How to prepare virgin coconut oil at home ?


Last week I was so caught up with my office that I didn’t get time to update my blog 🙁 . Here I am BBBBaacck !! :):)

In my post here, I had reviewed the Rubco Nutri-KO virgin coconut oil which I use for my baby . Virgin coconut oil was given to me in the last trimester of pregnancy too. You can read about it here.

This post gives you a step by step method to prepare this nutritious oil. Preparation of this oil requires immense hardwork and yess TTTTONS OF PATIENCE.. Thanks to my parents , who religiously prepared it just for me :).

All these photos were in my phone gallery and I had lost my USB cable in b/w 🙁 .Yesterday I got another cable and transferred all the pics I had clicked so far to my laptop 🙂

Okies, lets begin. Get fresh coconuts not the tender ones , but the ones which has a green outer husk. They are supposed to give good quantity of oil. Grate the coconut , extract the coconut milk using a blender/mixie :). Don’t throw away the leftovers of the extract, you can use it a a body scrub or even make awesome coconut burfi  🙂     

Take a thick bottomed vessel (the vessel used here is Uruli, the traditional cookware used in Kerala which is made of bell metal (a variety of Bronze). Pour the coconut milk in and keep stirring until the milk gets thick. Once it gets thick, be careful about the fire as it can burn the milk .

Keep stirring so as to get a brown coconut paste. Gradually the coconut paste would start releasing oil , oh my!!  The fragrance would be heavanly aromatic 🙂 I just love this !!!

Once  the entire oil gets extracted take the vessel off the fire , and  let it cool. Sieve the mixture to get the clarified virgin coconut oil. I BET you can’t stand the aroma , but like an ad line goes ‘“You don’t just buy virgin coconut oil, you earn it” !! 🙂 😛


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  1. Hi sangeetha first time I read ur article. To serach of home remedies for my 8 years old daughter.she is suffering from cold and cough. I will try.
    Thanks Sangeeta.

  2. Hai .I am staying in sharjah with my little girls. I really like this nutriko virgin cocanut oil.but it is not avilable in many shops.can u help me to find out it any where in sharjah?

  3. Sangeetha,
    It is a nicc e piece of information. Do you know about large scale manufacturing units of virgin coconut oil in Kerala. I am interested to know.

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