How We Celebrated Our Daughter’s First Birthday ?


First birthdays are always auspicious for parents and want to make it worth remembering forever .We as parents wanted her to have a very simple, but memorable birthday for our sweetheart . Moreover keeping in mind the Uttrakhand incidents , we planned to make it even more simpler , obviosuly thinking about  the victims especially the kids who lost their home, belongings and even parents !!

The frock she wore on her birthday was gifted by her Uncle who was over the top excited for her first birthday , we felt that he would fly all the way from Qatar to see and wish his first niece , his favourite one obviously  :P.

We made her cut a pastry when the clock struck 12 AM on 13th July’13 , aware that she was the least interested person in the pastry 😛 . She was more interested in the burning candle instead 😛 🙂

She continued her regular routine of food throughout the day , and yeah she slept for a longer time than the regular days ,I think it was the bestest gift for her birthday 🙂

We made her plant a tulsi sapling marking her birthday and keeping green in mind. We as parents have already exploited and taken away everything from our nature , so let our kids give back whatever we took from mother earth :)No photo of this , as even our hands were covered with soil and water.

Evening , we went to her daycare , to cut the cake and celebrate a teenie weenie birthday with her friends 🙂 We took photos and gave return gifts . Soon after the cake cutting , she felt hungry and wanted to get out of her gown asap. She was fed and was dressdowned to a diaper in which she felt the happiest 🙂 😛 . She roamed around the daycare as to show us its her second home , checking out every nook and corner of it 😛

We donated an amount to the Uttarakhand Relief fund platformed by GOONJ . I wanted to donate her and our clothes for the needy too, but I hadn’t arranged everything ready for it , so we decided to do it later.

 We took her to the playarea in a  mall near by, where she was found enjoying a car-ride , We were sure the enthu with which she handled the buttons and stearing , she was happy , happiest !!

We went for a dinner where she had her favourite chicken soup and chicken pilaf !!

We hope and believe that she had a good birthday from her parents . Let her grow up a bit , I am sure she will start demanding for birthday parties and gifts , till then its all simple and humble without any shor-dor 🙂

How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday . Do let us know.


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