Free Printable Weekly Food Chart Planner for Babies


weekly food chart planner

I had been thinking of doing a free printable weekly food chart planner for babies and kids from the time I started month wise food charts here. Blame the procrastination, I always chanted the ‘next time next time’ mantra! The beauty is that the ‘next time’ never came, until one day I decided to stop this procrastination completely.

I had so many fears in me when it came to preparing a printable chart. Whether people would like it, would it be fancy, too simple, printable in a single sheet, feminine, stylish; my fears and thoughts had no end!

Yesterday I decided to face my fear. When Anshika slept in the afternoon, I sat with my laptop and planned a simple chart in a word document. I sent it to my friends for review. They appreciated me and it boosted my confidence to present it to you all my lovely readers. It’s the free printable weekly food chart planner for babies and toddlers.

Free Printable Weekly Food Chart Planner 


This weekly meal planner or weekly food chart planner is pretty simple and clean. Nothing fancy but quite useful and can be customized according to the age of your baby.

I found this useful to keep a track of my daughter’s food habits for a particular month/week. As a working mom, these food chart planners helped me a lot to plan for the rest of the week.

  • How can you download this printable?

Just click on the image, it will redirect you to the printable version. You can also click here to get a free printable download.

  • How you can use this free printable weekly meal planner?

You can take print out of the required no: of copies. Plan for each week the various foods that you can provide for your baby with the help of month wise food charts.

Use pencil in case of doubts. If you use this printable, there would be 4-5 meal charts for a month which is exhaustive and pretty easy for you to track the food intake of your little one.

  • How will this meal planner help you?

  1. Helps you to plan groceries
  2. Help you to offer a variety of foods in a week for your kid
  3. Know the likes and dislikes of your little one
  4. Know which food caused allergy and which one to stick to
  5. Helps you to be prepared with the next week’s cooking schedule for your baby
  • Where can I stick this printable in my house?

I always paste it on my fridge with a a small piece of cello tape or fridge magnet . You can stick on your kitchen wall too above your gas stove.

Hope you find this free printable weekly meal planner useful. Let me know if you have any doubts and your response as well.

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Happy Planning !!


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  1. Kiran Choudhary on

    Hello Sangeetha di,
    My son is 32 months old & his weight is 11kg, he is picky eater, he always wanna eat medium spicy food specially homemade whereas he ready to eat anything readymade of market. He make me so confuse what to make and how that he love to eat. He is soon going nxt class from pre nursery to nursery.
    Please guide me how to convince him for healthy eating.
    Also tell me food chart month wise of this age.

  2. Hi,

    My baby girl 16mth old and her weigh is 7.800 kgs, her not properly eating food, how’z increase weight. only eating like food, milk and other is depending her mood.

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