Everything About Home Made Cerelac for Babies You Need to Know


I am glad to tell you that my home made cerelac posted last month was well received by a lot many moms.

Many questions were asked about the whole grains used, shelf life period, storage mode, age group for consumption etc. Hence  thought of compiling a post on the home made cerelac for babies with the frequently asked questions on it.

home made cerelac for babies

A to Z of Home Made Cerelac for Babies:

  • Which are the grains I can use for this home made cerelac or sattu maavu porridge?

Ragi, Bajra (kambu), Wheat, Orange corn, White corn, Red or brown rice, Green gram , Channa dal, Fridegram, Urad dal, Almonds, Cashew, Peanut, Pistachio, a small piece of dry ginger are the ingredients of this home made cerelac or sattu maavu porridge powder.

  • Where can I buy these whole grains or ingredients from?

You can buy these whole grains from provision stores or super markets.

  • So many grains are used , won’t it cause gas in babies ?

The whole grains used in this home made cerelac powder might cause gas . To curb the gas, a small piece of dry ginger is also powdered and added to the sattu maavu. It provides a nice aroma to the whole mixture.

  • How to cook home made cerelac ?

Take a cup of boiled milk . Dissolve 2 tablespoons of sattu maavu or home made cerelac in it until no lumps are formed. Now place it on the stove and stir well.

home made cerelac for babies

home made cerelac for babies

home made cerelac for babies

Once the porridge is cooked , simmer it for 1-2 minutes and then let it cool down. Add ghee and sugar or jaggery if required.

home made cerelac for babies

home made cerelac for babies

  • Which milk have you used in sattu maavu porridge?

Whole cream cow’s milk is ideal for 1 year plus baby. If your baby is less than 11 months, you can prepare sattu maavu kanji or cerelac porridge in plain water .

  • Can I add formula to this home made cerelac ?

Yes formula can be added. Once the porridge is cooked , prepare formula separately. Add the prepared formula to the porridge and mix well.

  • What is the shelf life of this home made cerelac powder ?

Shelf life of home made cerelac powder in summers is up to 2-3 months. In rainy season, store it upto a maximum of 1 month . Its ideal to make small fresh batches of this home made cerelac.

  • How should I store this home made cerelac powder at home ?

Home made cerelac powder once prepared can be stored in an air tight container .

  • How can I know whether the porridge is cooked ?

Once the porridge is cooked , it starts coming off from the edge towards the centre of the kadai in which its cooked and the consistency changes from liquid to a thicker one.

  • Will home made cerelac help in weight gain ?

Definitely. You can add ghee and jaggery/ sugar to increase the nutritional value.

  • How many times a day or week can I give this home made cerelac porridge ?

Everyday you can make this sattu maavu porridge a part of baby’s diet for breakfast or dinner.

  • From which age group can I give this porridge to my baby ?

It can be best started from 10th or 11th month.

  • Can I add sugar or jaggery to this porridge ?

Yes sugar or jaggery can be added to sweeten the sattu maavu kanji or porridge.

  • Can I add honey to this saatu maavu kanji ?

Honey can be added for babies above 1 year of age. For babies less than 1 year jaggery, dates, palm sugar or sugar can be used.

Hope you liked this article about home made cerelac. Any more questions or queries , do let me know.


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  1. I had soaked even rice and urad dal overnight and left for sprouting for few hours..after that roasted till brown..when I made the porridge by cooking it for few minutes if tasted as though the roasted ingredients are still not very soft..do I sieve the mixture further?

  2. Hello mam,
    Instead of whole wheat can I add wheat rava?I’m not able to get both the corns shall I leave them n proceed.pls advice.

    • Siya,

      A 6 month old’s tummy is too immature to accept and digest the dry fruits in cerelac. You can start with purees, fruits as of now. When your baby is at least 10 months, you can start this cerelac.

  3. I took use the same home made kanjipodi . . I prepare this in pomegranate extract rather thank plain water for my eleven month old boy 🙂 It will be good in antioxidant

  4. I seen your post on homemade cerelac last month on FB and tried it immediately. My daughter enjoys it for breakfast. Thank you for such valuable and useful information. I too trust only homemade food form my baby.

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