Bag For The Daycare – Checklist + 11 Must Haves


This post gives you a detailed view on the various things to be packed in the bag for your LO’s daycare.

1. Diapers

Diapers are a must in the bag for the daycare. You can either give a bulk of diapers on a monthly basis or provide a small packet every 2-3 days.You can also opt for cloth diapers, if the feel of your baby whole day in diapers makes you uncomfortable

2. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are an imporant item for the daycare. Just like diapers , it can be given in bulk or ask the caretaker to let you know whenever the wipes are about to get finished

3. Diaper Cream/ Anti Rash Cream

If your baby is in diapers , there could be chances of rashes/allergies . Keeping a diaper cream in the daycare bag helps to keep these allergies at bay. Make sure you ask the caretaker to apply the diaper/anti rash cream after every nappy change

4. Feeding Bottle For Milk





Anshika was just on breastmilk till she was 6 months old. Even in daycare, I wanted to make sure that she has enough BM. So I used to express milk and provide about 2-3 bottles for 4 hours and so on.The caretaker would take out the bottle from the refrgerator, warm the milk and give it to my baby

5. Feeding Bottle / Sippy Cup For Water

Water can be given in a feeding bottle till baby is around 7 months. From 8th month sippy cups should be introduced, thereby helping the bottle to cup/glass transition easy

6. Bibs

I love watching my baby play with her food. but cleaning the mess post this activity makes me go mad. Bibs can be a saviour here. There are different types of bibs available in the market for all age groups.

7. Baby Wear

It is always wise to pack 6-7 spare dresses for the baby everyday. Ideal wear for daycare is cotton long sleeved tshirt/tracks or jumpsuits/rompers. Please refrain from satin/nylon/any other material which could make the baby uncomfortable

8. Food For Baby

I believe most of the daycares provide food . If you prefer to prepare and give food for your baby , make sure you suggest the timings and the food for the baby to the caretaker at the daycare

9. Baby Blanket

If you are particular about the blanket used by your baby , you can include a baby blanket in the bag

10. A Plastic Cover / A Washable Reusable Cover

This is for keeping the soiled clothes,bottles and bibs , or else it would mix with the rest of the things in the bag .

11. Socks For Baby

If the daycare is air conditioned , it is advisable to keep socks for your baby if he/she is less than one year old. Socks helps to prevent the heat loss from the body.


  • Always ask the caretaker about the stock of diapers and wipes of your baby
  • If your baby is on medication ,make sure you instruct the caretaker about the timings and the dosage required by the baby
  • You can always keep a notepad and a pen handy , so that you can make a “buy list” of daycare bag essentials.
How about the bag for your LO’s daycare? Do share with us.

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