Warning: Watch Out for These Toxic Chemicals in Baby Care Products


toxic chemicals in baby care products

Do you read labels when buying baby care products ? If not , start from today!! Knowing the ingredients or what goes into a baby care product is pretty much essential these days. Recently a popular baby care brand was in the news as the potential ethylene oxide – a human carcinogenic was found in the baby powder manufactured by them. I remember one of their factories in Mumbai was also shut down though the ban on the brand was removed later. Scary isn’t ? Today we will see the list of 19 toxic chemicals in baby care products and their toxic effects.

19 Toxic Chemicals in Baby Care Products

1Sodium Laurel Suplhate (SLS)Skin irritation, When combined with other chemicals produces a caricinogenic nitrosamineBaby shampoos, cleansers
2Sodium Laureth Sulphates (SLES)Skin irritation, When combined with other chemicals produces a caricinogenic nitrosamineBaby shampoos, cleansers
3CetearthSkin irritation, organ damage, neuro toxicityBaby body wash, sunscreen, baby lotions
4TalcNaturally infused with asbestos, a known carcinogenicBaby talcum powders
5OctinoxateAlters hormone levels Baby sunscreens
6Mineral OilClogs pores of the skin as its occlusiveBaby mineral oils
7DMDM HydantoinIrritates skin, hampers the immune systemBaby shampoos, soaps, lotions, talcum powder, sunscreen
8TriethanolamineImmune system toxicant, organ damage, respiratort toxicant Bubble baths, shampoos, soaps
9TriclosanHeart problems, paralysis, brain haeommorhagesBaby soaps, wipes
10OxybenzoneDisrupts the hormones, skin irritantBaby sunscreen
11ParabenBreast cancer, male reproductive abnormalitiesBaby lotion, baby creams
12Hydrogenated cotton seed oilCould be contaminated with mercury , arsenic and lead Baby oils , creams
13Sodium Stearoyl LactylateSkin irritantBaby oil, shampoos, lotions
14Benzoic acidSkin irritant, combine with Vitamin C to form benzene, a known carcinogenic Medicines
15Cetearyl AlcoholSkin irritantbaby lotions, creams
16PEG compoundsAbsorbs toxins like DDT from atmosphereBaby lotions and creams
17FormaldehydeAllergy, asthma, cancerBaby creams and lotions
18PhthalatesBirth defects, respiratory toxicant, reproductive abnormalities, liver, kidney damageBaby oils, insect repellents
19Parfum / fragranceSkin irritantLotions, creams, shampoos, soaps, body wash

When buying toys for your baby or kid avoid the ones with recycling number 3 as it contains Phthalates.

Though most of these chemicals are used as fragrant ingredient, pH regulator, solvent or stabilizing agents or preservatives they possess hazardous effects only  if used in  large quantities. But we can’t omit the toxic effects of these chemicals as we use it life long.

toxic chemicals in baby care products

Better safe to be sorry isn’t? Invest in natural or organic or fragrance free preservative free baby care products . Next time when you shop for baby care products, read the label carefully and omit the ones if they contain xynol, oleth, dyes, fragrance, paraben etc.

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