Seven Day Rule – Before introducing solids to your baby


When my baby turned six months, I was all excited to give her solid foods. My pediatrician gave me an overview of how she has to be given foods other than BM. Simple ! Its called Seven Day Rule. You can start with one food other than BM in the daytime like lentil soup for lunch instead of BM, while breastfeeding in the morning and night. Continue giving lentil soup in the afternoon for seven days and check for allergies/rashes.

Symptoms of allergy :

  • He/she can develop red rashes/spots in her face, mouth,body or bottom.
  • Can vomit the food consumed
  • May have loose motion

If your baby starts accepting the food introduced,start with the second food. Like diluted apple juice in the morning, lentil soup in the noon and BM at night. Continue this for the next 7 days and gradually increase to 3 foods. All these foods should be given in addition to BM.

Remember :

1. One food should be introduced at a time

2. Try introducing new foods during the day time , so its easier to check for allergies.

3. Try giving BM when baby demands in addition to the newly introduced foods

4. You can change the seven day rule to four day rule also,once your baby is adapted to the introduced food item.

5. Refrain from starting direct solid foods for your baby like ragi, rice etc.Start with liquids, then to purees,semi solids and then mashed solids .

First foods could be : lentil soup, diluted apple juice, gruel water, barley water, etc

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Happy feeding 🙂


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  1. Hi Sangeetha,

    My baby will be 6months next week and Im just discovering your blog. What is the recommended amount of solid food on the first day of staring my baby on solids. Lets say I’m starting with the puree pumpkin. How many spoonfuls?

  2. Hi Sangeetha,
    Useful post but can you elaborate on why to refrain from starting solids directly as in rice and ragi? Ragi is usually given as porridge and rice is usually mashed as a semi solid kind of form…is there a particular reason why one should refrain from these items in these forms?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Sangeetha,

    Its really very nice to learn wat feed our babies at right time. my daughter is on her 6th month(6th running) by aug 17th she will complete her 6 months and entering into 7th month. I am working now. What food i can start her till i come from office. i am giving her cerelac (wheat and apple) one spoon daily. and started nan@1 stage. Please tell me wat i can give otehr than this at this month.

    • Tamil,

      If the baby is sleeping throughout at night without waking up , you can have the same diaper on as it has absorbent qualities. If your baby waked up during the night cos of the wetness, you might need to change it with a new dry one then. Hope this helps.

  4. hi…my baby is 4months completed. she refusing to drink breast milk. so shall I start giving ragi porridge. give me a suggestion.

    • Tamil,

      Plesae consuly a doctor and tell your problems as baby is neglecting breast milk. Try to switch to formula as prescribed by the doctor. She is too small to start ragi porridge. Let her be on formula or breast milk till she is 5-6 months.

  5. Hi,
    Your blog is very nice. My baby is 4 months old and once he becomes 6 months old I have decided to refer to your blog for food charts 🙂

  6. Hi sangeetha

    Been checking ur blog for quite some time. .its great. ..jus a question. .my baby is 4 months old…not gaining much weight. .mom recommended kerala banana for it ok..if s tell me hiw to do it..or same recipes uve posted in ur blog can be taken. .

    • Hi Shobha ,

      Your baby is just 4 months .. If you are breastfeeding please do it exclusively for 6 months. No other foods required. Once baby reaches 6 months , you can start solids in the form of purees, mashes etc. Please be patient till 6 months as the tummy of baby is immature to accept foreign foods. Moreover the problems of indigestion and gas increase with the advent of monsoon. Please stick to BM or formula alone unless and until your ped has advised to start solids.

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