Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump Starter Pack – Review


medela mini electric breast pump starter kit

As a mom , I wanted Anshika to have BM till she was 6 months old. This thought provoked me to buy Medela Mini Electric Starter Pack Breast Pump from babyoye . Medela is a popular brand in terms of feeding and nursing products. Let’s see how this product fared me.


We benefit from years of experience in the field of breastpumps when developing our products. The Mini Electric is a comfortable electric breastpump developed for short-term or occasional use.

  • Tried-and-trusted: millions of mothers already express milk with the Mini Electric
  • Individual: ideal for occasional electric pumping
  • Convenient: can be operated using only one hand
  • Mobile: compact design and battery operation

PACKAGING : Medela Mini Electric Starter Kit came with so many goodies :). It had a breast pump , a motor ,4 storage bottles , bottle holder , quick clean microwave bags , pump & save breast milk bags, a mini adapter, an icepack bag, cooling element all enclosed in a stylish bag . It also had warranty cards , user manual with it. medela mini electric




mini electrci breast pump


PRICE : 11,599 INR at present , but I got it for 8500 INR as discounts were available at that time


  • Takes lesser time to express milk from your breasts
  • As I expressed often , it helped me to keep up and increase my BM production
  • The bag can be taken as our handbag too as it’s quite good in terms of quality and appearance. Mine was a black bag as shown in the pic
  • Quite user-friendly , can be used with one hand
  • Since it is a mini electric one , it can be used with main supply or with batteries . So even if electricity is gone, you can use it with batteries . If batteries are not available, plug it in with the adapter to the main supply , quite comfortable isn’t ?
  • Light in weight and compact hence travel friendly
  • The medela bottles are sturdy , leak proof and sterilisable
  • The milk storage bags provided with it are quite useful for storage purposes
  • The icepack provided with it can keep the stored milk fresh for about 8 hours
  • The motor is not loud , though I can relate the sound to that of a hair dryer.
  • Easy in expressing and storing milk
  • Can be used about 3 times a day
  • You can choose the most comfortable vacuum level quickly by switching one controller
  • As the pump only comprises four parts, assembly and cleaning only take a few minutes.
  • Bottles are BPA free
  • Available in Amazon, babyoye , flipkart and many other online sites.


  • Expensive

MY EXPERIENCE : I started using it when Anshika was 3 and a half months old. And the breastpump is still in good shape. I had an easy and comfortable time expressing and storing milk with medela mini electric breast pump . Even if electricity wasn’t available I used it with batteries .  I used it thrice a day ; in the morning , post lunch and at night. The stored milk was kept in the icepack and transferred to the freezer when I reached home. At the daycare I asked the caretaker to store it in the refrigerator and warm it up as and when Anshika felt hungry.

Even though it was expensive , I felt it is economical when quality , durability , usage and my baby’s health is taken into consideration . 1 year passed by , still I use the medela bottles without any leakage . The best thing about this product is the stylish bag , I can vouch on this , no one would ever guess that you have a breastpump handy in that bag :P. Anshika was just on BM till 6 months , All thanks to Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump Starter Kit :):)

WOULD I RECOMMEND MEDELA MINI ELECTRIC BREASTPUMP ? Yes for sure. If you a working mom , then medela mini electric breast pump starter pack is just for you 🙂

MY RATING  : 5/5

Have you tried medela breastpumps ?


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  1. Hi Sangeetha, The product that you have described is the starter pack but the link to amazon shows only mini electric pump, which I presume does not have the bags and other additional bottles. Is it the same? can you please clarify?
    Thanks, Dr. Banu

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  5. Hi, product description says its for occasional use. I planning to use daily for 2-3 times. Will you reco this or medela swing? My budget is 8-10 k. I can get mini electric brand new or swing second hand wid new bottles. N is it safe to use second hand pump?

    • Hi Geetika ,

      Yeah Medela mini electric can be used 2 times a day as per my personal exp. Medela swing\’s motor is powerful, produces less noise and pumps faster than the mini electric … Second hand pumps are safe to use if its its sterilised and sanitised properly. try with new breast shield and bottles if you can. If you plan to pump frequently a day , then go for swing ones…

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