Top 4 GirlsWear in Denim – A Sneak Peek into Anshika’s Wardrobe


girlswear in denim

Are you a denim lover ? I am and I think Anshika is too. This post gives you a sneak peek into the top 4 girlswear in denim from my daughter’s wardrobe.

When I was in Kerala , my brother asked me if I get jeans pant for babies too , seeing Anshika wearing one . She is a tomboy and she seems comfortable in a pant – tee , romper or jumpsuit. Lets see one by one , shall we ?

1. Baby Pink Denim Jumpsuit

denim for girls

This is one of the cutest one from her denim collection . The pair for it is a pink and white striped round neck tshirt . But I love to experiment with the tee shirts here. What makes it different is that it is so comfortable , light and the little giraffe that stands out 🙂 As I have bought a larger sized one , Anshika can wear it until she is two years old. Costs around 650 INR.

2. Denim Pinafore

rompers for girls

This denim pinafore was gifted to Anshika on her first birthday  by my colleague . It can be paired up with a tee or a long sleeved shirt . But Anshika loves to wear as it is . Whenever we go out during the day , its her favourite . Price : Priceless , as its a gift

3. Blue Denim Rompers

denim for kids online

I bought this along with the baby pink denim jumpsuit. It is so light in weight , and can be paired with any tees. The pair given with this is a red round necked tshirt. Costs around 625 INR

4. Jeans Pant

jeans for girls

Whenever we are going out and Anshika is cranky , this is our saviour . Just put on a tshirt with this jeans , Anshika is all set to go. Bought this from a kids store which sells only denims and the salesman was happy to help me with a jeans pant for a 10 month old :). Costs 275 INR

I look forward to buying denim short skirts too .

Does your LO loves denims ? Do share with me the denim collection of your tot.


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