FREE Printable Food Chart for 2 Year Old


food chart for 2 year old

As usual I was sitting with my laptop to write my blog post for the day at 4.30 am. Amma passed by my room and saw me awake with the laptop. She asked me whether I was writing post to which I nodded yes. ‘Where do you get topics to write from?  How do you write everyday?’ was her next question. I told ‘Amma, my readers ask me a lot of questions and I answer to all of them. If I have to give a descriptive reply I turn them into posts ‘. Amma was convinced with my answer, I hope you too. This food chart was asked by many parents and here I am with a printable food chart for 2 year old.

Month wise food charts are the most searched section in our blog. Did you download the free printable weekly food chart planner? The combo of both helps you to be assured of the proper food intake and nutritional requirements of your little one. You can customize this food chart as per your kid’s tastes and likes.

As a toddler reaches 2, his body becomes slender. He loses the baby fat; his arms and legs lengthen. His physical activities also increase along with requirement for additional calories for growth and development. I have taken care of all these nutritional needs in my food chart for 2 year old. Also I have added the much liked pasta, muesli, cornflakes and other options in this food chart for 2 year old.

A 2 year old can have a small bowl of whatever you have with less spice. Feed until he or she is full and refrain from force feeding.






Puri with potato curry

Mixed vegetable soup Roti with daal Cut fruits

Ragi porridge


Dosa with coconut chutney/sambar

Tomato soup Rice and fish curry Mixed fruits milkshake

Rice kheer

 WED Suji sheera/upma Beetroot soup Dal khichdi Eggs boiled/scrambled Raw banana porridge

Idli with chutney/ sambar

Spinach soup Chicken with rice/roti Vegetable cutlet

Pasta in tomato base


Bread with butter/ghee

Gruel water or kanji pani

Curd rice with vegetable stir fry Roasted nuts with almond milk

Fish curry with rice/roti


Roti with any vegetable stir fry/ chocos/muesli with milk

  Chicken soup Roti with vegetable kuruma/aviyal Brown bread cheese pizza

Dal khichdi with veggies


Bread omelette

  Butter milk Vegetable pulav Poha

Tomato rice

Download the FREE food chart for 2 year old:

I have provided a mix of North Indian as well as South Indian home made foods so that you can customize according to your convenience. If you prefer a pure vegeterian food chart, replace the non veg with dishes of green peas, paneer, mushroom or soya. You can download the food chart for FREE by clicking here.

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  1. Hi, my 2yrs 3months old daughter refuse to eat food. She ate little bit only. I tried lot of recipes but she refused.. 3times she drunk milk only. Sometimes ate fruits. She s very lean.. I feel worry. Pls help..

  2. My 4yrs son is not having milk at morning ,so what should I give him instead. My daughter is going to be 2 yrs at the end of this month, should I do potty training?I can find her poo very rare in the diaper and her stool is very smelly,hard and dark.

  3. hi sangeetha chechi, am Revathy, it’s an amazing blog, this food chart helped me a lot.I was searching for nutritious food for my fussy 2 yrs daughter, now am relaxed and got an idea of preparing food, thank you for this blog.I need food chart for my 4yrs son.

  4. hi
    my daughter is going to complete 2 years. she pee a lot after drinking milk. plz tell me something about this

  5. Hi , i just got chance today to read this post . I also need the idea of food chart for my 22 months old fussy eater. As i am from kathmandu, we have no idea of dosa ,idli ,sambhar etc… so can u suggest me how can i prepare this chart .Currently i’m giving her khichadi in regulatrbasis at dinner, home made cerlac as breakfast ,afternoon she goes to child care, after that fruits and a cup of milk as snacks .

    Can u please give some idea to make the food chart.

  6. Hi….
    Just came across your food chart for a 2 yr toddler.. My lo is turning in couple of weeks but still relies heavily on bottle milk.. She eats rice just 2 times a day that too force feeding.. She never has brkfast n eve snacks .. I hav tried fruits, juices, biscuits, nuts, milkshakes n all the stuff that i make at home but yet no luck.. Plz help .. Its very difficult when i am travelling taking her.. Cos den i buy cerelac.. Its becoming very difficult.. 🙁

  7. Hi, my daughter is 21 months but still on purees… She hs a sensitive thtoat thus i cant gv her any coarse food or just our table food… Can u help guise how should i proceed to introduce them ?
    She takes a few small bites of dosas but later gags and then throws up.

    • Neetha,

      Give her apple, pear and cheese cubes to play everyday evening. She will start nibbling on it and gradually get used to it. Start solid porridges like cornflakes in milk, oats in milk etc so that she will start taking coarse foods. Stop blending foods.

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