Should you be Worried about Cradle Cap in Babies?


Cradle cap in babies

Worried about cradle cap in babies? Dandruff in babies? Cradle Cap is a bit distant memory for me. When Rithvik was three and half months old he got dry flakes on his scalp which looked like dandruff. At first it was just a little patch but it got worsened as days passed. I was very much worried and we took him to paediatrician who described us nicely about cradle cap. He does not prescribe medicines for kids unless it’s unavoidable so nothing was prescribed.

Here are some of the things to know about cradle cap and how to manage it as said by Paediatrician.

Facts about Cradle Cap in Babies:

1) It’s called Seborrheic dermatitis (medical name for cradle cap) an inflammatory skin condition that causes yellow crusts on the scalp of babies which most commonly occurs during the first four to five months in babies . 

2) It’s not caused by poor hygiene or bad parenting.

3) It goes away within a few months without treatment.

4) Massage babies scalp using coconut oil at night.The next morning the softened scales can be gently brushed away with a soft toothbrush or comb followed by washing the hair using mild shampoo.It has to be repeated for several days till the scales are fully gone.

5) If it isn’t improving, or seems to be spreading to other areas like of face or body, it is important to seek medical help.

How can you treat Cradle Cap?

For nearly two weeks, I followed the Coconut oil treatment and found slight improvement. As I was very impatient, I preferred to remove the dry flakes from my little one’s scalp ASAP.

You can consult your pediatrician for cradle cap in your baby. He might suggest gentle shampoos which could ward off cradle cap completely within weeks.

One of my hubby’s close friends who works as pharmacist suggested us to use “Dentinox Cradle Cap Treatment Shampoo” which he used for his baby’s cradle cap and finds very effective.

We tried Dentinox shampoo for Rithvik and within a week he got a flake free scalp. This shampoo is very plain and apparently effective but if using be careful not to get into babies eyes.

Please note: Dentinox shampoo is available as an over the counter shampoo at every medical store. But please refrain from buying and using it on your baby without consulting properly.

From my experience I suggest you both the natural remedy which is slow-acting and the alternative remedy after consultation which is fast-acting for cradle cap. So parents don’t worry as it does not bother your baby at all but only bother us ;-))


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