Mebelkart Hanging Mosquito Nets for Double Bed


As a mom , I have felt guilty when I see the bumps caused by the mosquitoes on my baby’s face. I was browsing through several sites including Amazon , when I saw this amazing product. I believe it would be an apt buy considering the mosquito problem at this time. The must buy product which I am talking is Mebelkart Hanging Mosquito Nets for Double Bed.

The net looks so cute . As it covers the whole bed , there is no need to worry that the mosquitoes would sneak in. This can be used for 6*6 and 7*7  feet bed size. The product description says its easy to install at the same time could be folded post usage . Quite comfortable na ? The price is 489 INR. Worth the safety and protection it offers from the deadly mosquitoes isn’t ? That’s why I chose this as the must buy product. I own one but in green color , it looks so romantic hehe.. Will post photos of those sometime later as its locked out in my suitcase in our old house 😛

If you are not interested in buying the mosquito net , you can opt in for the chicco mosquito repellent mentioned here.

You can click on the above image and it would be redirected to the price and other information. Happy Parenting. Take good care of yourself.


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