10 Amazing Benefits of Moringa Leaves During Pregnancy and Motherhood


Today’s post is about the 10 amazing benefits of moringa leaves during pregnancy and motherhood.

There are beautiful memories etched in my heart when I think of my home back Kerala. The sweet rustic scent of the soil with the first rain , tender plantain leaves shivering, rain water dripping on it, at night the creeping of various insects and croaking frogs!

Moringa trees usually are uprooted during heavy rainfall in Kerala. Once one of our moringa trees had fallen down and I still remember the day when ‘Acchan'(dad) supplied baskets of moringa leaves to all our neighbors. Not to mention we were fed up of eating moringa leaves and drumsticks throughout that week in different forms 😛

Times passed by. Today I can see a moringa tree from my kitchen window. Undernourished, almost about to fall, but bearing n number of drumsticks. Every time I see it, I remember my home and the moringa tree back there. When Amma came here, she saw the tree and wondered why no one here bothered to pluck leaves from it 😛

In Mumbai the place where I stay, I haven’t seen moringa leaves being sold in grocery shops. I haven’t seen its use in Maharashtrian cuisine either. At times I yearn for the “muringayila mulakshyam”, a curry made with coconut, lentil and moringa leaves.

Moringa leaves are enriched with about 90+ nutrients like calcium, vitamin B, protein, Vitamin A , potassium and many more!! It’s a wholesome food !!Can you believe that ?

Now coming back to the topic, yesterday Amma asked me “why didn’t you write about moringa leaves in your blog? Don’t you know it’s equally beneficial for mother and baby?”. You know I had the enlightenment!! ( yes Amma is the additional idea strategy team member for Bumps n Baby now 🙂 )

As soon as Anshika slept, I sat with Amma and asked about the medicinal benefits of moringa leaves.

Medicinal Benefits of Moringa Leaves

1. Aids in breast milk production

Moringa leaves curried using pepper powder, salt and turmeric powder are given to new moms. It helps in boosting the breast milk supply. That’s why it is considered to be one of the super foods to increase lactation in new mothers. It is also the only curry given to new moms in her post natal diet in Kerala.

You can refer to the moringa leaves or drum stick leaves stir fry recipe to boost lactation.

2. Relieves constipation

Moringa leaves with its fiber content helps to clear the bowels easily.

3. Good for cold in babies and kids

If your baby has running nose, take moringa tender leaves along with stem and boil it in pure coconut oil. Apply this oil in baby’s scalp everyday. It is known to stop runny and itchy nose in babies. (NOTE : Please do not try this for babies below 6 months even though its external)

4. Balances the sugar level of the body

Moringa leaves control and balance the sugar levels. So even diabetic moms and dads could have it.

5. Immunes the body as it acts as an antioxidant

Rich in antioxidants, moringa leaves act as an antioxidant which helps the body fight off germs and infections.

6. Promotes proper digestion and metabolism

Moringa leaves act as a very good digestion aid and helps in proper metabolism. You can refer to the moringa leaves soup for babies and toddlers.

7. Lowers blood pressure – Helps to control blood pressure

8. Provides energy  Being a wholesome food, it provides enormous amounts of energy

9. Lactose free  – Since the calcium present in moringa leaves is lactose free, even lactose intolerant moms or mom to be/s can have it

10. Increases blood circulation – Helps in increasing the blood circulation. Also its best for anaemic mom/ mom to bes.

Bonus Time !!

11. Increases skin texture and beauty –  Juice of moringa leaves is a perfect fix for acne and other skin problems.

12. Rich source of iron – Moringa is rich in iron and zinc. Comapred to spinach, moringa has 25 times more iron and iron absorption of the body is increased with the usage of moringa leaves.

I don’t know whether you have moringa leaves in your cuisine . Do you have it as a part of post natal diet? Please share with me in comments 🙂


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  1. Hi;)
    I’m new to the Moringa leaves. I have a 4 year old and 19 month old (still nursing). I bought the leaves in powder form to add to smoothies. My question is, how much can my kids have? I’ve heRd too much is bD as well. Thank you so much;)

  2. Hi, I was looking to start taking moringa powder and my husband and I are going to start trying for a baby soon. Will the moringa powder affect that negatively? Is it ok to have during this time?


  3. Alxy Alxandra Wimmer on

    Hello! from Basle (Switzerland)

    Dear Sangeetha
    I’ve just read this:

    »Moringa may prevent implantation
    and induce abortion. It is not
    recommended for use in women
    who are pregnant or trying to

    I suppose you don’t agree, but doesn’t it make you insecure whether it’s safe to promote Morninga for peegnancy?
    Or is it just important to not it the wrong parts of the tree? But then, how to be sure, if you have no control whether roots are in the powder (we don’t get raw leaves in Europe).
    phew! it’s all so complicated always!

    • lilia Schultz on

      I dont think the moringa leaves is bad to consume during pregnancy or whoever wants to have a baby…in my country the leaves was proven that it helped women ages 40 up that were having difficulty of being pregnant..they consume 2-3 cups a day of moringa leaves and miraculously conceive d . During pregnancy make sure to consume it in moderate amount…as I have known the roots and flowers of moringa should be avoided by those people who are pregnant or wants to be pregnant as it is high in some chemicals that can cause abortion as well as part of the roots contains some highly toxic chemicals.

  4. hello can u please tell me is it safe to take during 3rd month of p regency or after 3 months we should take it plz reply thanks..

  5. Is moringa Cause infertility childbearing woman trying to conceive I read all this about moringa lately I’ve been taking the flesh leaf as tea let me know please

  6. Hi Sangeetha,

    My wife and I have been drinking Moringa juice for almost a month now, we found it safe and very useful to us. Before, my wife skin was dry and also she was always complaining of migraine or headache especially during monthly period, as for myself, before, i feel always tired and my skin was also dry, but after taking Moringa juice, these were all gone, our skin now are smooth, and we feel stronger than before, My question is, Is it also safe for our grandchildren whose ages are 4, 3 and 1 & 10 months old to take Moringa juice . I also want to thank you for sharing us a lot of info.

      • lilia Schultz on

        Moringa, juice or moringa leaves is safe for kids ..a study in Africa , kids who were malnourished, no energy , less focus were given moringa for 2-3 weeks and the results were spectacular ,they become more lively ,happier, healthier and their eyes were no longer droopy and they become alert and energetic.

  7. We don’t have access to fresh moringa leaves in my area, but I’ve used moringa powder before. Do you know if it’s safe to use the powder during pregnancy? I’m concerned that it might be too concentrated.

    • With my first pregnancy I was constantly having colds ( I also work in a cold room so doesn’t help) and at the end my baby had to be induced to the placenta not feeding him properly. The placenta was small as was my baby a bit on the skinny side. I also had trouble producing enough milk to keep him fed and had to resort to formula to top him up.
      I am pregnant again and after seeing the effects that moringa has had for treating a wide range of ailments for my dogs and issues during my first pregnancy I will be definitely having it for my current pregnancy.
      We source fresh leaves and dehydrate/powder ourselves so no additives. I enjoy two teaspoons of moringa powder in a fruit smoothie everyday. Fingers crossed everything goes a bit smoother this time

  8. hi Sangeetha,

    can moringa leaves be taken at any time of the pregnancy.. I mean is it restricted not to have in the first three months of pregnancy.

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  10. Pls I would like to know which of the moringa leaves is preferably is it the dry moringa leaves or the fresh moringa leaves? I also want to know how this leaves are consumed .thanks

  11. I have just been reading about Moringa and its health benefits. But is it really safe during pregnancy? There seems to be very conflicting information on this.
    How much would be safe in your opinion?
    Thank you.

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    • Hi Saurab,

      I havent seen moringa leaves in the grocery stores here in Mumbai , though I have seen the moringa trees in the society compounds of Mumbai.. Where do you stay in Mumbai ..

      • Hi Sangeetha,
        Nice to see that ur sharing lot of info for expecting moms… I would recommend ur blogs to my sister who is due in Oct !!! BTW I stay in Mahim…

  13. Wow, I had almost forgotten about these leaves – I used to have them during pregnancy and before that, but don’t know why I stopped buying them! Thanks to your post I’m planning to make these a regular in my diet. And yes, I didn’t know they had so much in them! Btw, they also contain a lot of iron which is easily absorbed 🙂

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