Broccoli Cheese Soup/Mash For 8 Months+ Baby


Say cheese!!! Do you like cheese? I am not a great fan of cheese though I indulge in them, once in two weeks or so.

When it came to my baby, she has got her father’s taste buds; she loves cheese! So when she turned eight months old, all I thought was introducing cheese as part of her intake.

I knew cheese goes very well with broccoli, so why not make a dish out of it for my girl, here the recipe goes.

Cheese is rich in calcium, protein, phosphorous and fat, whereas broccoli is enriched with Vitamin C and dietary fibers. Lets see how to make broccoli cheese soup /mash.

Things required

  1.  Cheese – 1 slice
  2. Broccoli – 5 florets
  3. Water –  half a cup


  • Wash the broccoli florets well
  • Steam the florets with water or upto one whistle in pressure cooker
  • When cooled , purée the steamed broccoli with Cheese
  • Add water to adjust the mash consistency and yummy broccoli cheese soup or mash is ready

Note: Check for gas / allergy reactions when you first introduce this to your baby

I used Britannia cheese along with broccoli for my baby.

My baby loves this and I hope your baby loves it too.

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Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


  1. Hi. Really mice n helpful blog. Love reading ur articles. Very informative.
    Just a small doubt abt the above recipe cheese n broccoli soup. As v knw cheese is for calcium wheras broccoli has high content of iron. Calcium hampers the absorption of iron. Then should v mix dese two ingredients n give d baby?? I am not sure of my understanding is correct. Would love to lnow ur views on this

  2. Hai this blog is very helpful for post more recipes for toddlers

    And my question is my son 2yrs 3months old he his geeting up in middle of night and asking milk to stop giving milk what can I do and do give me the recipies of any powdered should to add or home made powders to mix in the milk …kindly reply to my query than you..waiting for your reply

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    • Hi Shama ,

      We need not melt cheese before grinding.. It blends it with teh broccoli as it is steamed .. Blend well until cheese gels with teh entire mixture ..

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