How to Protect Baby’s Skin in Winters


how to protect baby's skin in wintersWinters,  time when our skin and hair is affected the most. So imagine the skin and hair of baby. Baby’s skin is 8 times more delicate and soft than adult skin. It needs special care and protection. This post gives an idea on how to protect baby’s skin in winters.

1. Heavy Base Creams

Dry skin being the main villain in winters, taking care of baby’s skin is very important. Heavy base creams or thick lotions can help to restore the moisture and helps the skin from dryness . You can use creams or lotions enriched with Vitamin E and emollients. I use Chicco baby moments rich cream for my daughter which is ideal for winters too

2. Clothing During Winters

Baby should be dressed in full length rompers , jumpsuits , pajamas or night-suits in winter . As cold, cough and chest infection spread easily in winters , it’s always ideal to keep the baby’s chest from cold.

In order to protect the baby from cold , layered dressing can help . You can use a tee-shirt followed by a jacket or a teeshirt – sleeveless woolen vest  for babies. To protect the ears from the cold air , hats or woolen caps covering head and ears can be used. Always keep the feet warm with socks.

Fully covered clothing during winters helps to protect the baby’s skin from cold air.

3. Cheeks and Lips

Baby’s cheeks and lips are always prone to sores and rashes in winters. Twice a day moisturize your baby’s cheeks with a fragrance free and hypoallergenic lotion. Opt for a baby lip balm for your munchkin’s lips if chapped.

4. Avoid Diaper Rashes

When we are talking about baby’s skincare during winters , how can we leave the cute baby bums? Anti rash creams or diaper creams should be applied to bums and the diaper area after every diaper change.

5. Oil Massage


Pre bath oil massage is efficient in winters where in the oils helps to hydrate the baby’s skin. Various massage oils like sesame, coconut , almond, olive oils can be used for baby. You can warm up the massage oil if it is extremely cold.

6. Bathing Time

It is always ideal to minimize the bathing time in winters . Long time stay in water makes the skin dry and flushes out the natural oil from baby’s skin. Please refrain from using besan (gram flour ), turmeric or any other natural products on baby as it is prone to cause rashes. Instead always opt for a gentle and mild baby soap.

7. Lukewarm water

Always use luke warm water for bathing baby , it helps to soothe baby in winters.

8. Hydration

If you are exclusively breastfeeding , there is no need to provide water to the baby. If the baby is on formula or has started solids, you can give sips of water at regular intervals. This helps to restore the hydration levels

9. Sunscreen

In my initial days of motherhood , I was ignorant about sunscreen for babies .Then I read about it and saw them online in Ideally for babies above 6 months , sunscreen of SPF 15 , specially suited for babies should be applied (contains only inorganic filters like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). Even in winters, the damaging rays of sun reach the earth and can affect the skin.

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How do your protect your baby’s skin in winters ? Please share with us.


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