Himalaya Baby Massage Oil Review


Today I bring to you the review of Himalaya Baby Massage Oil, which is enriched with the goodness of Olive Oil, Aloe Vera extracts and Winter Cherry.

himalaya baby massage oil

Have you seen those baby oil advertisements where  a cute little baby coos and cuddles with his reel mother during an oil massage? You might have also gone through that phase where your baby cooed and snuggled during oil massage.

But as time passes by, your little crawler can make you practice even for a mini marathon. The trouble increases manifold when he or she passes babyhood and gets into toddler phase.

Your oil massage routine could see a major change during this transition. ¾th of the oil you apply on your baby or toddler can be found on walls, floor and furniture. My case is no different!

Sometimes Anshika just hates the whole oil massage routine, may be due to the stickiness, may be due to the smell. Even if I force her to get at least some oil on her body, I can see its traces  and  stains on my wooden sofa, walls and her clothes.

Though I had heard a lot about Himalaya Baby Massage Oil, I hadn’t used it for my daughter. Hence, I couldn’t say  NO to this brand when it came to me for an honest review.

Let me tell you how the Baby Massage Oil from Himalaya fared for my daughter.


himalaya baby massage oil

Company claims and packaging of Himalaya Baby Massage Oil:

himalaya baby massage oil review

Himalaya Baby Massage Oil comes in a white plastic opaque bottle with a nozzle cap. The cap is sturdy and can prevent accidental leakage as well.

The Oil is colorless,  non-greasy and light.

Price: Rs. 90/- for 100 ml and Rs 165/- for 200ml


  • Easily available
  • Affordable cost
  • Light weight oil
  • Moisturizes the skin well
  • Does not stain
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Travel friendly
  • No irritating herbal smell
  • One bottle lasts long


  • Opaque packing:

I really wish that the packaging was transparent so that I could get an idea on how much of the oil is left in the bottle.

That being said, I noticed if you place the bottle against sunlight, you can see the   quantity left in the bottle. But a transparent bottle would have made my job much easier.

My experience of using Himalaya Baby Massage Oil:

himalaya baby massage oil

Though it’s a baby massage oil, I tried it on my toddler for her daily massage. The Oil is very light and absorbs quickly into the body, allowing no time for greasing and staining  clothes or furniture.

The Oil moisturizes the skin well, thanks to the Aloe Vera extracts, Olive Oil and Winter Cherry.. The fragrance is quite nice and pleasant. Maybe  it’s one of the main reasons my toddler happily nodded yes for her oil massage.

Since there are no harmful chemicals, I am quite happy with this product as a parent. It is tested for allergies so we need not worry for extremely sensitive skinned babies too.

The bottle is leak proof, hence it is travel friendly. I think a bottle of Himalaya Baby Massage Oil can last for 1 and a half month even if you use it daily. It’s readily available even in fancy stores, so you need not worry about its availability either.

  • The product is also available on leading shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry and many more.

 My rating: 4.8 Out of 5

Would I recommend Himalaya Baby Massage Oil to other parents?

Yes!If you are looking for a natural,  non-greasy  and  non  staining massage oil, which is enriched with herbs,  and ensures  good skin, growth  and overall development of your baby or toddler,  Himalaya Baby Massage Oil is a must buy.

Share with me in comments your experience of using Himalaya Baby Massage Oil for your child/ children too.


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  1. Himalaya is very clever and not listed the base oil, sure it will be mineral oil. In name of Ayurveda just doing business. Which Ayurveda uses mineral oil, you have mentioned as pros The Oil is colorless, non-greasy and light. Only mineral oil has that properties. Use pure coconut oil, oil should be greasy and shall have its own natural odur.

  2. Even i used this oil for my lil one since he was born my ped recomended it to me. And im quite happy with it,my baby never had any skin problem by using this oil. I use complete himalaya range for him. From oil to wet wipes…

  3. I have been using Leonardo body massage olive oil it was good and then I tried out Himalayas baby massage oil since it doesn’t have that stickiness my lil ones skin turned very dry but the smell was good and u knw now am mixing both the oils. So both smell and stickiness s ter so her skin s soft

  4. Hi Sangeetha,

    Even I used this Oil for my baby. But she is not willing and I have to run behind her for the massage. Please tell me what quantity need to apply her and how long it should be soaked before taking her to bath. In a week how many days should I use it ? She is wheatish in color so trying many ways to make her fairy. Also please suggest some other ways for my daughter to turn fair.


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