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ask meHeyy how are you doing ? I am not doing so good , climate is the culprit . Out of no where rains started here which gave me a very bad cold, sore throat and cough. But I ended up in an entrepreneurial meetup yesterday where in I could contribute my ideas to like-minded audience . And you know what they all encouraged me for my blog’s vision in future. Just like YOU ALL !! Thanks for the encouragement and support extended by you 🙂

You must have already read my ask me question post here. Here is the second part.

  • My 8 month old baby is very bad takes an hour to make her sleep .using swing to sooth her to sleep but she doesn’t like to be in swing ultimately ending up nursing her.i am very exhausted because I have to be with her all the time nursing her while she is sleeping otherwise she wakes up from sleep and starts crying..need advice in this..I tried different methods to make her sleep but she is not at all comfortable … 🙁

I know what it feels like . But the problem with a baby is that they get used to very quickly 🙂 Once you start swinging , they want that until they feel like stopping. Nursing also is the same thing, we got them used to it and then we ourselves find it difficult after a period of time. I guess it happens with almost all moms.

Don’t worry, keep trying one methods or the other , try taking on the shoulders patting , switching off the lights etc each day 🙂

  • I am a mom of 6 month old baby,now he rotates when i take water 2 wash his head,do u have any suggestions about worry is when he rotates while bathing, a lot of water is entering into his ears and i have heard tat it will cause infection and later hearing loss.

Hi as you told water entering into baby’s ears could cause infection. So a better way is to use large cotton balls in his ears and to remove it immediately after the bath. Make sure the cotton ball is not stuck deep into baby’s ears . You could also use cotton pads which come in the shape of headphones which is safe and easy to use.

Recently I have heard and seen about shampoo caps/hats which could prevent water from flowing to the face or ears while giving head bath available in Amazon, flipkart and many other online stores.

  • My baby boy is 7 month old and my question is whether NESTLÉ CERELAC is safe for babies? how many times in a day can give this to my baby?

Yes definitely it’s a baby food and its completely safe. But I would suggest you to keep it for emergency times like when you are travelling , when you are not well , when you have a function to attend etc. Anytime of the day homemade food is the best food for a baby, please try to stick to it as far as possible and at times as mentioned above you can opt for cerelac too 🙂

  • I have gained 18 kilos after postpartum.I started exercising when my baby was 2.5 months old.but my joints got I in laws are non vegetarians.So we cook lots of it and they force me to have it too.My question is how can I get slim with all this problems?I even heard that one should not stop exercise or else they will get fat. Is that true?

Hi dear . Being non veg doesn’t make you fat , yes you heard it right 🙂 Even in non veg opt for greasy and oil free items like tandoori and grilled ones. Non veg being high in proteins really helps in weight loss but since we make it with a lot of ghee, oil and masala the fat contents goes up adding to the cholesterol levels.

Always opt for while lean meat like chicken and have egg whites everyday in any form. You will lose weight while eating non veg too. If you want a non veg diet for weight loss please let me know.

And yeah no exercise in any form makes you fat 100% :(.

  • My daughter is 3.5 months old..she has suddenly stopped cooing and the baby talk. But constantly tries to roll….we are worried. She responds to our voices..smiles but doesn’t make cooing sounds. Help !!!

I am sure by now your baby must have learnt many more new things isn’t ? It’s completely normal , babies try to experiment with themselves with sounds , touch and feel.

  • My daughter is not drinking enough water.she hates her water bottle.I have tried different types of bottles,glasses.sip glasses.but no use. Pls give some tips.can I add panamkalkandam.but my hubby says once she used to it wont drink plain water.what to do? n this abt me,can i drink green tea?am stillbreast feeding.does it affect my aami’s health. green tea removes my tummy fat.its proven.but am confused my case breast feed didn’t reduce my body wait. Infact I gained a lot.

Hi even I faced the same problem of Anshika not accepting and having enough water. You can read about it here. If your baby is above 8 months old , you can start green tea a cup a day. You can also consult your gyno if you are concerned about green tea. It’s better to avoid as it contains caffeine , so its better to stay off and start mild walks everyday to get those fat burnt .

Hope you liked this article. Will be back with many more articles. Till then bye , have a great Sunday :):)


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  1. notsure if it helps..reg the first prob with baby nap..hav u tried a rocker?ihad and at times havthis prob..but I bot a bouncer for my baby wen sheturned 2months or so..and it was a relief…

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