10 Trendy Diwali Gifts for New Moms


diwali gifts for new moms

Diwali is not celebrated in Kerala unlike Tamilnadu or other North Indian states. So the whole concept of Diwali was new to me. As a new bride 4 years back when I came to Mumbai, I was amazed at the ways by which people celebrate Diwali here. Crackers whole day and night, sweets, family hang outs, fun, drinks, delicacies and yes gifts!! In this post I have listed down 10 trendy diwali gifts for new moms.

Motherhood is a blessing its said. But in reality it has its own difficulties especially during the initial days of baby birth. Why not gift those new moms something unique and useful this Diwali?

10 Trendy Diwali Gifts for New Moms:

1. Hot air fryer

Its Diwali time. A new mother would definitely love to relish sweets and fried snacks like jalebies, samosas, kachoris, cutlets and what not. How about gifting her an air fryer which helps her make these fried snacks with less oil and lower calories. Am sure that she cant thank you enough for this amazing gift.


Its that time in a mom’s life where she is tired and sleepless due to the new addition in her life. Why can’t you pamper her by gifting her a TV set that is compact and cozy for her room. She can adjust the volume and watch TV lying in bed or even while feeding baby.

3. Air Conditioner

Winter is on its way. But can you imagine the heat developed in a new mother’s body post baby? In addition to that the scorching hot sun and a baby to be taken care of whole day and night. A compact AC can be an apt gift for her in this Diwali season. Am sure the kiddo would enjoy it too.

4. Hair styler or straightener

A new mom has no time to take care of herself, so what if there is a wedding for her to attend? A house warming ceremony? Going to the parlor to set the hair is no way possible with the baby in hand. How about gifting her the trendy hair styler that comes as a straightner cum paddle brush. Am sure she will consider this as a holy grail product.

5. Roti maker

Ask me how much I wanted a roti maker especially after the birth of my daughter. My hubby hates rice and I never had enough patience or energy to roll the kneaded dough. There would be many new moms like me who go through this stage. Why not gift a roti maker instead of regular ‘diyas’.

6. Box of assorted chocolates

Ever green Diwali gift I say. A box of chocolates would bring in a big smile in anyone’s face. Ask me how much I wanted someone to gift me a bag of chocolates so that I could enjoy one each day. Beat the stress and supress your sweet cravings.

7. Electric cooker

New moms especially in nuclear families love to do quick cooking. I for instance loved my jhatpat dal khichdi or vegetable pulav which can be prepared in minutes. Why not this Diwali gift an electric cooker for a new mom to aid her in cooking?

8. Ethnic or traditional dress material

A new mom would not fit in her old clothes and during Diwali like everyone else in the family she would love to dress up too. Why not gift her an ethnic suit or ‘Churidhar’ material.

9. Spa vouchers

Don’t ask how much physical exertion a new mom has to put in to take care of her baby. Why not let her have her own mee mee time?

Spa vouchers can be an excellent Diwali gift for new moms if there is a person to take care of the baby. Not only the spa session would relax  and rejuvinate her it will make her more cheerful and happy too.

10. Vaccum cleaner

Helpful for a lot many moms who manage household chores all by herself. She can vaccum once the baby is asleep or as an when she wishes to. Vaccuming in turn helps the baby from dust allergies too.

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  1. Hi Sangeetha I think you choose right gift for House wife Because all the gift they are needed. So your ideas are good for giving a good gifts on this Diwali

  2. wow there is an amazing gifts idea. There are lot of other online webstore that offers the wide range of gift items, infibeam is one of the leading online store.

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  4. Lovely post.. And I’ll surely share this with my family.. so they know what to get me… (although Im not a new mom)… But I do think this applies for all moms.. 🙂

    Well done! Hope you have a lovely festive season!

  5. Great blog post Sangeetha, there are some really unique and nice suggestions here for new moms. Wish I had read something like this earlier, would have e-mailed it to friends and family when I had my kids 😉

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