Review- Rubco Nutri-KO Virgin Coconut Oil for baby and you !


My mom who was so excited at the same time tensed about my delivery had prepared the maternity bag in my 8th month itself. An important ingredient in it was coconut oil. She had thought of all other oils like oil for my 9th month of pregnancy, oil for cleaning baby at the time of delivery ,my baby’s massage oil, my massage oil etc.When I delivered my baby, my mom was obviously waiting outside with loads of tension,cotton clothes and a  bottle of coconut oil. But the nurse didn’t come out asking for the oil, but came out with my baby in hand :). My amma was disheartened that they didint ask for the oil she had prepared and kept in the bag about 3 months back :P..

She had prepared the virgin coconut oil at home itself with the help of my dad in 8th month (will be posting it soon on ‘how to’)  and a small teaspoon  of it was given to me once a month till delivery.Post delivery, my baby was given pre bath massage with the leftover oil. After that got over, we got ‘Nutri-KO Virgin Coconut Oil’ by Rubco from the BigBazaar as the preparation for it at home require hours of dedicated work infront of the hot stove to get the clarified oil.Voila , the product is same as what we made at home, free from preservatives/chemicals and since then it has been a holy grail product for me and my baby.


It comes in an attractive green and white plastic bottle package with flip opening with the same wonderful aroma.

Cost : 62/- for 175 ml.


1.Virgin coconut oils is excellent for all skin types ,especially the infant/newborn skin as it has anti bacterial,anti fungal and other anti microbial properties.

2.Suitable for treating cradlecap in babies and for eczema.

3.Can be used on  baby irrespective of season. In winters, heat a small kadai/wok on stove for sometime, switch off the gas and then add the oil into the wok. It can be applied on to the baby depending on the warmth required.

4.Oil is transparent, light and absorbs easily into baby’s skin.

5.Wonderful  for prebath massage for baby and even you ! 🙂 Makes the skin of baby smoooth and supple

6.Absolutely free from preservatives /chemicals which is super safe for my baby.

7.Can be used for diaper rashes, insect bites,burns or any other skin allergies for baby

8.Contains natural Vitamin E and other anti oxidants which enhances the health of skin , strengthen the muscles,bones and joints.

9.Have an enchanting fresh aroma of pure virgin coconut oil which I looovvv !! 🙂

10.Handy for travel purposes. I carried it from Kerala to Mumbai w/o any leakage in my bag, quite travel friendly.

11.Effective for you and your baby’s chapped/sore lips.

12.Can be used for your sore nipples caused as a result of exclusive breastfeeding


See here what it claims on the package :





  • Availability is one big problem. I couldnt find it here in the supermarkets / malls / Big Bazaars here 🙁

My Experience : I was so impressed with this product that I bought a large can of this NutriKO virgin cocnut oil with me to Mumbai 🙂 and I keep revealing my baby’s smooth skin secrets to my friends too :).

My Rating : 5 out of 5.

Need for repurchase : Oh yeah ..will definetely repurchase .

Which baby oil are you using for your baby ? Which oil do you use for yourself? Do share with us 🙂


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  1. Hi Sangeetha
    You got this from a big bazaar in Kerala?. If so, I will buy it when I go there now. Also, please check the bottle and tell me where its manufacturing unit is. TIA..:-)

  2. I could see this is selling in ebay , even though the shipping charge is in higher side it is available 🙂

  3. but how exactly is it made? is it made using the same exact method done by the ancestors?

  4. Can i used it on Hair? After delivery i am loosing my hair greatly.Can you suggest me an oil for hair?