From Flab To Fab – My Weight Loss Journey, Diet & Exercise Regime


At my baby’s 6 months Annaprashan

On my daughter’s 1st birthday

As soon as I posted my latest pic in FB, many new moms wanted to know how I lost my pregnancy weight and became fit and fine ! This post is all about my weightloss journey , food and exercise regimes.

Let me tell you I am a foodie to the core , and I took my pregnancy and post delivery phase to indulge in everything I could , right from ice creams, tubs of dark chocolate to plates of ghee rice with chicken curry !!

My funda was anyway we put on during pregnancy , so why not put on eating everything we could ?? As a result of the so called funda, I put on 12 kgs during pregnancy reaching 72 (Though my Amma  thought I would hit a century !! Thanks to my metabolic rate :) )

Post delivery, for the first 11 months , I remained the same ; eating- anything- offered -to-me , even ate at midnight as I was breast feeding at night too.

Baby’s health was important to me , crash dieting could leave me and my baby irritable and I was too lazy to exercise. So the entire 11 months post delivery , breastfeeding was my sole exercise. Breastfeeding a baby burns out about 500 calories from a mom’s body !! Plus the household chores and caring for  your baby will add to the calorie burning rate.

I put on 12-14 kgs during my pregnancy,  reaching 72 kgs. Post 11 months , my weight dropped to 66 kgs and now 58 :) yeah you read it right ? How I achieved this ; simple , easy plus no cash flows to the slimming centres or pills.

1. Started walking for 40 minutes to 1 hour in the evening

2. Cut out all CRAP ( Caffeine , Refined Flour, Alcohol/any addiction and Processed food)

3. Started eating wisely , the diet which I follow and could be followed by anyone is given below.

  • 6.30 AM , after brushing – A glass of warm water with half a lemon juice; helps to remove toxins from your body followed by a fruit
  • Go to the loo and basic routine
  • 8.00-8.30 AM – 2 sliced brown bread sandwich / a cup of cornflakes with a cup of milk / 1 chappati with mixed vegetable curry / broken wheat upma with veggies
  • 10.30 AM – 11.00 AM – 1 or two musambis /sweet lime /oranges, whole fruit , not juice
  • 1.00 PM –  1 bowl salad + 1 bowl dal + 2 rotis/rice + 1 glass buttermilk
  • 3.30 PM – 1 cup green tea
  • 5.00 PM – 1 cup chana and puffed rice with cut onions, tomatoes and cucumber/ 2 cream crackers / 2 diet khakra
  • 5.45 PM – evening walk for 40 minutes
  • 7.00 – 7.30 PM – broken wheat upma with veggies / same as lunch – buttermilk
  • Before  bedtime – 1 cup of milk

UPDATE: Started using whole milk ghee and milk in my diet.

Hope my weight loss journey inspires one mom or two. Do share with me your queries / doubts or weight loss journeys.
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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi..
    I had c-section delivery 3months .i used to wrap my tummy with cotton sare for 2 months and now I am using abdominal support belt even though my tummy has not decreased.please suggest me to reduce belly fat and how much time will take.please suggest me

  2. Hi
    Iam prashanti
    Now my baby 2mnths 17 days old now iam planning to control my weight is it right time r not.
    Iam not giving breast feeding bcoz of no milk.before pregnent my weight 70 now 90 kgs.bcoz of heavy weight iam getting leg pains please tell me precisions.

  3. hey, im ambika , im mom of 3yr old daughter .I have put on lots of weight now, I have tried all things but not able to fit in my old dress my weight is 62 now can u plz help me come down at least 10-12 kgs dear.i tried aerobics, out-door games, skipping all stuffs , im feeling very bad plz help me out mam.

  4. hi sangeetha vry inspiring…though its a c section ,before pregnancy i was 63kgs
    during pregnancy i was 85 kgs,,after delivery it reduced to 74kgs
    n nw ma baby s 3mnths old nw ma weight is 76 still i follow health eatting i avoide junk,over salted n oilee foods but still its nt reducing… help me…im so worried

  5. Hey Sangeetha, u r awesome mum n great guide to all of us…superb diet chart…am mum to nine month baby..but I never get time to do anything I should be with him always but at the same time am worried about my tummy weight…thanks for ur tips n sites il go through it

  6. Hi Sangeetha 4months back i gave birth to a baby girl by csec ,i reached 70kg(height 5’1) at the time of delivery,now after 4months i am 55kg,i am solely breastfeeding and doing household work,my tummy is not flat yet give some tips

    • Hi Anju ,

      As of now start walking. Start eating healthy .. Once you start weaning , you can start exercises with the consent of the gyno. As yours was a c section , take plenty of rest and start slowly .. You will lose weight.. Trust me ..

  7. yamuna balamurugan on

    hi sangee i had a C SESSION , will it work to reduce my belly too , even i was 72 same like u now 65 after 5 month, worried lot abt my belly , i hv confidence in loosing my weight , but worrying abt belly so pls suggest some ideas, dear.

    • Haha Suvarna .. Just think all the swwets you have directly go to your waist line and thighs ..Imagine such a shape , you will gradually start losing interest in sweets ..

      And yes once in a while sweets are ok Suvarna

  8. Hey Sangee,
    Very Good Morning……….!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe we have so much of things in similar frequency. To begin with, I am also 26 years old. I had reached 72kgs (5’3 height) during my pregnancy and on Jianna’s 1st Birthday (15th December) I was 58 kgs but I am still to reach my pre-pregnancy weight i.e. 55 kgs. Even I hate crash dieting. I didn’t even cut on my junk food but yes, household work did all the magic and zeroing on “no-sugar” funda. You can always connect to me on Facebook, do search with ” Anjana N Jins Joseph “, would love to know more about you.
    Stay in Touch!!!

      • Hiii sangeetha,
        read ur wt loss journey….my son is now 2.3 years. my wt. at the time of pregnancy was 75 ,after delivery it reached to 65 then increased to 66. as of today i could only able to reach 63. yes i losed fat definitely but i want to lose weight to reach 56 kg. pls. help me. awaiting ur reply.

  9. That's indeed a healthy diet and kudos to you for losing all that weight. I am still carrying on the baby weight even though my daughter is 4 now. 🙁 Thanks for the inspiration.

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