25 Frequently Asked Questions About Food for my Daughter’s Daycare – With Answers !!


food for my daughter's daycare

I have been asked by many moms on how I pack food for Anshika’s daycare and manage time for cooking, packing, office hours and household chores. Here is the post for you : 25 Frequently Asked Questions About Food for my Daughter’s Daycare.

1. When do you prepare food for your daughter ?

I start preparing food for Anshika by 8AM.

2. At what time do you wake up ?

I used to wake up at 6.30 AM . But these days I don’t sit up late at night for blogging, instead I get up at around 4.30 – 5.00 AM, so I get quite a lot time for myself , blog and my family too 🙂

3. What all food do you prepare for your daughter?

You can get a variety of foods I prepared / prepare for my daughter here . Also I swear by the month wise food charts .

4. How do you pack all the snacks till evening ?

I pack all foods in tupperware boxes and sealable lunch boxes. They are quite travel friendly as there is no chance of leakage

5. Other than food , what all you give ?

I give milk and water in medela bottles . A spoon and glass is also provided along with her tiffin bag

6. How do you ask the caretaker at the daycare about the food to be given ?

I give a brief of what all I have prepared for Anshika for that day and the order in which it should be fed . Like porridge with milk , soup , dal rice, apple with milk in the order.

If it’s cheese broccoli mash for lunch, I ask the caretaker to keep that box in the fridge until lunch time. It is then warmed up before Anshika goes for her lunch.

7. How do you decide what to make on a day for your daughter ?

I  decide the menu one day before and shop accordingly. Download the weekly food chart planner for FREE!

8. What all you pack in her daycare bag ?

I pack her dabbas, fruits (apple /banana/ chickoo/pear), warm water, milk, spoon, glass and her daycare essentials in the daycare bag.

9. Do you add sugar / salt or honey in baby food ?

Until my daughter was one, I didn’t use sugar or salt.

Jaggery was used by me in her rava porridge earlier. Now I add a pinch of salt in her soups and honey is added to her cornflakes in the morning.

10. How do you give soups then ?

I cut the veggies into big chunks and steam them .

Once they are cooled, I pack them in box with the remaining water. The caretaker puts them in the fridge, blends it and warms it up before feeding her at soup time which is around 10.30 -11.00 AM.

11. On a day , what all you give to your 1 year old ?

I make it a point to give her 2 cereal portions, veggies, fruits, milk and water on an everyday basis. So I plan accordingly and prepare the menu.

Example : Carrot rava porridgemixed vegetable soup dal khichdimixed fruitshakekerala banana mash

12. How do you give milkshakes then ?

I give whole fruits and milk bottles. I ask the caretaker to blend together and make mixed fruit shake as her evening snack

13. What if you are late to pick her up ? How about her food then ?

I always make it a point to give cerelac or raw banana powder in a separate bottle in case of emergency.

If I am late, the caretaker prepares the food accordingly for her.

14. What if you come home late from office ?

If I am late in reaching home, my hubby would have given her a boiled egg / fruit if she is hungry. I reach home and cook dinner for her then

15. How is she fed milk there ? in bottle ?

Anshika doesn’t drink milk through bottle.

She drinks from a glass. So milk is given to her in a glass and bottles are kept only for storage

16. Does Anshika finish off everything you give ?

Not everyday. If Anshika is not in a mood to have something , that box comes back as it is that day 🙁

17. What is the procedure of heating the prepared food at the daycare ?

NO Microwave is used for warming milk or any other food item.

Food and milk are warmed using gas stoves which helps the food from scalding.

18. What are the must haves in your daughters food bag ?

Kerala banana mash, a bottle of cerelac powder, soup, milk and water bottles are a must everyday.

19. Is it healthy when served at a later time ?

Yes absolutely. To retain the nutrition I don’t puree the soups, instead steam the larger chunks and pack once cooled .

20. Does Anshika drink ample water ?

Water is provided to her after every meal and as and when she demands in a glass.

21. How is she fed ? high chair ? what is the duration of feeds ?

Being a toddler Anshika runs around even while fed . So she is fed as and when she stops to have a mouthful 🙂

22. Won’t cheese and food with milk be spoiled if prepared in the morning ?

All such items would be put into the fridge and warmed up before feeding

23. Is Anshika fed with the other kids ?

Every kid is given a time for meals there at the daycare . But I have seen them sharing the lunch time together.

24. How often is a kid fed there at the daycare ?

There is a difference of 3 hours between every meal.

25. How do you find time for cooking and packing in the morning ?

Initially it was difficult for me . But with time , I learnt time management and things started falling in place.

I hope you were able to find answers to your doubts with respect to daycare food here . Please feel free to ask me anything I have missed out 🙂

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About Author

Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


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  2. OMG could identify with so many daycare problems now that I have recently started daycare with my 2.5 year old! I hate the feeling when I drop her, but somethings are beyond our control, and earning bread and butter is one of them 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips!!

  3. Hi Sangeetha, i have subscribed to your blog and I really appreciate your sharing the knowledge with everyone through this wonderful medium! I refer to your blog for home remedies, recipes and many other things.

    My daughter too goes to day care and started at 8.5 months. When did you daughter start? Mine is 13 months old now and keeps falling ill very frequently with cough/cold/flu etc. I too stay in Mumbai so you know how the weather keeps changing here. I wanted to know if there are any preventive things I can do to keep her from falling sick so often.

    Also, do you mind sharing the day care name? My daughter’s day care use microwave to heat her food and I have repeatedly requested them to use gas but they insist on microwave for convenience. Are there any long term damage of using a microwave?

    Sorry for the long post! Thanks for all your tips and recipes. Your blog is awesome 🙂

    • Neha,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      My daughter started daycare at 3.5 months. You can give her eggs, bell peppers and other foods rich in antioxidants to prevent her from falling sick.

      My daughter went to the NEST daycare in Goregaon East. Microwaved foods are not ideal for babies or adults as it changes the structure of the food itself. But its practiced everywhere these days.

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      • tuesday and thursday i gave her pomegranate juice. Now she is not taking milk and solid food..Dr. is saying that maybe pomegranate juice did not digest. i am totally confused.

          • Betcy ,

            If your baby is constipated pls let the pediatrician know. Give your baby warm water boiled with dry raisins at regular intervals to pass out the motion. Check with the doc too.. Don’t worry your baby would be fine.

            Pomegranate juice can’t be heavy on babies usually as your baby is already 6 months old. If doc says so stop it for 2-3 days and check his pooping and food intake. Dont worry at all .. Its common among all babies to go fussy all of a sudden.

    • Mishika , 6 months and above is ideal as baby could start foreign foods other than breast milk or formula. My baby started her daycare from 4th month , but she was given only expressed breast milk till 6 months .. Charges and facilities you might have to ask the daycare authorities as it depends entirely on them.

      • Thx for reply,my baby completed 6months i want to continue my job but my husband want her to complete 1year ,does it make any difference?

  6. Hi.. can you please tell how you trained your kid to drink milk from glass… my daughter is also breastfed and is not accepting bottle.. she is 1.5 yrs old and would be really thankfull if u could help.. she is very fussy eater too..

    • Hi Chitra ,

      Microwaving can cause scalding ie the heating wouldnt be uniform and it might cause burns if baby takes it .

      Better to heat in a katori / kadai and let it cool or with a lil warmth you can feed the baby.

  7. Very useful. I want to know how you sterlize tiffin boxes n utensils for ur kiddo. n how do you pack sterlized utensils in daycare bag?

  8. Sangeetha, Great job. Hats off to you for managing well and the post was very useful to me . it would be nice to see the food chart you mentioned here and approximate timings on when Anshika eats . Thought it would be useful to me. i love ure blog and ure posts. Keep up the good work. Reena

  9. great post sangeetha…u have answered almost all my questions, I guess….my baby is 8 months now but he is not putting on much weight…Im worried so am thinking of following a Monthwise chart like you…liked your Potato Cheese mash recipe..will surely try & give u feedback… 🙂

  10. Wonderful post, Sangeetha!! I am sure this is going to be very useful for a lot of mothers who work outside their homes. You seem to be a time management expert, please do a post on your daily and weekend routines too 🙂

    • Thanks Fab for the fab comment 🙂 Yes the intention of post was to let them know its possible to multitask if you really manage and utilise time !!Will surey post on my daily and weekend routines too

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