First food for Your 6 month Old Baby – Lentil Soup


This was the first food /liquid given by me to my daughter when she turned six months! Simple, tasty and healthy three words I can use to describe this nutritious n yummy soup :).

This lentil soup/dal pani is rich in manganese, iron and dietary fibre , low in saturated fat , have zero cholesterol and low sugar.

As per the advice of my ped , I followed the 7 day simple rule.

Slurp ! My baby took it in a moment and that was one of the awesomest moments in my life , she smacking her lips and opening her mouth for more!

So jumping straight to the recipe for our little customer 🙂

First of all, sterilise all the feeding equipments of baby including spoon,katori /bowl and wire mesh sieve.

Things Required  

  • Split yellow Moong dal – 2 Tbsp ( Don’t use toor dal /masoor dal as it is hard to digest for the baby tummy initially )
  • Water – 1 cup filtered
  • Turmeric powder – a pinch
  • Ghee- 1/2 tsp
  • Salt – a pinch (optional )
  • Sugar – a pinch (optional)

Preparation :

Pressure cook the thoroughly cleaned and washed lentil with the water,turmeric pwder, ghee for about 4-5 whistles so that the dal gets mashed well . Sieve the mixture into the bowl using a mesh sieve to obtain a watery dal . Add sugar and salt if required.

Check for the warmth by pouring a drop on to your wrist and feed your little one with the spoon. You can start off with 5 tsp a day ,gradually increasing to 10-12 tsps.

Note : 1. As your baby turns 7 months, you can start increasing the thickness of the lentil soup so that it fills her/him. The pic shown is the thick daal pani.

2. You can add boiled water to the mixture to make it more watery or as required.

3. Babies can have perfect bland food till one year of his age. No need to add sugar /salt to her food. But to get the taste and her tummy adjusted to the new tastes, a pinch of salt and sugar can be added.

Happy feeding 🙂 Do let me know , how your LO respond to this.


About Author

Sangeetha loves balancing her personal and professional life. These days, the major chunk of her time is spent on listening to 'how to beat the Piggy from robloks'; thanks to her 8 year old daughter.


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  2. Hi sangeeta

    My baby is 6 mnths old, I m giving her fruits n veggies puree like apple, banana, carrot, potato.

    Can u suggest which food I can carry wid me while going out of home. As this fruits puree can’t be use for longer time & She doesn’t like to be feed by bottle.
    Pls suggest some new food which I can carry too. I had mailed u also.

    Waiting for ur early response.

  3. Hi
    thx for the moong dal paani recipe. Would like to introduce it to my daughter who completes 5 months on 9th April. Is it ok or shd I wait longer?? n shd I give it ti her after breastfeeding or before?

  4. Hi….my baby is 7 month old….mrng i giv him rice wit milk + breastmilk….aftrnun i giv him mannas health mix+ breastmilk….evng i giv him oats wit milk….nyt one bottle milk….somtyms i giv apple orange juice pomegranate juice idli chapati also ….dal pani also n khichdi also somtyms…carrot juice

  5. Hi,

    Could you please tell me how many ml is the 1 cup?

    I either have a small katori or a mug and I’m not sure if your 1 cup is equivalent to 1 small katori. So I’d be grateful if you could also mention in ml (or grams where reqd)

    Many Thanks

  6. Hi Sangeeta,

    My baby is 6 months now(completed 6 months) im planning to start solids for him…. Pls suggest if i can start Dal water for him as a first solid.

    Also, how many varieties of solid can in give him in a day. I thought of options like Dal water, Apple Sauce and ragi porridge.

    Which is best among these?? … and also suggest me the how many varieties and how many times a day can be given?

    • Deena,

      You can start with apple sauce. Continue it for 3 days. Check for allergies or rashes.

      On 4th day you can start dal pani at one time , apple sauce another time and so. Continue this for the next 3 days while checking for allergies too.

      Try to delay ragi porrdige as of now. Start with vegetable purees, fruit purees etc and slowly move to porridges and solids.

    • Wait till she attains 7 months. Till then you can give home made foods. Pls do not start solid foods for baby with store bought foods. Home made foodsl ike purees, juices, soups, khichdi are all nutritious and wholesome ..

  7. Hi
    My baby is about to start 6th month this month. i am already giving juices, veg soups and sooji ki kheer to him.
    Can i start daal ka paani & khichdi to him and what else i can give to my baby.


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  10. Very nice. thanks sangeetha for the recipes. Pls do let me know whether u have ur own blog.bcoz this web site is not so user friendly as to see in a blog.

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