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“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today” – Stacia Tauscher.

The early foundation years, i.e from birth to 6 years, is a very crucial period for every child. It’s during this time period that the maximum brain development takes place. The child’s brain is moulded into what he is capable of doing in the future at an age as early as this. So the learning experiences that we provide to our kids at this age are crucial.

While putting our children into any preschools at this age, we as parents should always look into various aspects like the curriculum followed, teacher to student ratio, the infrastructure and much more.

podar jumbo kids platinum

Recently, I was invited to visit the first Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum centre in Mumbai where Finnish Educational System is introduced. Through this post I would like to share with you what all I learnt about the renowned Finnish educational system.

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Importance of Finnish Education System:

Finland’s education system is consistently ranked best in the world. It provides a holistic teaching environment that strives for equity over excellence.

Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum in association with the Nordic Baccalaureate offers the Exploration Stage which is based on the mantra learning is an adventure, an exploration. It provides an International curriculum integrating local customs, culture and values.

Highlights of the educational system are as follows:

  • Personalized education:

One feature we as parents always look for while choosing schools is the teacher student ratio. A stronger student teacher relationship is established with the ratio 6:1.

  • Learning through play:

Learning through play and various activities enable kids to flourish and develop social skills. It also reduces the stress levels and increases focus in learning.

The 5 areas of learning are as follows.

areas of learning
  • Multi age learning:

This is by far the most interesting highlight of this Finnish educational system. Students from the age of 2 to 6 years learn together in a classroom. This helps them to learn at their own pace and encourages collaboration.

Since they are not grouped according to age groups, it enhances respect and understanding of others from the very start of their life. This multi age learning also reduces bullying.

  • Safe and holistic environment

Provides an environment in which development of the child is ensured through hands on academic, socio emotional, cognitive, adaptive, cultural and physical activities. This makes the transition to primary easier for kids.

The daily schedule is as follows.

  • Kindiedays App
podar jumbo kids app

The assessment of children on a day to day basis along with automated learning portfolios and progress reports are enabled via Kindiedays app. It connects teachers with families and helps to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Finnish teaching practices based mentor training

The teacher training is rooted in Finnish teaching practices which makes them autonomous lifelong learners.

finnish education

In the world of competition, the educational system which we select for our kids should be capable of providing everything the kids’ needs without the excess pressure of excelling and competing. This enables them to learn and grow as a true human being. So select wisely.

If you are interested to experience the future of learning, I encourage you to check out the Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum Website or check their FB page.


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