Vikas Tiny Board Book for babies – Review


Have you seen Baby’s Day Out ? I was watching it yesterday that it reminded me of my baby’s first book ! Yes her Vikas tiny board vegetables book !!

We bought it when Anshika was 4 months old. At that time , I used to open the book , show to her and flip pages one by one spelling out loudly each vegetable’s name . She used to roll her eyes uttering BOOO BOOO….

Time flies so soon na ? That 4 month old baby is 1 year old , but the love for her book remains the same. She will sit down with the book , flip each page, blabbing something or the other , pointing at each vegetable !! Sometimes sit over the book , bite it or else throw away with full force as if abandoning it .

Is this board book really good? Lets find out.

Price : 30 INR


  • Quality of each page is superb , thereby helping the baby to flip pages over
  • No sharp edges , keeping baby fingers safe
  • Veggies of different colours depicted beautifully
  • Inexpensive
  • Handy for baby and kids
  • Available online and in bookstores
  • Doesnt get damaged even if my baby throws it


  • No 3D pictures , for touch and feel effect 🙁

My experience : I love it and feels happy whenever she opens it and flips through as If she has to choose veggies for the curry she makes !!

Would I recommend it ? Yes , why not !! I am all set to buy more board books for her now

My rating : 4.5/5

How about your Little One’s favourite book ? Do share with us

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