Paraben in Baby Care Products


paraben in baby care products

Babies come with an invisible ‘ handle with care ‘ tag. Everyday the market is flooded with tons of baby care products. While shopping for babies, we always look for mild and gentle baby products. But do we look for the label ‘paraben free’ ?? Let us have a look on what they are and its ill effects.

Paraben in Baby Care Products:

Parabens are synthetically produced and used as preservative in shampoos,conditioners,cleansers,cosmetics,baby care products and what NOT ! Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben to name a few.

              In nature they are found in blueberries.

Some Queries on Paraben in Baby Care Products and Cosmetics:

#1. Why are they dangerous?

  • As estrogen mimickers by binding with estrogen receptors on cells, they can cause breast cancer, traces have been found in biopsies of breast tumors.
  • Have adverse effects on reproductive system and can cause the reason for early puberty in young girls
  • Easily absorbed through skin, blood and digestive systems and can cause rosacea, dermatitis and other allergic reactions . You can also read about the different harmful chemicals in baby care products.

 #2. Are they banned/ regulated in any country?

Yes, in Japan & European Union , they are banned as the governments have tougher regulations and standards.

#3. How can I identify Paraben free products for my baby?

  • Look for label if the product has any member of paraben family.
  • Look for words like ‘Paraben free’,’Preservative free’ ,’ All organic’ ,’All natural ‘ etc.

Now take out your baby products and read their ingredients !!  🙂 Which paraben free products are you using for your liitle one? Do share !


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