12 Ragi Recipes for Babies, Toddlers and Kids


ragi recipes for babies

Want to know various ragi recipes for babies and kids?

Have a batch of fresh ragi powder at home, but your kid is reluctant to have it as plain porridge?

What are the other ways by which you can give ragi to your baby or toddler?

Today I bring to you a compilation of ragi recipes for babies and kids. It can be relished by adults too as each recipe is tasty and healthy.

India is the highest producer of ragi which contributes to 58% of its global production.

Ragi is one of the versatile healthiest whole grains available to us. Known as finger millet, kora, nachni or kezhvaragu, we can use ragi in a variety of recipes like chapattis, parathas, idli, dosa, kozhukattai, cakes, porridge etc.

In South India, ragi is always considered as the first food for babies. Regular intake of ragi by children will give them good bone strength. It provides us more calcium, good iron and lots of fibre when compared with other grains.

nutritional benefits of ragi

Ragi is also the best alternative to kids who dislikes milk as it’s very rich in calcium. You can also refer to the 8 naturally flavoured milk varieties for your toddler.

Many moms have enquired about more ragi recipes to be listed in our blog. So in this post I bring you our 12 best healthy ragi recipes for babies, kids as well as adults.

12 Healthy ragi recipes for babies and kids:

Here are the 12 ragi recipes for babies, kids and adults. You can click on the respective headers to get the recipe mentioned.

#1. Homemade sprouted ragi flour porridge

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Babies of 7 months and above

Homemade sprouted ragi flour is easy to prepare which will be 100 % pure with no chemical additives and added preservatives. Sprouting ragi increases the vitamin C levels in it which in turn helps easier absorption of iron.

Ragi porridge is recommended as a weaning food for babies.

If you want to prepare the sprouted ragi flour at home and then prepare the porridge with it, this post is must read for you.

#2. Ragi soup

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Toddlers of 1 year old and above

Soups are always everyone’s comfort food regardless of age.

Ragi soup is an ideal choice for kids. It can be even served as side dish for rice, chapati, dosa or idlis.

#3. Stuffed ragi paratha

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Babies of 10 months and above

Most babies love chapattis or parathas. This paratha recipe is very simple and easy to make with ingredients such as ragi flour, whole wheat flour and paneer.

#4. Ragi almond cookies

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Babies of 11 months & above

Store bought cookies will be made of maida, preservatives and chemical additives. But this kid friendly cookies are made up with all healthy ingredients as ragi flour, wheat flour and almond meal.

You can fine both pressure cooker and microwave oven methods of making these ragi almond cookies. This can be served to toddlers with a warm cup of milk.

#5. Ragi cake with chocolate sauce

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Toddlers of 1 year and above

If your kid is fond of cakes, this ragi cake is a must try.

This cake is such a yummy healthy treat for your kids and definitely a guilt free recipe with no maida added. You won’t believe this cake is made out of ragi after tasting it. This can be definitely served as a healthy evening snack for your kid.

#6. Ragi ambli or ragi koozh

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Kids of 5 years and above

Ragi ambli or ragi koozh is a traditional staple food in a few parts of South India. This healthy porridge is a perfect summer drink for adults and kids.

Ragi ambli is my grandma’s secret recipe for health.

#7. Ragi Idli

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Babies of 7 months and above

Idli is one of the traditional savory foods which is steam cooked and is easily digestible for the tiny tummies. This is one of the traditional healthy first foods for babies.

The speciality of this ragi idli recipe is that no rice is required for its preparation.

Ragi idlis are best served for breakfast. For toddlers and older kids, these serve as evening snacks as well.

#8. Instant Ragi Dosa

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Babies who can chew and toddlers of 1 year and above 

This quick dosa recipe is very easy to do and healthy for your little one. This ragi dosa is prepared without the fermenting process, so can be prepared within half an hour.

Moms, you can try it out when you really feel tired or lazy of doing an elaborate breakfast or dinner.

#9. Ragi Puttu

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Toddlers of 1 year and above

Puttu, most familiar to God’s own country, is a breakfast item that can be made easily. It is also very healthy as it is steam cooked like idli.

This ragi puttu is a much healthier version than normal rice puttu. This is ideal for toddlers and older kids as an apt breakfast or evening snacks.

The leftover of this ragi puttu can be transformed into a yummy upma too.

#10. Ragi Kozhukattais

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Babies of 11 months and above

Ragi kozhukattai is yet another healthy dish which is steam cooked. I have provided both sweet and savory versions of kozhukkatais or dumplings.

Ragi savory version is very good for pregnant moms who are diabetic.

#11. Ragi Manni

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Babies of 7 months and above

Ragi manni otherwise called as sweet ragi porridge or finger millet pudding is one of the most commonly prepared first baby food in almost every Indian households. Here in this post both sweet and salt versions of manni are explained.

#12. Ragi Paal Kozhukattai

ragi recipes for babies

Ideal for: Toddlers of 1 year and above

A yummylicious recipe made with a mixture of ragi flour, rice flour and coconut milk – these kozhukkatais or dumplings are great options for breakfast or evening snacks.

Hope you loved these ragi recipes for babies and kids. Do try at home and let me know in comments how each of these recipes turned out.

Is there any other way that you give ragi to your kid? If yes please share with me in comments.


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  1. ragi is best for cooling our body????? PLS.. verify facts friends. Ragi generates heat. Thats why in villages, kambu koozh (pearl millet) is always consumed during summer since its a coolant and ragi during other seasons. Village oldies even say ‘If ragi given continuously in considerable quantities during summer causes fever’. Ragi generates heat and gives lota immunity. Reason why its taken after onset of monsoons (southwest) Incidentally month of Aadi (july-aug) falls during then and Ammans (mariamman and other goddesses) are offered ragi koozh then. Thanks

  2. Hi.. is ragi allergic to some kids? I had fed my then 9 month old with ragi porridge but ended up with bad cough. Is ragi the cause?

    • Hi deepa

      As Sangeetha mentioned ragi is best for cooling our body and it’s usually consumed during summer time .may be or may not be , ragi , the cause for your little one’s cough .to be on safer side you can stop giving her ragi as of now and start giving ragi porridge during summer months …..follow the 4 day wait rule ….check whether she is allergic to ragi or not ….

        • Jayalekshmy V on

          Hi diya

          As far as I know ragi helps controls body heat .It is very good during summer months .


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