Summer Care for Babies


summer care for babies

Hi everyone. How are you doing? I had taken a break from blogging for the past 2 weeks as I had gone to Kerala. Back to Mumbai laziness and writer’s block welcomed, embraced me with open arms 🙁

But I had to make my way or else my passion for writing would die out . So here I am back with my new article, Summer care for babies.

How is the weather / climate at your place ? Back at Kerala the weather was unpredictable, dark rainy clouds and thunderous nights followed by sunny days.

You know out of us three , who enjoyed the most ? Yes you are right, Anshika, she enjoyed to the core running up and down  in the long verandhas, drenching in the rain and keeping awake even in the wee hours chit chatting with her grandparents 🙂

Back to Mumbai now feeling the climate is unbearable , hua hua hooot !! But us human beings blame everything right. When its hot we say oh my god its ssoo hot and when the rain starts we complain its just raining all throughout the day and night . Isnt 😛 ?

Lets see the tips for baby care during summer.

Please refrain from going out with babies from 11.00 AM – 3.00 PM .

Summer Care for Babies – Things To Be Taken Care Of:

1. Wear Light-colored clothing

I hate to see the babies covered with thick woolen clothes and when they cry at the top of their lungs due to the heat produced by the woolen wear.

Light colored cotton clothes are the best for babies and kids in general when it comes to sweaty summers ! Tuck in all the shiny, sequenced , fancy, nylon and woolen wears inside the cupboards or dump them off in suitcases for winters / cold.

For summers , cotton is the key, yes even for babies 🙂

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen for babies ? Oh yes they need it too … Choose a good and mild sunscreen for babies as they need to be protected from harsh sun too

3. Hats / Caps / Umbrellas

Protect your baby’s face and hair using large caps / hats / umbrellas so that the direct sun rays wont affect your baby’s skin.

4. Bathing Twice

A cool bath using the cold water/ luke warm water splash can be relaxing for babies as well.

5. Oil Massage 

Before a good needed bath , a good oil massage can provide the coolness required for a baby’s body . Its said massaging oil on the baby’s sole / feet can provide soothing effect to the whole body.

6. Hydrate Well

As the heat builds up, the glucose levels go down and its very important to keep the electrolyte and glucose levels up. Butter milk , lassi, boiled cooled water , coconut water etc can all be provided for 6 M+ babies.

If you baby is less than 6 months old , breastfeeding is the only hydration required. Not even water is required for exclusively breastfed babies.

 7. Wear Light Moisturizer / Creams

Post bath , apply a light and gentle moisturizer to retain the natural oils of baby’s body.

8. Dry Diaper Times

Make sure the diaper area is pat dry before putting on another diaper . The wetness / dampness creates the infection during summers. You can also invest in good diaper creams for your baby. Its always better to allow diaper free time in a day.

If your AC / cooler is on, make sure baby is moisturized twice once in the morning and at night.

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Do let me know how you take care of your baby during summers.


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