5 Fashionable, Fancy & Fun Dresses For Girls – A Quick Glance of Dress Haul For Anshika


Are you a mom who keeps shopping for baby clothes and dresses ? Count me in ; the mere sight of a kid’s  shop makes me immobilised !! But the cost of small cutie dresses? It’s a SHOCKER !! I still remember my hubby calling me from the kid store where he went for Anshika’s first dress shopping , ” A small frock for a new born baby costs 600 bucks !! Imagine , the price of my trouser is less than this yaar !! ” . 🙂 😛

There are pros and cons buying expensive baby clothes. Pros are soft fabric, non allergenic material , long durable and child friendly soft stitched clothing. Wastage of money and material , as the baby outgrows it fast is a major disadvantage here . So every time I go for baby clothes shopping , this mantra keeps me away from shelling a bomb !!

Yesterday we went for shopping and a kiddo clothes store attracted me , it was a factory outlet ; so good quality clothes priced reasonably 🙂 What more could I ask for ? We purchased 5 trendy dresses for Anshika that too under 1000 rupees !!

Here are what we bought keeping the latest trends in mind .

1. Butterfly frock costing 270/- : Just loved the simple , girly and elegant look of this frock

2. Black frock costing 150/- : Lil black dress for my lovely lady , the 3 coloured beads on the shoulder , makes it even more beautiful . Anshika loves playing with those 🙂

3. Peachy frock priced at 270/- : This frock reminds me of spring ! And I love the peachy coral colour, watermelons and the cute bow on its hip 🙂

4. Rompers in the shape of a bear costing 150/- : This is so cute , the moment I had a glance of this , I grabbed it .. It has adjustable buttons , one set on the shoulder making it wearable till Anshika is 2-2.5 year old and the other on the bottom , for quick nappy change 🙂

5. Polka dot jumpsuit costing 150/- : This gives Anshika a retro look , very trendy and very girly ; just want to pair it with matching headbands and accessories .

I will be writing another post including Anshika glammed up pics in all these , as of now she is in a mood to play and I thought of not disturbing her 🙂 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post . Have a great Sunday 🙂


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