15 Healthy Soup Recipes for Babies and Kids


Are you looking for healthy soup recipes for babies and kids?

How to include soups in a baby’s diet? How can we prepare easy nutritious soups for kids and babies?

How can we prepare easy nutritious soups for kids and babies?

A generous amount of nutrition and energy packed with warmth is what a bowl of soup is all about. Easy to prepare and consume, it is the ultimate comfort food especially when one is sick.

In this post, I have compiled 15 healthy soup recipes for babies and kids but can be enjoyed by adults too.

healthy soup recipes for babies

Benefits of including soup in your child’s diet

Soups can be added to your babies diet from his 6th month on wards, the only thing to take care is you should use ingredients that are age appropriate.

Soup is easy to prepare and has a list of benefits when prepared fresh and consumed in the right way. Some benefits are given below.

  • Sneak in veggies

Making your child eat his portion of vegetables is sometimes the greatest struggle that parents have. A good soup prepared with vegetables and legumes can come to your help in such situations.

While preparing soup you can include small quantities, as fine pieces or puree, the vegetables your kid hates with a large quantity of the vegetable he loves. This will mask the taste of the vegetable he doesn’t favor and make him eat the same.

This is not the right approach to make your kid love his vegetables, but yes sometimes as parents we do have to take some shortcuts too when you have a picky eater.

  • Good for hydration

Soups can be thin and watery in consistency or thick and creamy. Either way, there is no argument that it does have a good amount of water. So soups help you increase your water intake too.

  • Packed with nutrition

With main ingredients being vegetables, legumes or meat, soup is a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The fluid we use to cook vegetable or meat is normally discarded while making other dishes but not in the case of soups. This makes sure that the water-soluble nutrients that leaked out of your ingredients while cooking go straight to your tummy itself without getting wasted.

  • Benefits of warm food

A warm cup of soup is the best during winters. It is good to warm up your body when the climate is cold outside.

A bowl of warm soup is the best thing you can have when you struggle with a stuffed nose or a fever. Added to this warm or heated food has its own benefits because some nutrients are absorbed well by the body when they are heated than when eaten raw.

  • Comfort food for sick kids

During colds, cough, congestion and fever a warm bowl of soup can be served as main meals too if one is not comfortable eating chunky bites of foods. As most of the soups are flavored with garlic, pepper and turmeric, it helps in reducing cold and coughs too.

Two healthy soup recipes that can help you in cold and fever are chicken soup and tomato basil herbal soup or rasam.

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  • Weight management

Soups can help you gain weight or lose weight according to the type of soup you consume and the ingredients you use.If you are having a bowl of watery consistency soup with fewer calories just before a meal it can help your weight by cutting the chances of overeating.

And for those parents, who are looking for ways to increase the weight of your kids, try thick creamy textured soups high in calories with a dollop of cream, butter or ghee. Add in pasta, rice or noodles to the soup to increase the calorie intake and serve them as evening or mid morning snack or even as a side dish for main meals. This will ensure that they get a good amount of calories and nutrients too.

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  • Easy to consume

If your baby has no pearly whites yet or if he has not mastered the art of chewing food properly, then soups are a good way to make him eat. It is easy to consume and require less chewing and also the larger chunks of vegetable can be pureed to make it suitable for small babies.

Why homemade soups are the best?

While instant soups are readily available in the market and seem to be the easier way, it is not the healthiest option.

A quick look at the contents of these packaged soups can surprise you as most of the soups have just artificial flavors and cornstarch or any thickening agent and nothing extra.

The commercially available packet soups are loaded with salt and preservatives.The chicken soups you consider healthy have artificial chicken flavor plus some cornstarch and spices, that’s it.

No health benefits but a lot of preservatives, artificial color and flavor is what you will be serving your kids when you go for those ready to cook or eat soups.

Homemade soups are best and can be made fresh with vegetables of your choice minus the chemicals and salt.

15 Tasty and Healthy Soup Recipes for Babies and Kids:

Here is your easy way to learn how to make homemade healthy soup recipes for the whole family. You can click on the respective headers to get the recipe of soups mentioned.

#1. Chicken Soup

healthy soup recipes for babiesChicken soup is a yummy and delicious soup and the best soup of all time that can be started from the 8th month for babies. If your baby is suffering from cold and cough, this soup is the best food.

This chicken soup is actually a low fat soup recipe. Chicken soup can be made in a watery clear consistency or thick consistency by blending the vegetables like carrots, beans, peas etc. along with the shredded cooked chicken pieces.

#2. Spinach Soup

healthy soup recipes for babies spinach soupIncluding greens in your baby’s diet is very important. Spinach is one green leafy vegetable that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

This soup has potatoes too so that it hides the rawness of spinach. You can also add corn, lentils or cheese to this soup. Make sure the corn kernels are well blended so that the baby doesn’t choke. You can also take the juice of the boiled corn kernels.

Spinach soup can be given for babies from 7th month. For babies above 1-year-old, you can add milk cream too instead of potatoes.

#3. Mixed Vegetable Soup

healthy soup recipes for babies

Mixed vegetable soup is apt for picky eaters. For fussy eaters who are experts in picking out the vegetables from their plate, mixed vegetable soup is the answer.

Any vegetables can be used for this soup. Rich in minerals and nutrients this soup can be started for babies right from 6 months in the form of clear liquid.

Only make sure the veggies you add in the soup are already introduced individually to the kid and the kid has not shown any allergy to it.

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#4. Lentil Soup

healthy soup recipes for babies

Lentil soup or ‘dal paani’ is rich in proteins and iron required for the healthy development of babies. It has a unique taste and is the best when served with a teaspoon of ghee.

Lentil soup is considered as a source of good carbohydrates too. It can be started from 6 months on wards and serves as a first food for babies.

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#5. Tomato Soup

tomato soup healthy soup recipes

Tomato soup is my last resort when I have run out of vegetables on that particular day. Simply boil tomatoes with skin, peel off once cooled, de-seed and then mash to a soup consistency. Add a little salt and provide it your toddler. You can also add butter to this soup.

Rich in lycopene that offers powerful antioxidants, tomatoes add that glaze and glow to your baby skin too.

Tomato soup can be given from 8th month on wards.

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#6. Moringa Leaves Soup


Moringa leaves or drumstick leaves soup is an extremely healthy vegetarian soup. Moringa leaves being rich in Vitamin A and other essential nutrients are available throughout the year and a good leafy vegetable to be introduced to your baby.

Make sure that moringa leaves are not used for cooking in monsoon time as there is a possibility of small insects in it.


#7. Beetroot Carrot Soup

beetroot carrot soup-healthy soup recipesBeetroot carrot soup is simple to make yet delicious and full of goodness. Babies who are anemic or with low hemoglobin levels can benefit from this soup.

Beetroot carrot soup is rich in beta-carotene, foliate, magnesium, iron and other nutrients.

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#8. Chickpea and Spinach Soup

chickpea and spinach healthy sou recipes

Chickpeas or Bengal gram are rich in protein and anti-oxidants. They are also good to improve blood iron level and also help in good bone growth.

The addition of spinach to this chickpeas soup recipe increases the nutritional value even more and also gives a good color and texture to the soup.

This soup can be given to babies above 10 months.

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#9. Sweet corn soup without corn flour

sweet corn soup recipe healthy soup recipesSweet corn or sugar corn is a special maize variety that is a starchy vegetable.It is gluten-free with a good amount of dietary fibers and carbohydrates. It also contains minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron and copper.

This soup can be given to babies above 11 months. You can also serve this as a side dish for vegetable paratha, dosa, bread or sandwich.

#10. Ragi Soup recipe

ragi soup recipe healthy soup recipesThis ragi soup can be had as such or as a side dish for dosa, idli, chapathi or rice. It is loaded with nutrients and easy to make too.

The main ingredient of this soup is without doubt ragi. Any vegetables of your choice can also be added to this soup. Milk and butter are also added and this enhances the flavor and texture too.

This can be given to babies above one year.

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#11. Vegetable Clear Soup with Broccoli and Carrots

vegetable clear healthy soup recipeIf your kid hates eating vegetables then this vegetable clear soup can be your savior.

The preparation of this soup is a two-step process. First you make the vegetable stock, second, you combine it into the vegetable soup.

Cauliflower, carrots and broccoli that are good in Vitamin K and peas and beans that are protein rich are used in this soup. Coriander added to this soup is excellent for eyes and also helps maintain proper digestion.

For kids below one year, you can puree the entire mixture in a blender or give the clear vegetable soup after taking out the chunky vegetables and omitting corn flour while making.

#12. Carrot Tomato Soup Recipe

carrot tomato soup healthy soup recipeCarrot and tomato make a great combination. The rich red color of this soup is indeed a treat to the eyes and is enough to spark interest even in the pickiest eaters.

You can add different vegetables too into this soup and make it more nutritious and serve as a side dish for paratha or dosa even bread or sandwich.

This soup is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, beta-carotene and anti-oxidants and helps boost immunity.

Tomato carrot soup is ideal for babies above 10 months of age and is especially good for kids who have low immunity and get sick often. 

#13. Tomato rasam or herbal tomato basil soup

tomato rasam healthy soup recipes

Rasam is a popular south Indian soup that is served after the main course meal to aid digestion.

Tomato rasam is also an excellent soup when you have a cold and cough as it contains tulsi, pepper, jeera, garlic and turmeric. It can be taken along with rice or can be taken as such.

You can also add vegetables to this recipe to make it more nutritious.

To get the recipe for an instant rasam powder click here.

#14. Vegetable Soup with Spinach and Sprouts

vegetable soup with spinach and sprouts healthy soup recipes

This vegetable soup with spinach and sprouts is a super-quick recipe that can be served to kids above 8 months. With spinach, sprouts, potatoes, tomatoes and beans this soup is ideal for making your evening snack or dinner a nutritious one.

The soup has a rich creamy texture and can be easily made if you follow the steps as per the recipe.

#15. Broccoli Cheese Soup

broccoli cheese healthy soup recipesSteam the broccoli, mash and puree it with cheese. It is a simple soup recipe that is loaded with the goodness of cheese and broccoli. This soup can be served to babies above 8 months of age.

Hope you liked this post on various easy healthy soup recipes for babies and kids.

The only thing you have to take care is that you shouldn’t include too much of soups in your kid’s diet. Soups are easy to make and consume but that doesn’t mean it should replace other solid foods. It can be a snack or a side dish or occasionally a main meal when served with rice or noodles, but not a throughout the day food.

Do you give soups to kids? Which ones are your kid’s favorite healthy soup recipes?

If you have any healthy soup recipes that you would like to share with us, please feel free.


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  1. Hi,

    Am from Bangalore, my son is 2.2yrs old. He is frequently suffering from cold, cough, stuffy nose where his sleep is disturbed. I have been trying home medicines. But nothing is working. Am really worried. Because of this I cudnt take him anywhere. If he gets out of home, again his cold reaches peaks. Pls tell me a solution. Please

  2. Hi sangeetha my baby is 18 months old he is highly anemic not taking any solid food . i m giving him banana roti and milk puree, dal roti puree and cerelac apple puree . i m worrying he is not ready to take any solid food and i m not able to give him any vegiee . plz suggest ……..

    • Stop pureeing and start with coarsely mashed food forms like chapati in dal, but do not puree – for the transition to happen, stop pureeing foods completely. Offer him finger foods like fried sweet potato sticks, carrot sticks etc with active monitoring. This will help in the transition.

  3. Swapnali Kulkarni on

    Hi Sangeetha, My baby is of 3.3 yrs old & she has lots of hesitation in having food. I tried several dishes(we are vegetarian), but feeding her is always a circus. She also vomits if anything solid given to her. Since few minths back she started chewing chapatti which I serve her in the dinner with Ketch up & Jam (She does not like any vegetable). She generally likes sweet dishes e.g. Sheera, Shrikhand, etc. Can u please suggest how should I work upon her eating habits & chewing habits?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Swapnali,

      From what you said, she is fussy. Its not at all a problem as we can definitely get her back to healthy eating habits.

      I need to monitor her diet chart, activities and others for 1 month and then suggest you the tailor made diet and modifications. Kindly join the HBHM consultation program so that we can start working on her diet modifications at the earliest: https://www.bumpsnbaby.in/product/kids-diet-consultation/

      Any doubts please let me know.

  4. Hi sangeetha. Thanks fr your blog.

    My son was preterm and body wt at birth was 2.225 kg. Nw he is 15 mnths . He has not yet started. Walking. Nw his weight is 9 kg.
    Breast feeding was only upto six mnths . I had very less milk with cracked nipples. And he was kept in nicu at birth . So formula milk had started early. Nw also on formula milk. Solids . Mostly has cough. Cold . Allergic
    Not eating much food . Less water intake also . Dry skin present

    So pls send me a food chart for a 15 mnth old.
    Hw can i increase his immunity?Weight and appetite? Also to reduce his skin dryness what shud be done?
    Pls give me an answer and help me. Wr shud i search fr the reply. Can i get in my mail??

    Bijimol John

  5. Hey my child is 15 months old nd he suffers frequently from cold n cough .. Give me some home made remedies for instant relief

  6. Your Comment
    hai madam I have 7 month boy baby he suffered from cold and cough for last 3 weeks I preferred doctor medicine but no improvement pls give some home remedies with quick action


  8. Hello sangita mam,My son is 7th months old i given yo hin khimti,ragi satv,chapati with milk,buscuit with milk fruits n chikcen n vegitable soup kindly let me Know time shedule of eating Food n what other Food Will give Us to him

  9. Hi sangita, my daughter is 6 month old i started to give her cerelec veg soup with khichdi but she is continiusly doing poop watery and green. She does 8tyms a day. Please suggest what to do.

  10. My 6 months daughter vomits a lot after eating cerelac cows milk and lactogen. She vomits just after eating. I am so worried. Can u help me plz?

  11. Hi sangeetha,
    My daughter is 6 & half months. I started solid food at 5 months. She’s slowly eating food but nowadays, everyday she vomits just after eating. She like plain khichdi of rice and daal. In emergency i give her cerelac. And sometimes lactogen milk. I also give her cow milk as my breast milk is not enough for her. But she vomits all she ate. So she sleeps empty stomach, i m so worried. Can u give me any suggestions plz

  12. Hi.
    My baby is 1.3 yrs old. She wakes up at 9-10 am. I give her 1cup milk followed by milk dalia or home make banana cerelac. Then she sleeps after taking bath at 12. Then I give her dal rice khichdi at 2-3 pm. In evening I give her 1cup milk and 1 fruit. B/w 8-9 I give her vegi oats. And she sleeps at 11-1. Can u suggest adding few gud recipe in b/w.

  13. Hii sangeetha,
    My baby got cold every when n then…I have to think a lot before giving her curd and sweets.plz help me out with home remides. She is 1.4 yr old.

  14. Farheen Sheilh on

    Hi Sangeetha…My daughter is 1.1 yr old…she weighs around 9 kgs now..i m really worried abt her eatin habits….she wakes up around 12.30 pm in the afternoon so i skip her breakfast n feed her with lunch directly…i usually give her curd n rice as she prefers curds…she has jus 3-4 mouthfuls of it ..n bits n pieces of chicken or fish…which she finds very spicy…she doesn eat anythin even lol spicy like daal curry etc..den she sleeps off by 3.30 to 4 ..i give her biscuits dipped in tea n den she has cube of cheese and caramel custard n apple juice and sometimes few raisins..i give her sooji porridge also…in the night if she eats i give her pieces of rotis and at 10.30 i give here cerelac..plz help me as i knw this is not a gud eating habit for her..she sleeps by 2 in the mornin…i really need some help…i tried to follow ur table but she dint like most of it…plz help..

    • Farheen,

      I was checking her food pattern.

      1. Stop giving tea and biscuits. Its not at all required for toddlers or kids. You can give boiled corn, roasted makhana, cheese cube, fruits, any homemade foods.
      2. Cerelac is also not required unless and until theres an emergency
      3. If she doesnt eat spicy foods, its all fine. Give her kadhi and tomato based gravies without chilli powder or green chillies.
      4. Her sleeping time is really bad. Set up a sleeping routine for her and make sure you stick to it. By 9 0 clock, switch off the tv and other distractions, read to her. Make sure you put her to bed by 10-10.30 PM. Continue it everyday.

      Hope this helps.

      • Farheen Sheikh on

        Thanku so much for ur reply …I give her cerelac as she eats tht fully so i too feel satisfied tht she has eaten somethin stomachful…i will stop tea n biscuits…i dint knw thts not supposed to be given to toddlers..i tried the diff soups tht u hav listed in ur blog but she jus has 3-4 spoons of it..thts all…i jus don knw wht quantity of food is enough for her…and i shall try puttin her to sleep early as u mentioned..:)..plz jus let me knw how do i knw if shez eatin enough..as in 3-4 mouthfuls of rice is enough or should i keep feeding her a certain amount of quantity…the elders keep tellin not to force her to eat anythin and jus to let her eat whtever n how much ever she wants..plz do reply…

  15. Rebecca juneja on

    My baby is 8 n half months old and she is suffering from lot of chest congestion and coughs a lot.and has cold to.i really likes ur blog and read everything.plz help me too.

  16. Anumita Maity on

    Hi Sangeetha
    I m a great fan of ur website. My baby is 2 yes old. From 1 1/2 yr I make her sit with me for study in d evening. But from last 3 -4 days c is not doing so n when I m asking her to sit c is crying or running. What to do .

  17. Hi Sangeetha ,

    I loved your blog site . And it is my first time I visited it, as my son often catches cough with phlegm and cold . Could also advise some food during his this period of cold n cough . Thanks.
    Can I give fish and egg , if yes then which form please


  18. thanks a lot for suggesting mixed vegetable soup..my son is fussy eater..wont eat anything..today he i tried this soup..he ate good..iam so happy,relaxed..but please help he not at all take rice


  20. Hi sangeeta.
    my daughter is 1 yr old she weigh 8.7 kg. She has completely stopped eating solids from 5 days.past few days she suffered from fewer .I gave her adol medicine, now she is Ok but stopped eating completely.so pleased help me out with some tips in giving her solids.

    • Farha,

      Nothing to worry. Post fever for some days we feel as if tasteless and tired all the time. We try to stay away from foods too isn’t? Its the same with babies too. Start giving her liquids like juice, coconut water, her favorite chocolate shakes and everything she likes. She will start eating gradually. Trust me…

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