My Wish of Gadget-free Childhood Got Fulfilled with Winfun Mini Book – Here’s How


Have you ever thought of touching the rainbow? How beautiful is it to sit there and watch the world beneath? There are a lot of such wishes which would never happen. These were the things that would have come into our mind when we were kids.

Once we grew we learned what we should really long for and what are impossible wishes. Many a times we neglect our wishes for the other priorities of life.

I happened to read a beautiful blog post by Pratik Kumar from Techie Oasis where in he tells about how he rekindled his mother’s passion for music with the iPod nano he bought from Flipkart. He realized this one wish of his mom and gifted the iPod nano to her which brought a smile on her face.

Thinking of the iPod brought back the memories of my beautiful college days, when I used to sit down near my hostel room window and gaze towards the football ground watching the matches there with my headphones connected to my CD man. Yes I lived in that era.

I had made my mind that it’s going to be a musical toy. Me being a dancer, have tried my luck in teaching my little one to dance. All in vain, somehow she quickly learns all the songs. May be she is gone on her singer uncle.

The other day to my surprise she was singing ‘Koi ladki hain’ from Dil To Pagal Hai 😉 She heard the song somewhere and I could hear ‘chak dum dum’ the whole day at home!!

What is your child’s daily routine? Do you take her for a walk, or to a park nearby? How long does he or she sit in front of the laptop or iPad or phone?

This is one major difference that we see in the kids these days. Rather than playing outside, like how we used to do, the elder ones sit in front of the laptop or video games and the toddlers spent their beautiful childhood days in front of parents’ phone or tablets. The case was no different at my place too.

My daughter wanted to watch rhymes while having her food. I was fine because, like any other mother my ultimate intention was a few spoons of food all the way to her tummy. Never did I realize that I was making my little one an addict to the gadgets or her nursery songs. The songs slowly changed to Dora and then to Peppa pig.

Well, watching cartoons or rhymes or television is absolutely fine provided you do it on a limited time basis. I slowly stopped showing her the feeding time shows, changed them to story times, or rather mere talks on what she did at her daycare. She watches it for a maximum of 1 or 2 hours daily.

More activity toys were brought so that she can learn from them as well. That is when it struck me, why not get something for my darling daughter from the Flipkart. So finally this is the toy that I chose for my doll – Winfun Mini Book!

winfun mini book

Winfun Mini Book helped her to learn numbers, alphabets, words, shapes etc.  I am a step closer to my wish for gadget free childhood by buying this musical toy for my little one.

Since the toy I reached I can hear more shapes, numbers and questions like, ‘mamma what shape is this’

Thank you Flipkart for making my dream come true! Its true With flipkart #AbHarWishHogiPoori


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