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Pocket Mommy…..It was for the first time I heard this term and instantly loved the cuteness of it. Being a 1st time Mommy and then discovering a kiddo story book can indeed be exciting since it takes us to our childhood memories and somewhere we correlate our lives to it.

Review of Pocket Mommy

This story revolves around two characters – a little boy Zayan and his Mommy. Zayan has just started his pre-school. He is occupied with his likely jitters of going away from his mother and the nervousness to enter a novel environment with a complete bunch of new faces around him. His Mummy too faces the same turmoil of emotions but in a different way.

This short story talks about how Zayan’s Mommy makes her son overcome the fear of going to school and mixing up with others. The creative teaching of the concept “Staying Focused” is also commendable. The way Zayan’s Mommy appreciates him for little things doubles up his buoyancy and poise.

The best part of this story is how at the end,  Zayan confidently declares his enthusiasm to go to his teachers and friends with no trace of uneasiness, marks the success of his Mummy’s methodical approach towards her son’s innocent yet not to be ignored situation. Children love to stay in a protective environment but we as parents, it’s our duty to make them independent and realize the beautiful challenging world outside.

This book Pocket Mommy tells us that, with the adoption of small playful and harmless techniques, how certain issues can be solved smoothly. Creativity in every field does add up to the glamour in life. The language used in the story book is crisp and clear. Way to go Aila Malik and Zayan Verma…..!!!!

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NOTE : Book sent by the author for review purpose; but all thoughts are my own.


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  1. Veens @: Yes Ammu Di, it is indeed a very cute book. Get one for Arya too, apart from overcoming the Pre-school jitters, there are other elements too which are worth taking lessons for all the mommies.

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