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chicco baby moments rich creamI have been using Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream for my daughter . Initially I tried Johnson and Johnson, but stopped it as I was scared of the carcinogenic hype it created. Later I switched to Himalaya but somehow wasn’t satisfied with the paraben or paraben free ingredients. I have tried Sebamed baby lotion too. I decided I have to find a permanent solution for this and approached her ped. He suggested applying virgin coconut oil on her body and face post bath too. [ Sorry for the bad shape of the tube as its Anshika’s favourite toy and is often handled very badly 🙁 ]

I use virgin coconut oil for her hair and body , but using it post bath especially if we have to go out , I felt it inconvenient because of the oiliness / stickiness it has. I wanted a cream based lotion free from parabens or any other harsh chemicals which is non sticky too. Lotions couldn’t make her skin moisturized enough , that’s when I realized I have to go for a thick base cream. I read about various creams and finally landed in Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream. I remember clearly Chicco had just launched its baby moments range then.


  • Contains oils rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin E
  • Dyes and alcohol free
  • Clinically tested on sensitive skins
  • Formulated to minimize the risk of skin allergies



Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream comes in a white tube . The cream is quite thick and absorbs fast into baby’s skin

PRICE : 375 INR for 100 ml


  1. Absorbs fast into baby’s skin
  2. Moisturizes the skin and keeps it intact
  3. No reapplication required
  4. Free from parabens, alcohol and dyes , so safe for babies and kids
  5. clinically tested and hypoallergenic
  6. Travel friendly , the nozzle cap of the tube is sturdy and doesn’t leak
  7. Available online in Amazon, Flipkart , Babyoye etc
  8. Lasts for long


  1. Have a soothing but pharmaceutical smell , might turn someone off . But my husband likes the fragrance. So I guess it differs from person to person
  2. Expensive !!


I had been using this for long. Keeps my baby’s skin smooth and moisture locked . I don’t like the fragrance though , but looking at the PROS , I guess it’s the apt skin care product for my daughter.

WOULD I RECOMMEND IT ? Yes , why not ? Please buy this if your baby’s skin is dry and need a thick cream base.




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  1. Hi, I switched to Chicco product, less than two weeks, I noticed rashes all over her skin. Was told to continue as is related to d product that it will clear after a while. Did u experience such?

  2. Hi sangeeth, gud review. Now that it’s summer am not able to narrow down a lotion for my 1 yr old son. It’s quiet hot here and want to use a little lotion on his body. Can u plz suggest something. Btw one more thing, his butt has become very hard.. Wonder if it’s coz of diapers. Need ur insight on it

    • Hi Praiselyn,

      You can go for chicco baby lotion range. Diapers can make the cute bums hard as the air circulation is prevented by the usage of diapers. You can provide diaper free time plus moisturizing the diaper area and drying it well before diapering him again..

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