outer green shell?

The outer green covers or pods can be used in making cardamom flavored tea.

#2. Fennel seeds

home remedies for milk indigestion

Fennel seeds are often neglected among the spice mix as most of the people use them only as mouth fresheners.

The health benefits of saunf  or fennel seeds are

  • Helps in digestion
  • Good source of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium
  • Good source of Vitamin A and E
  • Excellent for eyes
  • Relieves colic in infant

How to use fennel seeds to tackle milk indigestion in toddlers?

To ease milk digestion for your little one, just add a few seeds of fennel or saunf to the boiling milk.

For one cup of milk, add in a pinch or say ¼ teaspoon of saunf. Let them boil together for a few seconds. Strain the milk and then serve the usual way.

When you boil the milk with saunf it becomes much lighter and easier to digest.

You can also use this saunf infused milk to make milkshakes and other delicacies. The refreshing flavor of saunf will still be there while ensuring a healthy tummy.

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Hope this post on home remedies for milk indigestion in toddlers is useful to all you parents.

How do you tackle milk indigestion? Any home remedies for milk indigestion you always resort to? Please share with me in comments.

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