Is Your Baby’s Daily Water Intake Enough?


baby-204185_640Anshika is not a fussy eater , she eats as and when she feels hungry. But one thing about her that worried me the most is her water intake. She just doesn’t like to drink water at all. After every feed when she knows it’s the time for water , the lil brat runs away with all her might :P. It’s a tough task to make her sip down even a teaspoon of water 🙁 Is your baby’s daily water intake enough ?

I tried almost all the ways possible to make her drink enough water and even consulted her ped scared about the possibility of constipation for her. Now I am able to give her enough water and feels happy about it. I know there are many moms who are worried about their baby’s water intake. This post is for you.

1. Do babies under 6 months need water ?

No , exclusively breastfed babies do not need water at all. Breast milk contains 94% water and is more than enough to keep the baby well hydrated.

2. How much water intake for my 6M+ baby ?

Babies in the age of 6-12 months can have water in the range of 2 to 4 ounce per day ie 60 to 120 ml. This doesn’t mean plain water alone. The water content in  soups , milkdal paani etc all counts here in the above measurement. So on a day to basis if a baby has soups , dal paai , kanji paani etc and a few sips of water it is enough for him.

3. How can I know if my baby has enough water ?

Keep a water bottle which has levels / measurements filled with boiled and cooled water. At the end of the day you can check how much water is left and thereby calculate your baby’s water consumption

4. What if my baby is constipated ? How much water should I give to my constipated baby?

If your baby is constipated he should have around 6-8 ounces of water per day ie 177 ml to 240 ml. I am referring to 6M+ baby here.

5. Other than the bottle markings , any other way to find out whether my baby is hydrated well ?

If your baby is not getting enough water , his urine will be dark yellow and smelly.

6. So what if my baby is well hydrated ?

If a baby is getting enough water , then his urine will be pale yellow in color

7. What if my baby is overfed with water ?

Excess water intake by a baby results in lesser intake of breast milk and other food by the baby resulting in undernourishment.

8. Can I give juices to my baby instead of hydration ?

Yes of course. In fact you can read about in detail here

9.  What are the other sources of water for baby ?

Barley water , milk , kanji paani , coconut water , lemon water , buttermilk, watermelon, cucumber all are sources of water. You can also make water boiled with cumin, saunf( fennel), ajwain (carrom seeds) , dates, raisins etc so that the taste of plain water is removed

10. Can I mix water in equal quantities to the baby food and formula milk ?

No , excess water in formula or food leads to insufficient nutrition intake. You should adhere to the guidelines as given by the brand of formula or instant food in its package.

11. My baby loves coca cola and other aerated drinks . Would it add to the water content ?

Aerated drinks are not good for baby as it is filled with caffeine and empty calories. The overloaded sugar in it cause dental carries in babies

12.  As adults are advised to drink 8 glasses of water , should babies also drink so much ?

No babies need not drink 8 glasses of water . Please stick to points 2 & 4

13. My baby loves cold things like chilled water , is it ok ?

My daughter just loves cold water . Though the water is freezing cold , she loves to taste it. According to the experts, children love the taste of cold water

14. When should I give water to my baby during mealtimes ?

According to experts , babies should be given water post meals.

15. What are the ways you use to make sure your daughter drinks water ?

This tip is from my daycare lady. After every meal she pours water into the same dubba/ tiffin box from which food was given. So the water mixes with the taste of the food and my daughter easily accepts it. So after every meal , that dubba/ bowl is used to give water. At home , she is fed water in glass and sipper cups.

16. Should I give water in winters too ?

Yes . Water loss in winters is extreme and babies tend to urinate more . Hence warm water at regular intervals can be given

17. Which sipper cups should I invest in ?

Sipper cups of various brands are available in Flipkart , Amazon, Babyoye and other online stores. You can buy the one according to the age of your baby .

How about your baby’s daily water intake ? Please do share here


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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi, I’m a mom of a 7months old baby girl, she is only accepting water and breast milk, but with force she do accept little formula.. please, I don’t really know what advice u can give that will be of help to me

  2. Hi there. Thanks for this post.

    My 8-month old son, who is quite big for his age (he looks like he is already a year old and weighs about 10 kg), loves to drink water. I breastfeed him on demand and we give him about 2-3 ounces of water per day.

    Lately, though, his diapers aren’t as heavy as they used to be, and urine is yellow. He does sweat a lot, though. I don’t know if my milk supply has decreased despite on-demand feedings, and I have heard of water toxicity, but I am concerned that he might not be getting enough fluids.

    Should I increase his water intake to 4-6 ounces per day?

  3. Hi Sangeetha Chechi, ur updates r very informative. Am following many things from ur blogs. I have one yr old son, he s still having food in puree type. He don’t know to chew foods and if I give finger food he ll just vomit it. So how can I overcome from this…. Pls give me suggestion…..

  4. Hi…my lo is 6 months old…regarding the intake of water, my son is OK..but he hesitate to drink breast milk…also he looks around here and there..avoiding to get his feed…also my milk get reduced…I’m really worried a out this…suggest me any tips to increase my milk …

  5. Hi mums, my baby is now 9 month. He is not drinking water at all nothe even 50 ml aa day if I give forcefully he will vomit all his food…am really worried. Please suggest

    • Mary,

      A good way is to add water while preparing his porridges, soups, butter milk etc. All that water content adds to his hydration too.

      Get a sipper cup, fill it with water and give it to him to play always. With time he will drink from it too. Trust me!

      Give him coconut water and other juices ..

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  8. hi, I am mom of 14 month old pretty girl.. I got answer for many doubts :)..This post is very useful and informative one. Happy to follow you..

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