How I made My 9 Months Wait, a Fun Time of Discoveries?


How I made my 9 months wait have a fun time

The confirmation of the beautiful extension to the family is a day to celebrate and we also did it in our own sweet way. By God’s grace, there were no complications in my case and I was fully prepared not to waste my pregnancy phase. The 1st trimester did not leave me alone and gave me all the morning sickness it had to, so, for the rest of the months I was free from it and enjoyed it to my core. How I made my 9-months wait, a fun time of discoveries? 

These are some of the ways which helped me connect to my inner self, helped me DISCOVER my creativity and henceforth giving me a plenty of ME-ME time:

  • I was working as a Part-time Freelance Corporate Trainer, my students mostly included–the Corporate Managers, Fresh Graduates & Marketing Executives.  Since I wanted to make each of my sessions lively – Role-plays was the technique to get the class on toes.

I had to bring in stories with lots conversations and for this I digged ample of things ranging from newspapers, to story books, novels, online stories and every little thing from where I could draw stories & conversational topics. My class actively participated and it turned to be fun. I discovered the “Play – Director” in me……My 1st achievement!!!

  • During my school life, Drawing/Painting periods were always looked forward not because I enjoyed doing them but for the fact that atleast for another 1 hour session, I shall be away from books. One day my hubby came with an invitation card to his colleague’s wife’s Painting exhibition which by default couldn’t be ignored & how can I forget my hubby forte….

When we finally reached the venue, I was completely bowled by the work displayed & was inspired to the brim, without any second thought, my next step, the very next day was to hunt for pallet, brush and water colours. I discovered the hidden “Painter” in me & I did well…..My 2nd achievement!!!

  •  My Corporate Trainer batches came to an end and I became a stay at home wifey. My hubby is a die-hard foodie, a great food critic and loves to enjoy new tastes. And girls, we all know that   the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. I had ample of time to browse new recipes from the internet and give them a try.

All were a super-success so it motivated me all the more – I discovered a good “Cook” in me…… My 3rd achievement!!!

  •  It was in 9th Standard that I had ditched my cycle and moved to Scooty, Even for short distances, preferred the wheels. But since walking is the best exercise while you are expecting, evenings got reserved. As soon as my hubby arrived we went for our daily rounds.

The garden was crowded with children and their parents; it was fun watching them play and parents keeping an eye with the list of safety instructions. We both loved our daily sight-seeing, the positivity in the atmosphere brought in smiles and laughs. I discovered the “Walker” in me….. My 4th achievement.

  • It was my 5th month going on, when my friend gifted me the game of Scrabble for my Birthday. This reminded me of my childhood days and from that night onwards, this would-be Mommy-Daddy duo were hooked on to Scrabble.

Our Scrabble nights included fights & fun & heaps of brain drilling. I discovered the lost “Child” in me and of course, why shouldn’t I talk about the competitive “Player” in me….. My 5th & 6th achievements respectively.

  • Apart from the discoveries within, I had always kept aside a fixed time for my personal prayers. The time which we spend with God can be in any form – chanting hymns or shlokas, reading spiritual books, going for religious classes or simply meditating.

For me, coming from a Roman Catholic family, I made it a point to say my Rosary and a special prayer for the baby and safe delivery daily. This connect with the supreme power above gives you the confidence to be at peace and away from all dangers.

  • Here comes the most important thing – After baby’s arrival, I knew for the initial couple of months romance would definitely take a backseat so why not enjoy the time now…..????

We often went out for Candle light dinners and romantic movies. The little gestures of LOVE kept our moods alive. I wouldn’t mention this as a Discovery but a practice which we already had in our lives and we simply took it up to a next level.

This was how I had spent my 9 months of baby wait…. How about you? I would love to know how all the expecting moms & already moms – are making / made their happy, curious 9-months wait eventful as well as beautiful.

Till then….Happy Reading!!!!


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Mommy to a one year old baby girl, who juggles between work, home and not to forget the shuttling of cities. She loves reading, writing, dancing and hanging out. In short a fun-loving person who wants to see the God created world.


  1. Woww
    By reading your pregnancy phase, I remembered mine.. Though my son is just 6 months but i had a great relaxing time..
    Here it goes
    When we got news,we were bit curious, coz i had previous miscariage plus few complications.. My work was very hectic ( professor + wedding planner)
    I took a break from routine,stayed at my mom’ s place for complete 9 months,thanks to my in laws & hubby, two reasons were one was good doc and second i had a complete bed rest..
    In weekends it was fun with hubby
    We had gone for babymoon out of mumbai..
    Releived… Enjoyed stayinh at my mom place and got refereshed.. Got tooo much of mee mee time, connected with fmly frnds and wanted to do something extra for my baby.
    I did garbh sanskaar pooja plus took lecs frm iskon garbh sanskaar course.
    Enjoyed fully with parents,my inner strength got more strong facing difficulties and got lots of pampering, care & love from everyone
    Yes my hubby cant see me in pains, we had planned csec so i welcomed our son with laughter, smiles & joy

  2. Both my pregnancies were thankfully breezy and uneventful. I didn’t have much time to think during the second pregnancy though. Chores and my first daughter’s school and schedule kept me on my toes pretty much.
    The two memorable times during both my pregnancies were an impromptu weekend in Alibaug during my first pregnancy and one to Panchgani during my second pregnancy. We packed off our older daughter to her grand mom’s house and went away for a weekend of rest, relaxation and to spend some quality time together as a couple 🙂

    • Hi Sangee,
      Thank u so much for liking my phase of discoveries. C’mon….cheer up, there is always a next time 😉 😉 😉

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